Best item in the mall – the kitty hat :P…

Sailoria said there was a smaller selection of stuff for girls than for guys… pfft… xP JamJam was the first person I saw with the kitty hat, so I sneaked a screenie of her :P Heh…

It was the day ripplecloud met the weirdest white rabbit, and the strangest journey began..

The white rabbit was a master of hypnotism, and soon ripplecloud found herself falling down down down into a spiralling well of colours…

Eventually she landed on soft sand. ripplecloud looked around and found that she was on a beach.

The white rabbit was nowhere to be seen. Instead, she saw a Duchess, who looked really strong and fierce fussing over a sick black cat.

Just as the Cheshire-chococat said that it was going to puke, ripplecloud started edging away. Puke was not a pleasant sight after all :P. ripplecloud did not see the Cheshire-chococat fading away and the Duchess stomping at the fading cat, as she ran away.

Presently ripplecloud found that she was in a city full of tall sky-scraping buildings inscribed with the words “XO” all over.

“Curiouser and curioser”, said ripplecloud.

At first the city seemed forbidding and empty of people. Then she realised with a start that there was a blonde, blue-eyed girl in green standing alone on the streets.

“Hallo”, said the blonde, blue-eyed girl in green. She was a candy elf.

ripplecloud tried talking to her but they didn’t seem to speak each other’s language.

I wish I was an elf too, thought ripplecloud. Then the candy-elf would understand me.

Oopf, deep in thought, ripplecloud walked into a big fat yellow person without realising it. Oh wait, it was not a person but a golden retriever dressed as Santa Claus!

“Curiouser and curioser”, said ripplecloud.

“So ripplecloud, have you been a good girl? What would you like for Christmas?”, asked Santa Purin Papa.

“But which side?” asked ripplecloud.

But Santa Purin Papa was already riding away on his sleigh.

“Ho HO HO Merry Christmas! I’ve got to go now my dear, there are lots of presents to deliver!”

Left on her own, ripplecloud had no choice. She bit into one side of the sadly waving gingerbread man that Santa Purin Papa had given her. Immediately she became short and fat and grumpy.

Arghh, went ripplecloud, smelling her new stubby, grimy toes that are now closer to her than ever before. Dwarf toes… she hadn’t know they stink until now.

Quickly, ripplecloud popped the other side of the gingerbread man, now quite dead and unmoving into her mouth. And she was an elf! Just like the candy elf. :)

ripplecloud hurried to where the candy elf was, but the candy elf was no longer there.

Instead, she finally saw a familiar face. Yggdrasil!!

Only, it wasn’t Yggdrasil the harbour salesman… it was a candy-borg that looked like Yggdrasil.

The candy-borg showed ripplecloud his heart tattoos on his ankles. He was very proud of them because only minions of the Queen of Hearts get to have them!

Erm ok, thought ripplecloud. She was getting hungry so she asked the candy-borg where she might find something to eat.

He pointed her to the Mad Hatter’s tea party, but halfway there…

“Ah, what have we here!” said a humorous voice. “You look in need of a hat, doesn’t she, millette?”

“Eh-heh treacle,” said a second softer voice.

It was the Mad Hatter and the dormouse out for a walk.

“Now, now then, here take this one!” the Mad Hatter clapped something white and furry over ripplecloud’s head. “You look a darling, ripplecloud! Oh look at the time, we’ll be late for tea millette, let’s go, shoo!”

“Wait, can I come too?”, asked ripplecloud as she looked at the two scurrying away.

“No room, no room” screamed the Mad Hatter.

“How rude”, thought ripplecloud

ripplecloud wondered aimlessly, hungry and lost. There were more people about, but they were all staring at her strangely :S

And then it dawned on her why. They all wanted the kitty hat that the Mad Hatter gave her! D:

Quick run ripplecloud, RUN! xD


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16 Responses to “48th entry – Meeting the white rabbit on HKO”

  1. XD this was the best entry yet I’m glad i could be a part of it

  2. I think for the next few days, I will be singing White Rabbit
    Go ask Ripplecloud!

  3. I think they should also do Kiki and Lala wigs :D

  4. Alice in Wonderland scared me when I first watched it. I think I’m scarred for life, because the avies on this entry looked more than a little freaky.XD

    Funny, I never got the Mall working for me. I don’t know if it’s because of the mall bug, or if it’s my Internet connection.

  5. woh I love the kitty hat XD but i never had it. just coveted it from afar on your head too :P

  6. White Rabbit, my favorite brand of candy… ^_^

  7. Muahahsha mad hatter is the true mad power!!!!!

  8. Pretty clever using the “Alice in Wonderland” idea.
    I was kinda sad that the kitty hats weren’t available for male characters. Oh well. There’s always the open beta, right?
    Hope the Queen of Hearts didn’t find you and shouted “Off with her head!”

  9. awesome story telling ripplecloud!
    What a great looking post!
    I would have surely let you hide on the Pirate ship if you needed somewhere to run to! ;)

  10. How has your April been?? Still swamped busy ??? ((ripplecloud))

  11. Ps — How do you make those amazing pics- is that Photoshop or something else???

  12. Yes I agree w/ Cal… white rabbit candy is yummy!
    Love this entry Ripple! ^_^ You’re so imaginative.

  13. @shesroyaltee and cal, haha white rabbit candy is like a relic :P have not see one for a long, long time!
    , yup everything is done in photoshop… and I need a map from you to find out where the pirate ship is at first! ;p
    , I’m sure the GMs will consider making unisex kitty hats since there is a demand for it ;]
    , it didn’t work very well at the time… which is why I only got the kitty hat and ran out of patience to get any thing else afterward too :P
    , they might end up looking like weird pink and blue helmets I think…:P
    , thanks for the link ;] are you still singing it??? :P
    , THANK YOU for inspiring it! :D
    , get it when you get the chance! :P
    , hahaha, where’s your hat?

    Have a good life everyone! ^______^

  14. Wahahahaha, it is a “relic”! Memories from my childhood, he he he!

  15. LOL at the hypnosis of that rabbit, awesome screenies! It looks like it was lots of fun, especially with all the new items being “all the rage” :)

  16. awww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! weeeeeeeeeeeee!! so cute!

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