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45th entry - The *Twin Starrs* guild during Happy Hearts

I totally missed Noliai during the Xmas Reunion! Happily, she was back for Happy Hearts. So I spent some time on her farm with her.

We thought it would be pretty cool if we could spook the trees to death. It didn’t happen xD

This is the last post for Happy Hearts ^_^

Bi and ripplecloud were just hanging out for the fun of it. They so enjoyed each other’s company :P

But those *Twin Starrs* just wouldn’t leave them alone :P Here comes the leader and her stalwart member recruited during Founders’ Beta.

The *Twin Starrs* emoticon spam began… it was relentless… Oh no! All that pastel pink and blue!~ *My eyes! They hurt! xP*

And this time they brought a new member of their select guild - KayleeAddy. (All these males playing as females makes ripple a confused avatar @_@)

I guess the male players themselves are just as confused too! xD Muahahahahaha!

Luv’ya *Twin Starrs* guild ;)

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44th entry - Guild Leaders Day

Bi wanted to kick the cotton tree… but there’s no kicking animation. And she is wearing slippers.

There is no conspiracy against Misfits leader - Sundaygirl - here xD

Portals are lucky! ripplecloud bumped into the HKO Founders’ leader at one of the Florapolis portals just when there was something that ripplecloud wanted to talk to Kaito about xD

I do think he looks like phantom of the Opera here. All he needs is a black cloak.

Although ripplecloud was calling Kaito a bad boy :P, they liked each other well enough (or they were just bored enough :P) to chat well into the afternoon.

Kaito was an interesting person and very opened to answering ripplecloud’s various questions. So ripplecloud decided to help him plug his obssessively long, long, long guides right about here - Guide to Levels and Guide to Pets, their levels, stats, and locations. (Ironically, no one will read now since… erm… we are all not playing HKO! xD)

It was Guild Leaders Day that day because ripplecloud bumped into Pirate Guild’s Captain.Harlock too, directly after that. And with him was serenitycat the Pirate Queen.

ripplecloud simply adores serenitycat <333. She was the first ever person to stop me in the middle of London in Founders’ Beta just to tell me that she loved my blog. That just had never happened before so ripple probably did not respond very well and serenitycat walked away pretty fast after that xD.

But ripple is glad we stayed in contact during Happy Hearts and serenitycat is just the most amazing and encouraging and friendly person. Whee *giant hugs for serenitycat ^^*

During Happy Hearts, ripplecloud also got to meet  Airian, leader of the Vanilla guild for the first time. :)

If ripplecloud is not wrong, it was tigerlyly who brought Airian to the event.

tigerlyly and ripplecloud first met during the Xmas Reunion event (I think). Those were the times when both were feeling pretty fuzzy from just working on the events so they really were not in the state of mind to be sociable. ripplecloud does remember meeting her with CalypsoCafe, and thinking it must be pretty good to be around a walking cafe. Maybe tigerlyly can just press a button and ask for coffee please, whenever she needed it :P (omg, that’s lame~)

Anyway, tigerlyly is definitely one of the most friendly guild leaders around! I mean, hey she took time to PM me xD <333 (this is my blog and everything I write is from my perspective wahahahahahaha~)

You can find more gossip *heehee* about the guild leaders on tigerlyly’s blog post here, if you have not read it already.

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43rd entry - The Sailor Scouts guild during Happy Hearts

Somewhere along the line, guildmates like Yin and SoldierX realised that I was not actively involved in the guild this time around. It was a good opportunity for Sailoria to rotate the rep positions to some of our wonderful guildmates like deadrose, Tree, KaseyZoey and shesroyaltee. :) And I think Sailoria was totally amused by BlondeBlueEyes who went crazy with the POWER!!

Since I was not a rep, it pretty much left me free to walk around anytime I want, which actually meant that I encountered new friends like Katz and both of us spent the afternoon bugging GM-Zel about non-dropping cur’s paws :P… which led to him hunting cur’s paws with no success. Poor guy :P Thanks GM-Zel, Serenity’s alien friend ^^

The previous betas and events always felt really rushed for ripplecloud who was always busy gathering or farming, etc etc. So this time round she was determined to just stop and smell the roses and spend some time with the deadrose :P

ripplecloud also bothered ALICE who went on a wild goose chase after ripplecloud just to deliver her a baboon card. But guess what, at the last minute, ripplecloud thwacked that random baboon and got a baboon card of her own. So poor ALICE walked about for nothing! *squirms* But ALICE was awfully nice about it. ripplecloud hearts ALICE!!!

