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Happy Birthday Purin!

Hi everyone! It’s me Purin again! It’s an exciting day today because it is my birthday day :D Yup that’s today 16 April!

And when I went downstairs to the kitchen in the morning, Purin Mama was already up and about baking my birthday cake :DDD

“Purin my baby“ Purin Mama said, “Come have some nice warm milk first :)”

I love milk! Yes I do! *Glug glug glug… ahhhhh!…*

Purin Papa was in the kitchen too. I told him about the present that ripplecloud received in the mail and how Muffin, Scone and I wish we had a pendant like that too.

Papa Purin laughed, “Hahaha.. yes, we will have to start looking for a P, M, S for the three of you xD. Leave it to Papa!”

Do you know, the SanrioTown blog says Papa is known for telling corny jokes. But honestly, I think Papa’s jokes are more smokey than corny.

Because it is my birthday, Scone and Muffin came over extra early to play. We had lots of fun jumping on the cushions. :P And Muffin showed us his neat trick of balancing a four-leaf clover on the tip of his nose. The clover is his birthday present to me but I am not good at balancing stuff on my nose :P.

Then it was teatime, and the cake was baked! :DDDDD

“Make a wish” said Purin Mama.

*I wished to become even bigger but you don’t know that because otherwise my wish will not come true! D:*

“Cut the cake! Cut the cake” chirped Scone and Muffin, their whiskers twitching.

It was a lovely cake *nom nom nom* It was funny to see Scone and Muffin stuffing themselves with cake at top speed until their cheeks are puffy xD.

“Slow down Muffin and Scone” said Purin Mama worriedly.

And all too soon the cake was gone *cries* Purin Mama should bake an even bigger cake next time!

“Oh by the way a present came for you in the mail” said Purin Papa.

o_o A present in the mail for me??? Is it… a letter P diamond pendant???

The package was mysterious looking… there wasn’t a card to say who this present was from… o_O

And, who can I try this on…? Heehee :P

source: http://szymon.tumblr.com/post/77544693/cat-remote

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Happy Easter! says Purin


If I weren’t a puppy, I’d probably be a sugarbunny because I have long ears too! Heehee.

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Purin Cafe on the er… HKO Fake News

Hi everyone, it’s me Purin!

March just flew by and Purin has been a very good puppy. I’ve been going to school and doing some of my homework •ω• because Purin Mama says I can’t go out to play if I don’t do my homework. -ω- !

I’m sorry I’m not posting more to this blog but nothing much has been happening and school is boringggggg… but I hope you like the new blog design ^ω^ I wasn’t sure about orange at first but ripplecloud and I sort of got used to it after a while.

Anyway the only exciting thing that happened last month was a “reporter” called Cyndle who visited our cafe and interviewed Purin Papa and Purin Mam. She said she was writing fake news about HKO o_o That confused poor Purin, that’s me! How can news be fake? Should Purin Papa and Purin Mama lie to make the news fake? I don’t understand! D: So, it is lucky Cyndle didn’t interview me because I wouldn’t know what to say.

I’m sure I am a very good puppy to interview if she wants to know about pudding :P. But guess what! I appeared in the news she was writing anyway, even though she didn’t interview me.

Look! Here’s Muffin and Scone and I showing off our acorns in the picture that comes with the news! Don’t Scone and Muffin look silly with their mouths stuffed with acorns? They just can’t resist them even if the acorns are supposed to be for paying customers *micmics Purin Mama* :P Mama Purin and Papa Purin can be pretty vexed by them sometimes. But we are rolling in acorns anyway since there are way less customers nowadays.

That gets kind of lonesome, because now scone and muffin and I have to do our own chores by ownselves! D: We used to have more time to play together when we have people doing our chores for us. :( Those were the good old days *micmics Purin Papa*

Eeks, there’s Purin Mama again! I must go do my homework now or there will be no pudding for supper *gulp*. Bye bye!

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Purin meets an old friend :O

Hi everyone, it’s me Purin!  

