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Some of us loved the Santarina suit that GM-Miyaw was wearing during the Xmas Reunion but that was not available. *sad*

So most of us ended up wearing parts of the gingerbread man suit or the snowman suit, which were one of the quest rewards during the Christmas Reunion.

One of the first things that ripplecloud did was to visit Sailoria’s farm. It was not the wisest thing to do because it was full of stinging flies D:

Irritating stinging flies that fly around your face and body and… well it was just bad :(

So after a while, ripplecloud couldn’t take it anymore so she returned back to her farm where it was… fly-free! Whoopie!

Sometimes, one should just not be too happy to gloat too soon because…

suddenly the plague of flies descended on ripplecloud’s farm D: There was nothing to do but to start removing the dead oat plants. ripple hated doing that. Now if she was a wizard, she would just make them all disappear easily, but she wasn’t shucks… - -‘

Just then, Kiui dropped by the farm for a visit :D, so that helped to take off some of the monotony of dead oats harvesting, bleah…

The Mad Hatter Shaymin also dropped by to give advice on pesticides. ^___^

Farming was hard work and ripplecloud stopped to take a breather when she felt a tickle on her left leg. She looked down and :O, “OMG puppy what do you think you are doing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

“But that doesn’t mean you should start biting people, especially your owner!! Bad puppy!”

ripple’s hungry puppy went to sulk at the side of the field as ripple nurtured her weird-looking one-arm, beaky snowman seedlings.

“No, no puppy, it’s not time to eat yet. We still have the cauliflower plants and the strawberry plants to tend to. Besides, aren’t you getting a little obese?” ripplecloud eyed puppy’s fat body critically. “A spot of dieting will do you good :D”

“O___O diet?” gulped puppy.

Just then, ripplecloud’s guildmate Cinnayum came visiting with her sheep pet.

“Oh good, here’s my chance!” thought puppy, as he gobbled the blooms of the cauliflower plants.

And just as the very last cauliflower blooms disappeared into puppy’s gaping maw, puppy farted. And he could hear a threatening rumble in his tummy.

“Pain…:(” puppy whined and went to hide until he felt better.

From then on, puppy never went near the strawberries or cauliflower plants again. ;]

“PUPPY!! STOP nibbling Shaymin’s leg!!”

“But, but I’m hungry D: and… he’s yummy :P” nom nom nom

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11 Responses to “49th entry – Yummy, yummy gingerbread man”

  1. Hmm. Were you starving your pet?! lol o_O

  2. Just seeing all the flies is making me itch!

  3. hmmmm , where is the pesticide fogger when you need it???
    Wonder if a giant frog could be created to eat up all the flies??

  4. Ha ha ha, once again, I was “feautred” on your popular blog, RC! Thanks for reminding me about that conversation! ^_^

  5. Cool! Another win for the great storyteller that is ripplecloud ;D

  6. Hey ripplecloud- stop by my blog sometime ! I am going to work on it again this week! still learning though-sighz!

  7. :) yummy gingerbreadmen . *nom nom*
    and have a good w/end :D

  8. Happy blogoversary!

  9. @shesroyaltee, not at that point… I was starving it in Happy Hearts xP… guess the cur just likes gingerbread legs by nature huh. ;D

    @starrfire7, *here’s mopiko* ;)

    @serenitycat, gisnt keroppi!!!! he could become obese like that haha :D I stopped by but I think you have not updated yet, waiting… xD

    @GM_Calealen, what’s up with YOUR popular blog?? :P I think we are all waiting to see a new post heehee.

    @Mariah-Kan, hank you ^^ Have a good week!!

  10. @Bi,you too my dear ;]

    @Teena, omg thank you very much!! And have a fabulous week ahead!

  11. Hey! Nothing much, thinking of material to post on my “popular” blog, he he he! :)

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