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Wednesday, August 1st, 2007


Well, ok, not really sad, though unusually tired… I had gotten use to carpooling that daily commute seems like a ton of work… I suppose I can blame it on the stingy factor (I’d much rather walk a mile than spend on transportation), but hey, walking is good for you..! ^^;

I haven’t had much time updating this site, because I found reading more entertaining than writing for a while. And then I found this:


Isn’t he cute? He looks kind of sad more than tired like the author described

Tired after running around the whole day

I found this in Sanriotown. They got a lot of bloggers there… This picture is from Animalog. You guys should check it out sometime… ^_^

I Am Super!

Wednesday, July 18th, 2007


Blog hopping can be so satisfying… Especially when you find really nice entries about your favorite subject. ^_^

Found another cool entry by Superbong. I was rather surprised to see this, and was laughing my heart out… In some cases, that should be a good thing, but not when you’re laughing by yourself in a small corner in the office room full of people. ^^;


Superbong has other cute dogs in his entry… I’ll play with the other pictures another time…

For now, I hope you enjoyed this entry. ^_^ And hopefully, I’m not the only one laughing about this picture in the whole world..! *^_^*

CAPTION: I am… Super-Dog!

I’m Hungry…

Monday, July 9th, 2007


No, actually, I am hungry. There’s trouble brewing again in my little world, so I tend to lose my appetite when that happens…

Make a note of course, that I don’t starve myself, neither should any of you. Even if you’re really really mad that you can’t eat, you still need to force something down your throat, even if it’s just a small piece of bread. ^^;;;

That reminded me of a blog in Sanriotown… Have a look at Raein’s picture:


Made me hungry and forget about what was making me mad for a while… I think pets have that sort of general effect on their owners.

Not that I own this dog, but you get what I mean… ^_^ 

A Rather Unusual E-mail

Monday, June 25th, 2007


When I asked for pictures of pets, I didn’t think I’d receive an email about stuff toys… ^_^;

But still, I did post a picture of Potato in my previous entries… I don’t see why I shouldn’t feature cute stuffed animals, don’t you?

Take for example, Rei Kuassary’s office desk:

Lion and Tiger Cubs

She apparently has a love for stuffed animals, just like me. These little kitties sit on her monitor while she works. It seems they watch out for her to see if she’s actually working or not… ^_^; 

Which one do you like better? I like them both..!

CAPTION: We stares at you while you work

Take Me With You

Friday, June 8th, 2007


Early this morning, I woke up with an irritating fact that I wasn’t able to complete the task that I was assigned to… I’m very disappointed in myself right now, as this is not the way I usually am with work.

I’m a workaholic, and I do my job very well… It’s just that this week was rather bad for me with all the stress and pressure going about at home and in the work place…

Surprisingly. something as simple as walking out the front door made me feel a little better…


That’s my father’s pug… He calls him Elvis, but I call him “Muni”… The term “Muni” is actually a word my cousin came up with that means “idiot” or “clutz” in a really cute way…

And he does look cute in this picture… for once… ^_^

NOTE: The caption says, “Can I come too please?”


Wednesday, June 6th, 2007



Something I found in an email today. ^_^ The little kitty really does make you smile… I decided to add a caption as Muffled Noise suggested. I wonder if people in Sanriotown can read |337?

Just in case, |337 is a sort of Internet slang that uses numbers to take the place of letters that resemble them and/or change words like “for” into the number “4″.

The caption on the photo actually says “Smile for Me!!!”. *^_^* And she really does make you smile don’t you think?

It’s a Dog’s Blog, Now…

Thursday, May 31st, 2007


Ever get that funny feeling the blog you were original going to do turns out to be totally different in the end?

Well, that’s the direction I’m heading for at the moment. Lolx! ^^

My posting of pictures of my officemates puppies became a sort of “battle of the dogs”. Now Raiko has sent in her puppy pictures, and I have to say, she certainly has a lot of pets. ^^;

Let’s start with one of my favorites for now…


Isn’t she a darling? I think this is one of the puppies she had to give away… Who could resist such a cute face like that?

I need to list out the types of dogs Raiko has… and their names too, so I can give a better review.

