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How time flies, this blog is 1 year old. Omedeto~

Two posts ago, ripplecloud received a Kitty Hat from the Mad Hatter. And that hat caused a lot of trouble and she was chased everywhere for it. Since then, ripplecloud worked hard so that she could get a new hat - the moose hat!

“The Moose Hat has horns so if anyone chases me, I will just poke them with the horns, muahahahahaha!” That was ripplecloud’s logic, which of course may not go down well with the GMs who preached non-violence :P


ripplecloud was ecstatic about her new hat and showed it off to anyone who would listen to her like Sugar_chan

… and even to those who didn’t.

After much ado about nothing about the moose hat, ripplecloud got hungry. So she bit off Kiui’s gingerbread headgear and chewed on it vigorously.

Kiui was not very pleased of course and stomped off. :P

Just then the_otakutopian and Yin came by.

They were wearing halos and so was Cinnayum D:

Why?!! Why was nobody wearing the moose hat just when ripplecloud got hers???? *moody and grumpy*

But ripplecloud did not feel moody for long as she soon was distracted by the conversation in the guild chat. The guild was talking about making a constitution.

Well, the most important of the Sailoria Constitution was of course #6!

For that, ripplecloud didn’t really mind being the last moose standing on HKO. :P

And remember, Moose go MOOOOOOOO!~


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37 Responses to “50th – The Sailoria Constitution and a Moose”

  1. MOOOOOOOO! Happy Birthday Blog!!

  2. Mooooo happy birthday blog, I never figured out what the sailoria constitution was and this helped greatly

  3. Happy Mooday to Moo!

  4. “Happy Birthday” to your blog, RC! May it continue to bring smiles to everyone reading it. ^_^

  5. Happy Birthday Ripplecloud’s Blog!
    Aren’t you a lucky little blog for having an owner who is so creative and talented! ;)

  6. Moo! Happy Birthday!

  7. MoooOOOooo! Happy B-Day!

  8. Hey rip! Just wanted to drop in and say hello! Keep in touch!!

  9. Happy belated birthday Ripple’s blog! Mooooo!
    Hope you are doing well. ^_^

  10. How’d I miss this? Well, belated and belated happyblogbiday.

  11. Happy Blog Anniversary!! ^_^

  12. So I hear HKO is coming to Singapore and Malaysia soon!

  13. Moo! Happy birthday, blog! And you call Badtz crazy for thinking he’s a turkey.XD

  14. Hey RC- just stopping by to say hello!
    Hope u are doign well!
    Take Care ~serenitycat

  15. I did not know blog’s celebrated birthdays @@ ! Well I just wanted to say hello Ripple and hello Purin, I miss you both. I do hoep your all doing well. :)

  16. hey ripplecloud! miss u ! hope u are doing well!

  17. Miss u! Come back soon ….

  18. Still missing you!
    Come back or email soon - please !

  19. a belated blog b-day greeting (=^.^=)

  20. belated B-day indeed!

  21. Moo! the guild is back on Singapore server, MOO MOO

  22. *hugs*

  23. I miss you Ripple! ♥

  24. Ripppleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee HKO’s not the same without youu . . I ken lee….

  25. Have to agree with my friend Bi*waves Pirate Hat at BI* !
    Hko just not the same with out ya!
    Hope you are doing oK!
    Take Care -serenitycat

  26. moomoo says the moooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooose! ^^.

  27. where are moooooo?

  28. I continue to stop by here and miss you .
    How are you ??
    How’s work??
    I always have a virtual green tea ready for you- anytime you happen to drop by!
    Capt and I have started Pirate Guild over at HKO SEA - you are always welcome to email me (of course) or if you do have time to play again -you are always welcome where-ever Pirates are congregating! My blog skills havent improved much- but your blog always inspires me! ;) Take Care- serenitycat
    wishing you the best! ;)

  29. oh god just realised I have been gone for 7 months… time flies… Happy New Year guys!!!!

  30. hey ripplecloud i heard your friends with cinnamoroll

  31. i also saw a couple sanrio friends blog they don’t update more can you please update and please email me oh and my hello kitty online name is bernie im at sanrio harbor

  32. is sugar_chan still on hko today

  33. hooray! a response from Ripplecloud!
    Happy NEW Year!
    Even if you have been gone long time- you can always , always return..yes?
    Go check out bi’s blog at http://blog.sanriotown.com/mltf83:hellokitty.com/2009/11/14/narcissists/
    back on nov ,, read the whole entry! , and see all the fun you missed!
    GM bacon is MIA again -but he was there back in NOvember- and YEs that’s HKo SEA. Which is a fun publisher , generally, to play under. Theres a Food For Friends event starting! ;) (tempted yet?). Wish u best!serenitycat

  34. i miss the cafe cinnamon blog and sugarbunnies blog what happened to them

  35. Hello! I have tagged you for my Sunday Social Meme:, please check it out and also join our social meme with us! here is a link to my social meme:


  36. RIpple where are uu.. ;)

  37. ditto to waht bi said…

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