I am all well and happy again! :) To celebrate getting well again, Purin, that’s me, went for a walk around the neighbourhood. I thought maybe I can walk past Donut Pond and sniff out Keroleen’s Valentine’s Day menu. Hehheh! :P And maybe if I am lucky, Keroleen will ask me to stay for dinner ^ω^

But I didn’t do that in the end because on the way… and boy, you won’t believe this!… On the way, I heard singing. The singing was pretty ordinary, but it sounded eerie :\ … *shiver* because I recognised the voice! It was Kuromi!! Kuromi who disappeared at the same time that My Melody had disappeared! :O

I couldn’t believe my ears, even if they are long puppy ears :P And then I looked up at the upstairs window of Kuromi’s house that I was passing by and there she was! Kuromi! Sitting by the window as if nothing ever happened! (I rubbed my eyes hard in case I was hungry and seeing things but I wasn’t!)

I went in the house and tried to ask Kuromi what happened to her.

"Oh my, welcome back Kuromi! *BIG HUG (because I am a big puppy heehee :P)*" I said.

But erm, I don’t think Kuromi liked big hugs from yellow puppies :\ because she started yelling at me :( She told me to leave her alone. She seemed pretty lonely…

Hmmm, I think I will tell Keroleen, Pink Bear and Mimmy. Maybe we can all have a Valentine’s Day party to cheer her up! :D Good idea?

I can’t wait to get started. I must tell Keroleen we need lots of pudding and pancakes at the Valentine’s Day party…. ;)

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Purin has some good news to share ^^

Hi everyone, it’s me Purin!

Boy or boy, do I have good news for you! *giggle giggle*

First, I am not sick anymore! Yay!

#2, *hheeheehee* Mimmy was chased out of the zoo by the zookeeper today because, hahahaha… the zookeeper thought Mimmy was an escaped tiger!! Rawwrrrr… Mimmy’s practising really well :P But that’s not the good news. The good news is I think Mimmy has decided not to be a tiger after all. That makes me, Purin, a very happy puppy because well, tigers are very fierce animals I think :\

And finally, Keroleen’s kitchen is back!! :DDDDD I wonder if frog food is soft and yummy *wonder wonder* I’m hungry :P

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Purin has a flu, achoo!

Hi everyone, it’s me Purin! Achooo!!! *blows nose*

I visited UsaBunnBunn the other day and I think I caught a flu bug from her D: ha-ha-haa-a-CHOOOO!!! *sniff sniff*

So I have been sleeping at home. I don’t even feel like eating my favourite pudding although ripplecloud has been making me drink hot milk. I don’t know, the milk doesn’t seem as yummy as usual though :\

Anyway, ripplecloud made me wake up to show her where my dog biscuits are. She said since I don’t eat them anyway, she’ll take it to Wilson, GM-Zel’s dog. I have been using those dog biscuits to decorate my basket because they come in different shapes and look so cute. I don’t eat them because I like soft food like pudding and warm milk better.

So I guess Wilson can have them. So here they are ripplecloud!

Picture source: http://www.mybestfriendpettreats.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=MBFS&Product_Code=PLATTER

Although I don’t know how ripplecloud will deliver them to GM-Zel’s farm since HKO is closed … ha-ha-haa-a-CHOOOO!!!

I think I’d go back to sleep >ω<

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Purin has a pink tulip dream

…Continued from Purin investigates Donut Pond


Hi everyone, it’s me Purin! I’m sorry I’ve been gone for such a long time :P You see, I have been busy attending Hello Kitty’s birthday party. And then Muffin, Bagel and Scone and all my other friends keep asking me out to play. I was also interviewed by Sanriotown, they did a blog post on me, Purin and my family and friends! :D Heehee. I was so proud, I kept telling Muffin and Scone and Bagel about it!

And then later on, we found that Donut Pond has returned! :O  And Keroppi jumped into the pond and started swimming because in the middle of the pond, there is an island in the middle of Donut Pond with a clump of with pink tulips mysteriously growing in the middle!

And I really wanted to go with Keroppi to see the mysterious pink tulips! But..but I can’t swim!! :( So I went home and ate some pudding. They made me feel very full and sleepy so I fell asleep…

Sceenie image from ign.com
Tulip image from worldarttours.net

And then when I wake up again, I find myself on the island on Donut Pond standing in the middle of the pink tulips!!! And then I heard a voice!! It was My Melody! I couldn’t believe my puppy ears even if they are big and long!

