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50th – The Sailoria Constitution and a Moose

How time flies, this blog is 1 year old. Omedeto~

Two posts ago, ripplecloud received a Kitty Hat from the Mad Hatter. And that hat caused a lot of trouble and she was chased everywhere for it. Since then, ripplecloud worked hard so that she could get a new hat - the moose hat!
“The […]

48th entry – Meeting the white rabbit on HKO

Best item in the mall – the kitty hat :P…

Sailoria said there was a smaller selection of stuff for girls than for guys… pfft… xP JamJam was the first person I saw with the kitty hat, so I sneaked a screenie of her :P Heh…

It was the day ripplecloud met the weirdest white rabbit, and the strangest […]

ripplecloud visited Badtz’s exiled cousin, Tuxedo Sam, in Florapolis one day…

Ok, so that existed in my imagination alone. When a group of people made up something together, it is called Group Fantasy ;P

It was the day ripplecloud found Pochi. Of course she had to tell her friend “I-want-to-marry-Pochi”-Kel about it.

The problem was, […]

45th entry - The *Twin Starrs* guild during Happy Hearts

I totally missed Noliai during the Xmas Reunion! Happily, she was back for Happy Hearts. So I spent some time on her farm with her.

We thought it would be pretty cool if we could spook the trees to death. It didn’t happen xD
This is the last post for Happy Hearts ^_^

Bi and ripplecloud were just […]

44th entry - Guild Leaders Day

Bi wanted to kick the cotton tree… but there’s no kicking animation. And she is wearing slippers.

There is no conspiracy against Misfits leader - Sundaygirl - here xD

Portals are lucky! ripplecloud bumped into the HKO Founders’ leader at one of the Florapolis portals just when there was something that ripplecloud wanted to talk to […]

43rd entry - The Sailor Scouts guild during Happy Hearts

Somewhere along the line, guildmates like Yin and SoldierX realised that I was not actively involved in the guild this time around. It was a good opportunity for Sailoria to rotate the rep positions to some of our wonderful guildmates like deadrose, Tree, KaseyZoey and shesroyaltee. :) And I think Sailoria was totally […]

42nd entry - Hiding from GM-Abby

Some of you outside of the Sailor Scouts guild may not have met Sailoria before as she is mostly preoccupied with running the guild.
In many ways, I have been a wayward member of the guild xD. I left the guild and rejoined it at a whim, we had differences in opinions when […]

39th entry - Bugs, kindness and a runaway Kitty on HKO

So we know that the GMs have new banana suits that some wear more than others. (Guess who are the rebels? :P) But did anyone realise that the Rescue team seem to be gone? Does that mean… :O … that the getting stuck bug has been squashed??? I haven’t been stuck yet […]

37th entry - HKO in-game wedding of the year :P

Founders’ Beta came to an end pretty abruptly for me. The program lagged badly and I suddenly realised that people were not moving and the chat would not work when I was at Sanrio Harbour.. so I said Goodbye to the still forms of Bee=^.^= and PrincessAurora and then I logged […]

36th entry - Sailoria guild event and Kevent

Her royal highnesses Princess ripplecloud and Princess MidNiteEyes were having an afternoon tete-a-tete on the balcony of their castle. Unbeknownst to them was the prescence of the eavesdropping NPC gaurd. :O

Location: well Azog and Tidesong could not agree with each other whether it is Westminster Abbey or the National Gallery. :P Ideas anyone?

With […]