But the cuteness is still so irresistible. ^_^

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A Day in the Life of xLii

Thursday, May 31st, 2007


xLii is a good friend and officemate of mine. We were chatting the other day about Arutsu’s dog and she told me she was getting a dog herself… For whatever odd reason, the conversation was a little… loop-sided?

Read and see for yourself~~

[5:46:25 PM] XLii says: Now to think of a dog name
[5:46:53 PM] XLii says: I’ll name it… Miguel Alejandro
[5:47:03 PM] XLii says: ^ If it’s a girl
[5:47:05 PM] XLii says: o_o
[5:47:06 PM] saber says: why in the world..?
[5:47:09 PM] saber says: D:
[5:47:11 PM] XLii says: I dunno D:
[5:47:15 PM] saber says: what a long name for a dog
[5:47:16 PM] saber says: :D
[5:47:24 PM] saber says: girl and you name her “miguel”?
[5:47:27 PM] XLii says: jk
[5:47:29 PM] saber says: :D:D:D:D:D

[5:49:12 PM] saber says: maybe call her pillow D:
[5:49:25 PM] saber says: come pillow, come come, so i can sleeperz on you
[5:49:36 PM] saber says: a walking pillow @_@
[5:49:51 PM] XLii says: But Pillow is a nice name *-*
[5:50:09 PM] XLii says: Like “Pillow! KILL!”
[5:50:12 PM] XLii says: or something
[5:50:41 PM] saber says: pillow, kill… LAWL
[5:50:43 PM] saber says: :D
[5:50:59 PM] saber says: i can imagine a tiny spitz growling like a mad dog D:
[5:52:14 PM] XLii says: He he he he he
[5:52:17 PM] XLii says: HE HE HE HE

[5:52:28 PM] saber says: what if it’s a boy? D:
[5:52:35 PM] saber says: ribbons?
[5:52:42 PM] saber says: here ribbons… here here
[5:53:05 PM] XLii says: Schnuggle Muffinella
[5:53:07 PM] XLii says: o_o
[5:53:10 PM] XLii says: I dunno @_@
[5:53:17 PM] saber says: schnugglez…
[5:53:26 PM] saber says: mister schnugglez
[5:53:37 PM] XLii says: uryt!!

[5:53:38 PM] saber says: what’s teh name of that dog in heroes?
[5:53:45 PM] XLii says: Mr. Muggles
[5:53:48 PM] XLii says: lolololol
[5:53:48 PM] saber says: LOL
[5:53:51 PM] saber says: there we go :D
[5:54:09 PM] saber says: eeewww…. XLii be smooching mr. mugglez o_o;;;
[5:54:17 PM] saber says: dog breath-ed D:
[5:54:40 PM] XLii says: I do that
[5:54:43 PM] XLii says: then I die
[5:54:48 PM] XLii says: but live again C:
[5:54:53 PM] saber says: o_o;;;;
[5:55:11 PM] XLii says: Doggy breath <_>

Yes, We have successfully wasted your time in reading out conversation. ^_^;;; Have a great day ahead?

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He’s My Best Friend Too

Thursday, May 31st, 2007


After posting about my little puppy Chailo, my officemate decided to show me a picture of his dog. I found his story so interesting that I thought I might share it here…


Meet Bow-Wow, my officemate Arutsu’s Best Friend. They have the strangest relationship I’ve ever heard of. Arutsu would come home happily greeting Bow-Wow, yet Bow-Wow return his affection by giving him a deep bark… o_o;;; Frankly, when I do that to Chailo, he comes to me and begs me to pet him… Not Bow-Wow though, he’s more the “silent” type.

That is, of course, when he’s busy eating. ^^;;; If he’s not eating, then he’s pretty much a normal dog…

But Bow-Wow isn’t so silent when he wants something to eat or drink. In fact, Arutsu says Bow-Wow barks differently when he’s asking for water or food. I would give you an mp3 clip of his bark if I had it, but unfortunately, I haven’t really seen Bow-Wow yet… ^^;;;

Even with the strange love-hate relationship, Arutsu loves Bow-Wow very much, and even jokingly calls him “his son”. Isn’t that cute? ^_^

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