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Diamond pendant - guess which letter :P

*Not actual size. It’s actually smaller, about the size of a fingernail.

Yes, this took a long time to arrive… Oh well, handy for attempting to create moody pictures with :P

Thanks GMs for picking me ^____^ (I think it’s for this video.) It’s a really cute pendant.

So I am now only waiting for the Frightspinners prize. Hopefully it will come with the next version of HKO packed in the box set already :)

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You can find the direct blog links to these people on my HKO blogroll here.

Happy New Year from ripplecloud

Hmmm is this Tokyo?? I spy Sanrio Puroland =D

ecard source: www.sanriotown.com

Oh and I see some players’ profiles were captured in the screenshots section of the official website. (I only know Kittynator among those posted. :P) I wonder if they knew…

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