The signpost points to the same secret places in different directions…

ripplecloud enjoyed getting to know members that she had not met before, like the livewire Kirair.

And in general fooling around~

ripplecloud is especially glad that this time round, she got to see Sailoria pretty often :P

Can I be a lizard when Halloween comes around at least, GM-Miyaw??? A bloody one :P

Last but not least, ripplecloud is just happy to be in a guild with such big hearts ^_^ (even if she didn’t pull any weight this time round hee hee)

Final results of the Helping Hearts event can be found at this HKO event blog post. And here’s who the donations are going to.

The Sailoria guild opted out of the contest, and with the fantastic people from Twilight, *Twin Starrs* and the Vampire Kittens, pooled together resrouces to benefit the orphans instead. WTG guild alliance!!!

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42nd entry - Hiding from GM-Abby

Some of you outside of the Sailor Scouts guild may not have met Sailoria before as she is mostly preoccupied with running the guild.

In many ways, I have been a wayward member of the guild xD. I left the guild and rejoined it at a whim, we had differences in opinions when it comes to the value of the charity events, etc. And through all these Sailoria has been extremely understanding and supportive of whatever I wanted to do, while persisting with her own ideals (which is entirely what strengthens the guild!).

One just can’t help loving her for all she stands for, and of course that charismatic beard of hers is entirely mesmerising :P. <333 Viva la Sailoria!~

This post is about two of the most influential female avatars on HKO (up until Happy Hearts). I hope you won’t fault my choice of… my own guild leader :P (who leads one of the oldest and biggest guilds in HKO) and the HKO community manager - GM Abby.

There was that day that ripplecloud logged in at the same spot where she left off the previous day, and couldn’t be bothered to move. It seemed like a good hiding place, a deserted corner of Sanrio Harbour, except … the newbies kept thinking that there’s something up that alley ripplecloud was hiding in when in fact it was a dead end. - -

And then ripplecloud made the mistake of PM-ing GM-Abby, who quite unexpectedly poofed right there beside her! To tell the truth, from closed beta till Happy Hearts, this was the first time that ripplecloud really met GM-Abby :P… somehow their paths never crossed directly. Lucky for ripplecloud :D *secretly wonders if Abby knew ripplecloud was feeling mopey xP*

The next time ripplecloud logged in, she was cheerier and paid GM-Abby a return visit. Unfortunately I D/Ced shortly after :P

It became something to do, my own hide-and-seek game with GM-Abby. Hiding outdoors didn’t save ripplecloud from GM-Abby’s prying eyes the last time, so ripplecloud headed to her one of her favourite indoor venues! Guess where!

The only problem was ripplecloud really shouldn’t keep playing the losing game of hide-and-seek with the Goddess of HKO - -’ She has eyes everywhere… not to mention that she poofs to your side instantly.

I hope Azog doesn’t think I’m being nosey xP… although I am quite a busybody… heehee…

And that was how ripplecloud met GM-Abby three times in the game xD. I like her new look xD

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Quick links - ripplecloud is so proud of Sailoria guild :D

ripplecloud: is taking a break, which pretty much means I won’t be around for a period of time. I have got some posts pre-scheduled so this blog will be updated every Sunday… hopefully it will help lighten some of those Monday blues, I dunno :P Much thanks to serenitycat and everyone for all your encouragement <333 See you around ;]

Oh and please vote for Dawn! >> Check out Dawn LaRee’s cake submission for Sanrio Yummies. If you like it as much as I do, VOTE FOR HER PLEASE :DDD Click here to vote.
Voting ends March 6.

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41st entry - Real GMs use bottles

For a “girly” game like HKO, ripplecloud sure finds plenty of good company in the male players too. Kiui is one of those people that I don’t actively seek out, but I always have so much fun when I bump into him whether I’m doing quests or just walking around. :)

Anyway, this is the post where I found myself with Kiui the friendly stalker and a groupie for the day. How cool is that? ;)

Note: That was said in an ironic tone I obviously don’t have stalkers and Kiui here just happened to bump into me :P which led me to dragging him to my mini event in the previous post.

So with the help of Katsuko, RubyPrincess, the rest of the guild and starrfire7, oh and ripplecloud’s own effort, ripplecloud completed cupid’s quest and then it did feel “really weird not having quests in HKO“.

