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Image editing tips

ripplecloud has had some younger readers asking her how to create the screenshots images with text and arrows on them before. While I can’t give any of you guys a whole course on how to use Photoshop, etc, I do come across web links that I thought you may find useful once in a while. So this page is for these links, for those who want to get started on learning image editing. :)

Web-based applications
Why download and install new softwarewhen there are web-based applications that do the trick. If you are looking to do simple image editing, why not try these. Oh and here’s a chart that compares the features of various online image editors.

Download software
Software, especially ones for professional uses, come with a huge price tag for amateurs and people who are just doing image editing infrequently and more for fun. So here are some free alternative software for those of you who want more than just simple online editing.

  • Artweaver
    (Windows only, this is supposedly a Photoshop lookalike but with the less advanced features of Photoshop. I hardly use those advanced stuff anyway since I am an amateur myself ;P )
  • GIMP
    the well-known alternative to Photoshop

Online learning
If you really want to learn to use Photoshop.

That’s all for now, I hope you will find this page useful. :)