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Sleep well, puppy

Friday, September 28th, 2007


Hello again! How was your day? Well, mine was a little tiring. Okay maybe not just a little… I’m pooped! I just wanna go home and take a nap. But even if I’m in the mood to catch some Z’s, I can’t yet =( So I’m just gonna find comfort in this here pic of a sleeping fuzzy!

Cellphone Pillow

“Please make pillow shake again.” 

Aww. I wish I knew that phones number so I can make it “shakey” =) I hope he doesn’t dream of earthquakes though! Nyarharhar!

Pic from the Limestone Vet Clinic, and caption by me! =)

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Thursday, September 27th, 2007


Hello! I just came from the doctor, and he gave me some flu shots because there’s a bug going around. It must be because it’s getting cold! Brrr! See, I’m wearing a scarf now because I don’t want to be sick!

Some animals, though, don’t seem to want to go to the doctor. Take this kitty, for example:

Yikes! Talk about resistance! This kitty sure is scared of the vet!

I don’t really know why they get scared. Vets are really nice people, especially because they give us special treats after they give us our medicine.



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Ruff Ruff and Away!

Wednesday, September 26th, 2007

peep banner2

krypto group Peep! I’m done with the sentai-mode, but I’m not yet done with my superhero tribute mode. Hehe. Here’s a cute TV series addition to the Superman universe, Krypto the Superdog.

Originally the dog of Kal-El in Krypton. Krypto was used as test subject of one the prototype rockets that would send Kal-El to Earth. Unfortunately during one of the tests, his rocket was knocked off-course and drifted through space for years until it eventually landed on Earth, where Krypto was reunited with Kal-El, also known as Superman

Like his “boy”, Krypto can fly, has super-strength, and has x-ray and heat vision. As his costume, he wears a miniature version of  Superman’s cape, a gold collar and the famed-”S” symbol for a dog tag. He also has super-canine intelligence almost that of human level.

krypto group2

He battles the nasty critters of the animal kingdom. With new-found allies Ace the Bathound, Streaky the Supercat and the interplanetary Dog Star Patrol, Krypto fights the forces of non-human villainy, which include the sinister pets of Lex Luthor and the Catwoman.


Lookit me!

Tuesday, September 25th, 2007

The others have gone into the sentai mode! I was looking for a nice sentai fuzzy pic to add, but I stumbled on this instead. Now it isn’t exactly sentai, but at least it’s still cute! Here ya go!

Lookit Me

“Look at me, I’m a cool youkai now, yay” 

Nyarhar! If you’ve seen the anime InuYasha, then this should be very familiar! Actually I haven’t watched much of it myself, just enough to know about InuYasha’s cold and stoic half-brother Sesshomaru, whom this cute fuzzy is cosplaying as! Well yeah, he only has some paint on, but who cares! He’s cute! *hugs* =D

Aww I love how dogs seem to smile like that, and one of my favorite breeds too! =) Caption by me btw. Moo.

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Sensei Kanoi Watanabe

Monday, September 24th, 2007

Pochi here again! Peep and Pocket are on Sentai mode right now, so I decided to join in (Check out my banner. Do I look tough enough - like a Power Ranger?)

Meet Sensei Kanoi Watanabe, the father of Cam Watanabe and the mentor of the Wind Rangers, from Power Rangers: Ninja Storm. Noooo, he wasn’t originally a gi-wearing guinea pig. He used to be human too, until his evil brother Kiya Watanabe (who took on the name Lothor) made him all tiny and fuzzy so he could rule the world. Watch out though, because he’s small and terrible! Even if he got turned into a rodent, he’s still got his martial arts moves! Imagine a guinea pig doing flips and kicks, and you’ve got Sensei Watanabe. Eventually, his son was able to bring him back to normal.

I kinda wish he wasn’t restored back to human form - just because he’s more adorable as a fuzzy guinea pig.^^

Doggy Kruger aka Dekamaster

Friday, September 21st, 2007

peep banner2

Everybody seems to be in a Sentai-appreciation mood. Peep! Hehe.

For my entry, I’ll honor the powerful Doggy Kruger aka Dekamaster. He appeared in the Japanese series, Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger (Power Rangers SPD for the American adaptation).

For those who have seen him, you’ll notice that the Japanese and American versions of Doggy are different. Even his story is somewhat different. I’ll focus on the Japanese version. No scales on this version, he has fur!!! ^_^

He’s an alien from the planet Anubis, and a member of the Shep-Tribe unit and the much decorated commander of Earth’s SPD unit. A legend during his day as a Dekaranger, he earned the nickname Hell’s Guard Dog (Jigoku no Banken).

He is tough and honorable. He will do anything to save his comrades and the ones he cares about from danger.

Wow! He’s really something! Peep!


“Cutting down hundreds of evil doers! Hell’s Guard Dog! DekaMaster!”(Hyakkiyakou buttagiru! Jigoku no Banken! Dekamasut?!)

Gosh, Batman!

Thursday, September 20th, 2007

Hello again! I’m back with another one, moo! =)

Well, as you all know, super heroes have gone back in fashion, and I was recently asked by a friend of mine who my favorite is. I don’t know if it’s purely because of his skills, or just because I grew up watching him on cartoons, but I really like Batman!

And so I present to you, a fellow fan!


“I’m afraid we can’t get much help from the Batcomputer, Robin.” 

Hmm…so would this one be, Batman-Dog? Batdog? Oh no =P

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Dog-Eat-Bone World

Wednesday, September 19th, 2007

Am I hungry! I spent the past days exploring the wonders of cyberspace that I forgot to buy groceries to make my dinner tonight! Okay, okay, so maybe I always forget to get them (forgetful puppy that I am), but now, I actually have a real reason.

Anyway, this is a cute picture I found while I was web-surfing (I wonder if I can do real surfing. Pekkle’s really great at it.) I found it at this site, where there are a bunch of cute pictures of animals too!

Hmmm… The picture made me even more hungry, and I bet these two puppies are as famished as I am! The caption’s mine, because I think that’s what the little guy on the right is saying to his pal. I think that even if you put them side-by-side one after the other, the bone would still be bigger than them. I just hope they have something else to eat, or else they’ll be hungry.


Oops! Speaking of hunger, my tummy just growled! Gotta go and get me some food!


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Boo! Spider-dog is Here!

Tuesday, September 18th, 2007

peep banner2

I’m excited, Christmas is almost near! Peep! ”Ber” months have arrived. But before that joyous day arrives, there’s another exciting day that a lot of people look forward to, both young and old…and it’s Halloween!

Oh! Even animals look forward to Halloween. Take a look at this amusing picture. Dogs love to dress-up as well, but scare others…? Hmmm…that’s for you to judge. Hehe.



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Hotdog Dreams

Friday, September 14th, 2007

Pocket Banner

Moo! How’s everybody? Hope you’re okay, and I hope you’ve already eaten! As for me, I’m starving! I wanna eat something, something sweet or spicy…or salty or sour, as long as it’s food! Maybe I can sniff around for some grub later.

In the meantime, I bring you this scrumptious-looking puppy!

I Hope I Dream of food…

Oh no I don’t really eat puppies! They’re for hugging. =) Now it’s time for me to eat! Moo.

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