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Sailor Scouts Guild links

Ok, just so that everyone is clear as we are starting to have several ways to keep in touch outside of SanrioTown/HKO game.

Pages outside of SanrioTown

1) http://client11.addonchat.com/sc.php?id=351651
This is the Java-based chat that I sometimes check, there is another IRC chat that I do not have the details for you here, sorry :P

2) http://z13.invisionfree.com/Sailoria
This is the external forum that Kittynator has kindly made for us. Some of us will find it more helpful as it will be more organised than this thread. Also European members who have trouble posting here can post there ^_^

3) http://lifestream.fm/HKOSailorScoutsGuild
Several members do keep blogs. You can find out who’s blog has been recently updated here. The page will be updated constantly from both our SanrioTown and Blogger blogs, as well as any other blog with an RSS or Atom  feed ;)

Pages inside SanrioTown

1) Our guild blog is at blog.hellokitty.com/sailoriastar

2) Our forum thread on SanrioTown is of course here :P

3) Our blogroll is temporarily here until the finalised list is updated on our guild blog ^_^ - http://blog.sanriotown.com/ripplecloud:hellokitty.com/hko-community-blogroll/

oh yes, the little bun icons (they look like buns to me :P) are kindly shared by Katsuko ^_^

Sailor Scouts Blogroll

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