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Carrots Will Also Make You Cry

Aww..Poor bunny. Peep! Why is the little bunny crying? His carrot must have fallen on the ground. :( Hush now…your owner will get you a newer and fresher carrot to nibble on.


7 Responses to “Carrots Will Also Make You Cry”

  1. Says:

    Aww! Poor bunny! :( I hope bunny is better now! XD

  2. Says:

    *hands bunny a carrot*

  3. Says:

    Here you go bunny!

  4. Says:

    Wow! Carrots for the bunny. That will sure make him happy. :D

  5. Says:

    My stuffed bunny Ao-chan feels it’s pain xD
    It’s so cuteeee! x3

  6. Mr. Rock Out Says:

    oohhh poor babyyyyy… don’t cryyyyy!

  7. Cookie Says:


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