Exciting stuff! First of all, thanks to rip again for getting these links together for us! Here are the HKO contest videos from our awesome guild members. Be sure and show them lots of support!

Dawn LaRee




Good luck you guys!

On another exciting note, we now have our very own spiffy blog roll buttons! Just check out the blog roll in the Sailor Scouts guild blog to see them. Feel free to take them to add to your own blog roll as well. I am sorry that they took so long, but I think they turned out pretty good! Remember if you are a guild member and you want us to link you in our blogroll, be sure to leave me a comment here or email me (sailoriastar@hellokitty.com).

Don’t forget to drop by the forums once in a while and say hi to us over there! You can usually find a few of us just hanging out in the guild thread  :)

Hi Guildees,

A couple of guild members have started blogging but
are unsure how to do certain things on their blogs. So we’ve compiled
some useful links into this page for you. Do check them out and we
hope they will be helpful! ;)

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A huge thanks to ripplecloud, who put this list together for me :D

If you have a blog and you don’t see it listed here, please be sure to leave a comment and I will add it right away.


BBE’s closed beta test blog

Dawn LaRee


BBE aka webfashion


Sailor Scouts






Also, I am out of screen shots to post with the entries now, so if you have any you would like to see featured here, please email them to me!

First I would like to say a big huge congratulations to ripplecloud for being one of the bloggers of month! Her blog is featured in the sanrio town June newsletter! Your blog is awesome ripplecloud yay!! For anyone who doesn’t get the newsletter, you can find her blog here:


On to another note. I would like to open up the option of having guest writers to this blog. I think it would be really cool if anyone who has news or stories or pictures to share would do so here. You would just have to submit your article to me through an email, and I will post it here, giving you credit for the article. Does this sound like something you may be interested in? Let me know guys!

I would like to thanks brendakins for submitting todays screen cap. It is of the famous marubadtz farm, which in a way, can be credited for the explosion of the Sailor Scouts guild! It just shows us that what we do can have a huge impact on others, even if we don’t expect it to. I’m glad Erin took that bit of extra time to make the farm look so nice!

marubadtz’s farm

The last group pic with TadaHey everyone, we now have our own forum thread! Check it here:

Sailor Scouts Guild thread

Its a more unrestricted way to interact with everyone.  So check it out! The blogs are awesome for info and updates, but not really so good for interaction.

Also, I would like to mention that if you are interested in letting people know your blog address, leave it here and I will make a blog address post.

Thanks to everyone for keeping up with this blog, and thanks to Tadakatsu for letting me have this screen shot! I forgot to get one of this, but it is all of us posing with Tada before he left (and made us all cry) on the last day.

Speaking of Tada, make sure to check out Tadakatsu’s lounge in the forums as well!

The last picSo a few people from the guild have asked what happened that last night after they had signed off. How did the Sailor Scouts go from 12 members to 40+ in just a few short hours? Well here is the story, which I believe captures the essence of the Sailor Scouts guild and what we have been about since the beginning.

After we had gotten all the houses built for everyone our guild, no one else was signed on from the guild who needed any help. Tada and Cal had signed off for the night, so I was looking for something to do. Sonik was the only other guild member signed on, and I asked him what he was doing. He said he was just going for a walk. Well, earlier that night brendakins had sent me into marubadtz’s farm to see how awesome it was. I decided to take a tour of all the farms to see if anyone else had done cool stuff with their gardens. For the most part, all of the farms were empty. Then around the 5th farm I stepped into, I noticed debbie working all by herself. She only had about 1000 left to go on her house and I felt like I should help her, as I wasn’t really doing anything else. She mentioned that she was really hungry and her bf was waiting for her so that they could eat dinner. I decided I should go out and ask if anyone else would like to help us. GM - Hak was the only one who answered my cry for help. GM - Hak, debbie, sonik and I finished up her house in no time! GM - Hak and debbie of course had to join the Sailor Scouts guild so that we could all work together to help. I decided that maybe I should check the other farms, because debbie may not be the only one in this predicament. I checked a few more farms and I came upon BloneBlueEyes and ripplecloud working on BBE’s house. I asked if they wanted some help and they decided to accept! I let GM - Hak know what I was up to, and soon he had found 3 more people who needed help as well. GM - Hak then went on a recruiting spree and we all worked together to get as many houses built in those last few hours as possible! You guys were all so amazing and helpful and we appreciate all of your hard work. It was so wonderful and moving to see the power of teamwork and caring in action. You are all worthy of calling yourselves Sailor Scouts!

Guild pic from my farmOk everyone, here are all the email addresses I have so far! If you do not see yourself here, please comment and leave your email address so that I can add it to the list.

sonik - jimarmakol@kuririnmail.com
Michar - micher40@hellokitty.com
brendakins - brendakins@hellokitty.com
Luna Spiria - runninpd@hellokitty.com
Heidi - deadrose23@hellokitty.com
Shannon - shannonogrady@hellokitty.com
BlondeBlueEyes - webfashion@hellokitty.com
Dennis - CTChan@hellokitty.com
Hak - hak@hellokitty.com
Kel - cross_star_luv@hellokitty.com
Kitty! - plumerialover121@hellokitty.com
Sailoria - sailoriastar@hellokitty.com
Kupotown - yunaitouki@hellokitty.com
Dokueki-Kisu - tenshimisha@hellokitty.com
ripplecloud - ripplecloud@hellokitty.com
Midnighteyes - midniteeyes@hellokitty.com
NoMeNot! - nomenot@hellokitty.com
Natura - natura@hellokitty.com
Clover - velandra@mymelody.com
kaioh75 - kaioh75@hellokitty.com
debbie - debbieching@hellokitty.com
shesroyaltee - shesroyaltee@hellokitty.com
gokuangel - gokuangel@hellokitty.com
He wasn’t in the guild in CB, but plans to be in open beta:
Tadakatsu - whiteslasher@yahoo.com

Please also be sure to check out the forums, I know a lot of favorite GM’s will be hanging out there!

Group shot with HakEveryone please keep in touch here! I had so much fun with everyone in this game, you are all truly amazing! I think we had the best last night any one could hope for :D

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