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Link me! - Banner tips

Thanks for helping to spread the love you wonderful people!~ Use these image banners to link to me ^^. If you would like to create your own image banners, scroll down to see how.

Use this standard banner to link to ripplecloud if you likeUse this button* to link to ripplecloud ^^ if you don’t belong to Sailor Scouts Guild in Hello Kitty Online.

Sailor Mars-ripplecloud buttonUse this button to link to ripple if you belong to the Sailor Scouts Guild in HKO.


Use this button to link to Purin at http://blog.sanriotown.com/ripplecloud:hellokitty.com/category/purin/

*Special thanks to GM - Tadakatsu who sponsored the clothes and the glasses for the first link banner. I think they look kinda cool together ^_^

For now, I link to

  • people who played HKO in Closed Beta
  • people who write about HKO
  • people intending to join the Sailor Scouts Guild
  • and sometimes… people intending to play HKO
  • people RPing as HKO NPC characters



Make your own image banner!

A) Create your own banner
Use Adobe Photoshop or any other image editing software. That’s how I made mine. Here’s a pretty good tutorial for PaintShopPro, which is similar to Photoshop. The general concept is the same regardless of the software.

If you don’t want to go through the hassle of learning a new software, that’s ok. Anyone can still create the standard 88×31 banner easily using the following online tools. Here’s how:

B) Personalisable online banner creators
These nifty webpages let you personalise 88×31 banners by uploading your own background images. You can also input the text you want into these banners.

Here’s a few cool online banner creators that you can check out:

- http://www.bannerfans.com
You need to play around with this as there are various options for customising layout, text and fonts, shadows & effects and borders. Everytime you make changes, remember to click the Update my banner button (at the bottom) to preview. Remember to select the 88×31 button before you start because the default banner size is bigger.

Here’s a sample //ego-box.com/button-templates/ made using a ready-made banner background image from http://ego-box.com/button-templates/

- http://sowhat.or.tp/autoBanner2.html
If too many options makes your head ache, try this webpage instead. The banners near the top of the page will give you an idea of what your banner may look like. The steps are already numbered and easy to follow. Since the page is in Japanese, I have translated the steps below for you.

Step 1, upload the background image you want to customise the button with. If your image is larger than the button, the tool will automatically resize your image proportionately and align it to the right of the button. It is best to use small, simple images in this case, since resized images may not look as good.

Step 2, choose the colour of your button text.

Step 3, choose the colour of the button outline.

Step 4, choose the background colour for the button (where your uploaded image does not cover).

Step 5, type in your text. It may be in English. The button below the textbox is the Reset button

Step 6, choose between 7px or 8px font size

Step 7, click on the form button for this step to generate your customised image button in the box below. If you are happy with the result, right click on the image to Save picture as…

Here’s an example I generated using this tool: you ca rename the .bmp extension to save the file as a .jpg file instead

Remember to link back to this page from your blog using the html code in the textbox below the generated button to credit the page, if you do use the button you created there ^_^ like so… フリー素材・壁紙配布SoWhat

- http://ego-box.com/button-templates/ is a great resource for ready-made 88×33 background images which you can upload into the online banner creators discussed above

C) Build a banner online tools
These pages offer you a limited variety of decorative images to drag and drop, mix and match to build your button (sort of like the Build-a-Bear Hello Kitty?). There is no option to customise wth your own images and you will need to crop the generated banner using an image editor. This is because the saved file dimensions will be bigger than 88×31. Check it out:
- http://so-you.net/home/you/maker/
- http://www.gurlpowerrr.org/dollmakers/buttonmaker.php

Personally I tried this and find that I have no patience for dragging all the itty-bitty tiny building blocks to build a banner. So there are no samples :P

OK, that’s all I have to say about image banner creation for your blog. Special thanks to Brendakins who inspired this page. Have a good day!


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