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Be careful!

Thursday, November 22nd, 2007

Moooooo. I’ve come with a warning. Be careful not to go into dark, secluded places. Don’t talk to strangers, and always be on the lookout for suspicious characters. If not, this could happen to you:

“You’re coming with me!” — “Nooooo!”

Nyarhar don’t worry, he’s probably just gonna play with the stuffed kitty. =P Although in real life, it’s still good to be careful!

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Just you and me

Monday, October 22nd, 2007

Hello again, I’m back with something relevant to our interests, in more ways than one! =P

You know how sometimes, when you’re feeling down, you just need to hug someone or something to make you feel better. And here’s one fuzzy taking comfort in his Hello Kitty stuffed toy.

Just the two of us

Poor thing, I wonder who or what made this cat sad. =( Good thing he’s got that plushie, which by the way is a Hello Kitty I haven’t seen before! =)

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Comfy Kitty

Tuesday, October 16th, 2007

Moo! It’s me again! Have I got a cute fuzzie for you or what! I love it that some dogs and cats lie down in very funny ways. Especially for cats, it sometimes seems like their positions are physically impossible! One thing’s for sure, they seem really comfortable. Looking at this one makes me wanna lie down and stretch. =)

“You wanna join sleepover?”

I miss sleepovers, I think it’s really cute that it’s having a sleepover with its stuffed tiger friend nyarharhar! Cute button nose too…both of them! =D

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A Rather Unusual E-mail

Monday, June 25th, 2007


When I asked for pictures of pets, I didn’t think I’d receive an email about stuff toys… ^_^;

But still, I did post a picture of Potato in my previous entries… I don’t see why I shouldn’t feature cute stuffed animals, don’t you?

Take for example, Rei Kuassary’s office desk:

Lion and Tiger Cubs

She apparently has a love for stuffed animals, just like me. These little kitties sit on her monitor while she works. It seems they watch out for her to see if she’s actually working or not… ^_^; 

Which one do you like better? I like them both..!

CAPTION: We stares at you while you work

Potato ^^

Thursday, May 31st, 2007


So many doggies, so little time. But this one doggie is very special to me…

Her name is Potato. She’s from the Anime Series called Air. of course, this isn’t a real dog, this is a stuff toy that I bought. I find her really cute because instead of barking, she goes “piko piko pikori!”

No… I have no idea what kind of dog she is. *^_^* I just know she’s mine…

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