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Kitty on the Piano

Merry Christmas!

How was your Christmas guys? =) Well I had a great time, with all the gifts, the warm hugs and also the foood! There was a lot of singing at home, because we all really love those classic Christmas songs!

And they really go well with the piano too =)

Kitty and the Piano

Now I wish I knew how to play an instrument! Maybe I should start practicing =P

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5 Responses to “Kitty on the Piano”

  1. Raein Says:

    He looks so diabolical lol

  2. iheartbadtz Says:

    I wanna poke the kitty, not the piano!^_^ But gently, of course! He’s so fluffy!

  3. Cookie Says:

    Haha, so cute!

  4. Says:

    holy hell.


  5. Says:

    *poke poke* Fluff!

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