But it WAS My Melody! I told her how much I missed her and I asked her how I can bring her back. But she told me now was not the time, and that she will appear in our dreams when the time is right! And I was so sad that My Melody will continue sleeping under the Pink Tulips that I cried and cried.

And then I felt someone shaking me and calling my name! It was Keroppi, Keroleen, Ganta and Kyoroske who have rebuilt their home on Donut Pond. They asked me how I came to be sleeping by the Pink Tulips bush at the island but I don’t know why either. They said I had been sleeping for a long time :\ but now that I am awake I think I will go home and eat some of Mama’s pudding. Mama always says:”You can’t beat Mama’s homemade pudding!” And her pudding is really yummy!.. I think I will go home now. Bye Bye~

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Purin investigates Donut Pond

… continuing from Purin doesn’t like homework… 


Donut pond has RETURNED????????!!!!!!!!!

*blink blink…*

Purin jumps in the airpurin: Yay!! Donut Pond has returned!!

A voice: It has??

Purin jumps in the airpurin: Who, what? Muffin! You have been sleeping under my beret all along! I wasn’t alone?!!!

muffinmuffin: Heehee ;3

Purin jumps in the airpurin: Muffin, we are going to go see Donut Pond, come on! Where are my light arrows from Link? Come on, come on Muffin!

 *Purin and muffin reach Donut Pond*

Purin jumps in the airpurin : Where’s everybody?? Why are there only strange human girls standing by Donut Pond?

Oh Ganta, there you are! Ganta, Ganta! Do you see?? Donut Pond!!! Can we save My Melody now Ganta???

Purin jumps in the airpurin: Pssst, Ganta…Who are these two human girls? Do you know???

 Gantaganta:*cough cough* We have been away from quite sometime…new residents?

Pink girlPink Bear: Oh my dear friend…you can’t recognize me? :( It’s me! Pink Bear!

Lily catLily Cat: Ganta! You don’t who I am either *breaks into sob*.

Purin jumps in the airpurin: I don’t understand why Pink Girl is Pink Bear! D:

Pink girlPink Bear:I don’t understand either, do you know how to fix it? @@

Purin jumps in the airpurin: …I don’t know either Pink Girl… er, Bear… er Bear girl? Girl bear? :\

Pink girlPink Bear:

Purin jumps in the airpurin: well, maybe you can ask Hiiragi. He’s lots older than me ;) I bet he knows lots of stuff! Even if he doesn’t know donut pond XD

Gantaganta: And what happened here? How did Donut Pond return? What’s that small island in the middle with a lot of pink tulips?

Purin jumps in the airpurin: What’s wrong with that? It’s ok, maybe yellow tulips are better … yellow tulips with yellow honey bees *beams at the thought of honey*

muffinmuffin: Maybe the pink tulip island has something to do with My Melody and with Pink Bear turning into Pink girl? Maybe we should visit it.

 Purin jumps in the airpurin: That sounds like an adventure!! Let’s go!!… erm… … how do we get to the island?

… to be continued…


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Purin doesn’t like homework

… continuing from Purin lives to tell my tale! ^ω^… 


Hi everyone! It’s me Purin! Ripple’s pulling her hair out trying to get her uploaded images in DreamStudio to save properly, so I thought I’d update the blog for her first because I am a nice puppy •ω• (*and I don’t feel like doing homework :P*)

*Please wait a bit, because I wrote a list this morning! :P.. ok, ahem*

First, I am very sorry I’ve been naughty and made everyone worried and looking for me :( I was really just sleepy and I didn’t know I had locked papa and mama out of the house! :O In the end ripple found me and papa and mama tells me not to worry about it, so I won’t :3

ripple finds Purin

The bad thing about sleeping so long is that I missed out on the froggies’ adventures with the stone deities! :O I’ve never seen a deity before! Wish I could have gone with Ganta to see them : ( But at least Mimmy and Ganta seem to be normal now.

I haven’t seen Pink Bear around too, I miss her. ripplecloud told me Pink Bear left her a message. Pink Bear was asking about potions and spells that can reverse humans back to animals. Why would any human want to become an animal? Or any animal want to become a human? I’m confused! Maybe I should look for Pink Bear and ask her about it.

