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It’s a Dog’s Blog, Now…

Thursday, May 31st, 2007


Ever get that funny feeling the blog you were original going to do turns out to be totally different in the end?

Well, that’s the direction I’m heading for at the moment. Lolx! ^^

My posting of pictures of my officemates puppies became a sort of “battle of the dogs”. Now Raiko has sent in her puppy pictures, and I have to say, she certainly has a lot of pets. ^^;

Let’s start with one of my favorites for now…


Isn’t she a darling? I think this is one of the puppies she had to give away… Who could resist such a cute face like that?

I need to list out the types of dogs Raiko has… and their names too, so I can give a better review.

But the cuteness is still so irresistible. ^_^

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Potato ^^

Thursday, May 31st, 2007


So many doggies, so little time. But this one doggie is very special to me…

Her name is Potato. She’s from the Anime Series called Air. of course, this isn’t a real dog, this is a stuff toy that I bought. I find her really cute because instead of barking, she goes “piko piko pikori!”

No… I have no idea what kind of dog she is. *^_^* I just know she’s mine…

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A Day in the Life of xLii

Thursday, May 31st, 2007


xLii is a good friend and officemate of mine. We were chatting the other day about Arutsu’s dog and she told me she was getting a dog herself… For whatever odd reason, the conversation was a little… loop-sided?

Read and see for yourself~~

[5:46:25 PM] XLii says: Now to think of a dog name
[5:46:53 PM] XLii says: I’ll name it… Miguel Alejandro
[5:47:03 PM] XLii says: ^ If it’s a girl
[5:47:05 PM] XLii says: o_o
[5:47:06 PM] saber says: why in the world..?
[5:47:09 PM] saber says: D:
[5:47:11 PM] XLii says: I dunno D:
[5:47:15 PM] saber says: what a long name for a dog
[5:47:16 PM] saber says: :D
[5:47:24 PM] saber says: girl and you name her “miguel”?
[5:47:27 PM] XLii says: jk
[5:47:29 PM] saber says: :D:D:D:D:D

[5:49:12 PM] saber says: maybe call her pillow D:
[5:49:25 PM] saber says: come pillow, come come, so i can sleeperz on you
[5:49:36 PM] saber says: a walking pillow @_@
[5:49:51 PM] XLii says: But Pillow is a nice name *-*
[5:50:09 PM] XLii says: Like “Pillow! KILL!”
[5:50:12 PM] XLii says: or something
[5:50:41 PM] saber says: pillow, kill… LAWL
[5:50:43 PM] saber says: :D
[5:50:59 PM] saber says: i can imagine a tiny spitz growling like a mad dog D:
[5:52:14 PM] XLii says: He he he he he
[5:52:17 PM] XLii says: HE HE HE HE

[5:52:28 PM] saber says: what if it’s a boy? D:
[5:52:35 PM] saber says: ribbons?
[5:52:42 PM] saber says: here ribbons… here here
[5:53:05 PM] XLii says: Schnuggle Muffinella
[5:53:07 PM] XLii says: o_o
[5:53:10 PM] XLii says: I dunno @_@
[5:53:17 PM] saber says: schnugglez…
[5:53:26 PM] saber says: mister schnugglez
[5:53:37 PM] XLii says: uryt!!

[5:53:38 PM] saber says: what’s teh name of that dog in heroes?
[5:53:45 PM] XLii says: Mr. Muggles
[5:53:48 PM] XLii says: lolololol
[5:53:48 PM] saber says: LOL
[5:53:51 PM] saber says: there we go :D
[5:54:09 PM] saber says: eeewww…. XLii be smooching mr. mugglez o_o;;;
[5:54:17 PM] saber says: dog breath-ed D:
[5:54:40 PM] XLii says: I do that
[5:54:43 PM] XLii says: then I die
[5:54:48 PM] XLii says: but live again C:
[5:54:53 PM] saber says: o_o;;;;
[5:55:11 PM] XLii says: Doggy breath <_>

Yes, We have successfully wasted your time in reading out conversation. ^_^;;; Have a great day ahead?

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He’s My Best Friend Too

Thursday, May 31st, 2007


After posting about my little puppy Chailo, my officemate decided to show me a picture of his dog. I found his story so interesting that I thought I might share it here…


Meet Bow-Wow, my officemate Arutsu’s Best Friend. They have the strangest relationship I’ve ever heard of. Arutsu would come home happily greeting Bow-Wow, yet Bow-Wow return his affection by giving him a deep bark… o_o;;; Frankly, when I do that to Chailo, he comes to me and begs me to pet him… Not Bow-Wow though, he’s more the “silent” type.

That is, of course, when he’s busy eating. ^^;;; If he’s not eating, then he’s pretty much a normal dog…

But Bow-Wow isn’t so silent when he wants something to eat or drink. In fact, Arutsu says Bow-Wow barks differently when he’s asking for water or food. I would give you an mp3 clip of his bark if I had it, but unfortunately, I haven’t really seen Bow-Wow yet… ^^;;;

Even with the strange love-hate relationship, Arutsu loves Bow-Wow very much, and even jokingly calls him “his son”. Isn’t that cute? ^_^

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Dogs Have Feelings Too

Thursday, May 31st, 2007


I’ve been feeling pretty down lately, mainly due to the stress we have to deal with in life. But I didn’t realize that my mood is affecting others too…

More surprisingly, he was affected too…


That’s my puppy Chailo. He tends to mope around in the house when it gets very hot. Weirdly enough, when people are sad, Chailo woul follow that person around the dinning area. And when that person sits down to eat, he lies down beside them, as if to keep them company.

For the past couple of days, Chailo’s been following me…

And really, I’m quite thankful for that… ^_^

No wonder they’re called man’s best friend…

I am Arturia Saber

Thursday, May 31st, 2007



You seem to have stumbled upon Ataraxia, the Diary of the Companions of Arturia Saber. This is the 2nd blog I have created so far, reason being that I have found significant importanceďż˝in theďż˝documenting the lives of Man’s Companions.

This blog will mirror some of the items found in Excalibur, my original blog; particularly the items which focus on the pets, some of which are my own.

If you’re interested in featuring your pet in this blog, please do send me an email in I’d be happy to feature your pets here.

Thank you for taking the time and interest in reading my journal. Leave me a message in my comments, and if I find your blog of interest, I shall add it to my links.

May you have a pleasant life ahead…

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