So ripplecloud thought she would go down to the harbour and hang out with Sailoria and Starrfire7. And when she got there, she found that she had stepped into the world of groupies. @_@

fickle, fickle starrfire7 :P

So ripplecloud hung around to observe the groupies a little. She found that GM_Calealen had *Twin Starrs* groupies…

…and Misfits groupies… which seemed to have the amazing result of over-inflating GM_Cal’s ego (in ripplecloud’s humble opinion :P)

Sitting around GM_Calealen and his ego got a little boring soon :P, so ripplecloud went in search of other entertainment. She found her guildmate RubyPrincess who was standing in a corner offering free stuff to newbies. Ruby is just awesome in that way :)

The following is captured from my hazy memory because I didn’t screenie :/ I wonder why :P

ripplecloud: you can be my groupie Repie
RubyPrincess: Then you will be the first groupie of a groupie, because ripplecloud is my groupie
Repie: Being the first of anything sounds good
ripplecloud: we can be the 3R clan

And that was how ripplecloud got a groupie of her own, a groupie whom she never saw again! *Where are you my groupie???* xD And look at the amazing knowledge she learnt from her groupie!

They were wondering why GM_Calealen stopped talking…

So there you have it, real GMs may use bottles~

*hides from GM :P*

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40th entry - ripplecloud’s mini-event

HKFood… hmm i wonder if he is hkfood… but each time I see you, you are afk, so…

The people I know outside of the Sailoria guild, I know them first through their blogs. It is always fun to meet them in the game. I had always wanted to put everyone together into one big guild chat. Unfortunately bloggers are fairly individualistic people who want their own guilds xD. The next best way, is to put them all in one room. Because I like it when everyone knows everyone else, and there are no fighting and no unhappiness ever~

Note: I lost this post the first time I wrote it…. so… it’s kind of different from the original xD

On the morning of the HKO Bloggers’ screenie event, ripplecloud almost couldn’t make it as she had a hard time logging in, but she did.

She bumped into Kiui at the London portal on the way to Palaise de Versailles, so she dragged him along. :P

Some bloggers were early. In fact, when ripplecloud first told Bi the night before. Bi had already changed into white to get into the mood xD

We were also lucky to have GM-Layla and GM-Miyaw drop in on us, while we wait for late players like Serenity. :P

She assured ripplecloud she would be with us pretty soon with her turbo-speed flying teacup.

picture from http://blog.sanriotown.com/starsong:mymelody.com/2009/01/10/oh-happy-day/  

Meanwhile, the GMs went back to their duties. And the merry group just hang out until everyone arrived. Let’ see we chatted about… how Azog is popular with ladies xD… how Ken and Barbie are divorced… and of course the eternal Harry Potter and Twilight (that ripplecloud does not intend to read)… etc etc…

Azog suggested we do guys vs girls in two lines and we did… except that the girl line was kind of wonky. :/

And when we got it straight, Cipre decided that she wanted to live up to her guild name by standing on her own right in front. (not to mention that she is the self-professed spy without a blog xD)

But we managed to make her tow the line :P in the end.

Cupid was looking lonely, so we gave him some lopsided-love~

A less lop-sided heart…

All the love must have got to Cipre, because she decided she wanted a blog after all. 

And once she started, she couldn’t stop :P

Another formation, brought to you by the letter H~

We surprised some random questers like Callie.. well the guys did because they were… singing…

We terrorised Kaylin with emoticons…

And we wondered why they all ran away~

Fearing that we would be complained to the GMs, we decided to leave the scene of the crime and visit Kitty. She sure was happy to see us and could not keep from jumping up and down.

Thanks for giving ripplecloud a happy morning! ^^

Event attendees (in no particular order): DeevFactor, tigerlyly, CalypsoCafe, Bi, Komori, azog, Airian, Starrfire7, Kiui, the_otakutopian, Yueya, Serenity, noliai, Cipre, serenitycat, GM-Miyaw

You can find links to these bloggers here - HKO Blogroll

Non-blogging attendees: VioletYoshi, GM-Layla

If I have missed anyone out from the lists above, I am sorry. Please remind me and I will add it in. Also many apologies to Victor, for planning the event at places that you are unable to access. :( I will make sure to check these if there ever was a next time. :P Sorry!!

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Quick links - Events. Love them and hate them.

Invitation - HKO bloggers’ screenie mini-event

Calling all bloggers who appear here - HKO blogroll *click* 

Event details:

Errr… guess the few of us are just going to arrange ourselves a bit and take a screenie (ok maybe more than 1) :P. It’s my event so it can be as lame as I want it! xD

Terms and conditions:

Be happy ^^


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