But look I still have so much homework from school :(… maybe I’ll go read some blogs before I start working on them :P

*reading blogs*

Oh gosh! Hiiragi Keiichi is back in SanrioTown :O.. and that reminds me!! I still have those Light Arrows from Link to use against the darkness in My Melody so that My Melody can come back! Maybe he will know how to use them! Maybe Pink Bear will go with me to visit hi….

*blink blink*

Donut pond has RETURNED????????!!!!!!!!!

… to be continued…


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Purin lives to tell my tale! ^ω^

… continuing from Purin is under attack by Cinnamoroll’s army… 


Hi everyone! It’s me Purin! I’m a simple puppy but this time I really understand what it means to have my heart in my mouth. It was scary to see the Light Arrow fly towards Cinnamoroll.

For a moment I thought maybe the Dark Lord made Cinnamoroll go out of his mind… or maybe like Snappy says, the Dark Lord made Cinnamoroll think that he is invisible invincible.

I think I wouldn’t be half as horrified if a flying monkey was chasing me! Although that will never happen *puppy giggles* because we don’t have flying monkeys in SanrioTown and not on HKO in Closed Beta. :D

Anyway, you must be wondering what happened to Cinnamoroll next! Well, I was so surprised to see the Light Arrow flashing in the air :O and when it almost touched Cinnamoroll’s fur, the Light Arrow magically became a ball of Light instead! The ball of light sort of went all around Cinnamoroll and then there was a lot of thunder and lightning. But I’m not scared at all :) because it was sort of like what happened before Melody got buried in Donut Pond :( Oh I miss My Melody D:<

*brightens up* You will be happy to know that we didn’t need to bury Cinnamoroll this time. No siree! The Light Ball sort of wobbled and grew bigger and then smaller and then bigger and then smaller around Cinnamoroll. And Kiki was worrying that maybe it was because the Light Arrow wasn’t strong enough because I bothered Link when he was shooting it.

But guess what, the Dark Cinnamoroll in the light ball suddenly shouted in an awful voice “Oh i can’t STAND THIS ANYMORE!” and then there was a loud clap and the light ball splitted into half, and a dark shadow flew out of it and away through the squawking black birds! All those birds fled then. (They dumped Mimmy in the bushes when they fled, don’t worry she’s fine.)

Cinnamoroll also fell through the cracked light ball like egg white from cracked egg shells, and the light ball halves bobbled him along until he fell gently at our feet. He was lucky I tell you!

Then Snappy took one look at the dazed Cinnamoroll and and said our dear Cinna was free!! Yay!! Actually I already knew Cinna was free even before Snappy said so, haha, because look!! Cinnamoroll has turned back into a nice white puppy again!

Cinnamoroll's picture by Megarose

This is a portrait of Cinnamoroll darwn by Megarose at the time he was free of the Dark Lord. Megarose happened to be travelling around then, and she’s very interested in drawing strange animals. She probably thought Cinnamoroll looked strange. He certainly looks loopy in this portrait to me. But Mama says Cinnamoroll has been though a lot and just needs more rest to get better again, and that I am not to go around saying that he looks loopy. So you didn’t hear that from me! :P

Oh look, Link, Snappy and SuperForce are just back! They went to chase after the dark shadow that fled from Cinnamoroll’s body just now.

Snappy: What do you plan to do with this Dark Bow? The Dark spirit that took over Cinnamoroll must be hiding inside, waiting for the time when someone else plays the Devil’s Trill again.

Link: I will take it back to my world where it will be easier to destroy.

Snappy: That sounds like a good idea.

Purin: Oh Link, are you leaving already?

Link: It is time. Our task here is done.

And as we walked back towards my house together, the sky suddenly turned dark and the wind fiercer and a sand flew in my eye. And when I opened my eyes again, guess what, I am back in SanrioTown! I couldn’t believe it either, but it’s true!

And the bad news is that Link, Snappy and SuperForce are all gone! I think they’ve all gone back to their own worlds… I’m… all alone now Purin is sad … … …

… to be continued…


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