ripplecloud visited Badtz’s exiled cousin, Tuxedo Sam, in Florapolis one day…

Ok, so that existed in my imagination alone. When a group of people made up something together, it is called Group Fantasy ;P

It was the day ripplecloud found Pochi. Of course she had to tell her friend “I-want-to-marry-Pochi”-Kel about it.

The problem was, Kel already had a boyfriend! D: …and now Pochi?

It was starting to sound as complicated as a TV drama. ripplecloud knew she had to find the cure for a broken heart soon because it certainly sounded like a lot of hearts were going to be broken! :P

Cinnamoroll told ripplecloud where to go to look help. There was someone by the coast with the talent of making people happy.

Unfortunately ripplecloud misheard the name from Cinnamoroll, so she couldn’t make Kyupi see* her at all. Or maybe ripplecloud just didn’t have a good enough heart :P (*Kyupi can only see people if they have good hearts.)

At least, “Kel is aways Pochi’s no1” ;] (according to Maneechan)… so she probably wasn’t at risk of being one of the broken hearts. Heh :P

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12 Responses to “47th entry – NPC-player relationships can get pretty complicated x_X”

  1. @_@ confused.

  2. Is it a transitive relationship, such that Kel’s BF would like Kitty? If HKO followed the rules of math, all would be solved.

  3. XD yay I was part of one of ripplecloud’s entry

  4. lol wow…they should make this into a real drama XP

  5. Hhhheellloooo Ripplecloud! ((ripple))
    Saw ya post somewheres that you are superbusy!
    Sorry to hear that.
    Sending you over a virtual green tea in a special Hello Kitty mug! ;)
    Hope you get some rest and sleep soon!
    Will you be busy through the end of may ????? acckk!
    Nice post as always– maybe you need more sleep and less posting o_O ???
    ~serenitycat P.S. remember to take care of yourself! :)

  6. roflrofl Why does Kel wanna marry Pochi, anyway?:P She’ll be eaten out of her house and home.XD

  7. wow … 365 bowties? Hmmm ….

  8. Hi all, thanks for the comments, been busy this week… hence the late reply.

    @azog, is it even transitive in general? :P We have to ask Kel for her case in particular:P

    @kel, haha, you somehow will have to be in at least 1 post!!! Considering i like talking to you and we do bump into each other when you are in the game…. except for after thetimes you can’t be online - - or I’m too busy doing god knows what…

    @calypsocafe… well i was sort of modeling it after those relationship charts that they have for japanese dramas :P… although the ending is a little lame… heehee

    @serenitycat, well actually this post was written two weeks ago :P too busy this last weekend. Hooray for filler posts!

    @badtzies, because pochi cast a spell on her. He bought the spell from Badtz for a dime. Go figure :P.

    @starrfire7, he only has one cap though :P at least I think so.

  9. XD Pochi’s cute like that buying spells and hypnotizing me lol

  10. Lol, great just great!

  11. Yes! Finally something about Augusto de ARruda Botelho.

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