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ripplecloud visited Badtz’s exiled cousin, Tuxedo Sam, in Florapolis one day…

Ok, so that existed in my imagination alone. When a group of people made up something together, it is called Group Fantasy ;P

It was the day ripplecloud found Pochi. Of course she had to tell her friend “I-want-to-marry-Pochi”-Kel about it.

The problem was, […]

Happy Birthday Purin!

Hi everyone! It’s me Purin again! It’s an exciting day today because it is my birthday day :D Yup that’s today 16 April!
And when I went downstairs to the kitchen in the morning, Purin Mama was already up and about baking my birthday cake :DDD
“Purin my baby“ Purin Mama said, “Come have some […]

Happy Easter! says Purin

If I weren’t a puppy, I’d probably be a sugarbunny because I have long ears too! Heehee.

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Purin Cafe on the er… HKO Fake News

Hi everyone, it’s me Purin!
March just flew by and Purin has been a very good puppy. I’ve been going to school and doing some of my homework •ω• because Purin Mama says I can’t go out to play if I don’t do my homework. -ω- !
I’m sorry I’m not posting more to […]

46th entry – Where’s the Flying Turkey in New York?

I was wondering whether to continue on to the Xmas reunion screenies. It is a little odd to be talking about Christmas in April, isn’t it? Anyway, the pre-scheduled posts are finished, so we start with irregular postings from now on. Haha :P
Here’s AlmightyTallest and I on my first day in […]

Purin meets an old friend :O

Hi everyone, it’s me Purin!  
I am all well and happy again! :) To celebrate getting well again, Purin, that’s me, went for a walk around the neighbourhood. I thought maybe I can walk past Donut Pond and sniff out Keroleen’s Valentine’s Day menu. Hehheh! :P And maybe if I am lucky, Keroleen will […]

Purin has some good news to share ^^

Hi everyone, it’s me Purin!
Boy or boy, do I have good news for you! *giggle giggle*
First, I am not sick anymore! Yay!
#2, *hheeheehee* Mimmy was chased out of the zoo by the zookeeper today because, hahahaha… the zookeeper thought Mimmy was an escaped tiger!! Rawwrrrr… Mimmy’s practising really well :P But that’s not the good […]

Purin has a flu, achoo!

Hi everyone, it’s me Purin! Achooo!!! *blows nose*
I visited UsaBunnBunn the other day and I think I caught a flu bug from her D: ha-ha-haa-a-CHOOOO!!! *sniff sniff*
So I have been sleeping at home. I don’t even feel like eating my favourite pudding although ripplecloud has been making me drink hot milk. I don’t know, […]

Purin has a pink tulip dream

…Continued from Purin investigates Donut Pond…
Hi everyone, it’s me Purin! I’m sorry I’ve been gone for such a long time :P You see, I have been busy attending Hello Kitty’s birthday party. And then Muffin, Bagel and Scone and all my other friends keep asking me out to play. I was also interviewed by Sanriotown, […]

Purin investigates Donut Pond

… continuing from Purin doesn’t like homework… 
Donut pond has RETURNED????????!!!!!!!!!
*blink blink…*
purin: Yay!! Donut Pond has returned!!
A voice: It has??
purin: Who, what? Muffin! You have been sleeping under my beret all along! I wasn’t alone?!!!
muffin: Heehee ;3
purin: Muffin, we are going to go see Donut Pond, come on! Where are my light arrows from Link? Come […]