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Quick links - The ULTIMATE HKO cake and more Farming tips

onlinegame blog: HKO Opens to the Public for Happy Hearts
MMORPG News blog: If you are a newbie, rinsama’s blog is an excellant beginners’ guide
Dawn LaRee: presents THE ULTIMATE HKO cake
Bi: more detailed notes on farming
onlinegame blog: Farming guide now available. The basics are here - Farming Guide: The Basics
Sanriotown blog: Cupid Needs Your Help!
Katsuko: here […]

20th entry - A day of errands… and then PARTY!!!! XD

Hi all,
Yes I know this blog has not been updated for a week, so here is the latest post! XD
But first, just wanna say Happy Birthday to Kel because it is her birthday today!! XD *throws confetti yet again XP and hugs*
Oh and also you will by now know that the Sailor Scouts guild is […]

15th entry - Kel’s pink dinosaur (CB final day part 2)

Hi everyone,
I bet all of you have heard the big news, but if you have not :O, please go read it and sign up now!!! :D
Hello Kitty Online Founder’s Beta starts Oct 8, 2008. Sign up now!
I’m so stoked, I’m putting up some more screenies! You may have seen these before at Little Wonder’s blog, and […]

7th entry - The day something happened to the GMs :S

You can see my new guild’s name in the image. The irony? Except for the guild leader, nobody else is from Holland :P Heh… But it’s ok, I can pretend I am from Holland :D
“Hallo, hoe gaat het?”
It’s supposed to be “Hello, how are you?” in Dutch :D … I got it off here, if […]