ripplecloud visited Badtz’s exiled cousin, Tuxedo Sam, in Florapolis one day…

Ok, so that existed in my imagination alone. When a group of people made up something together, it is called Group Fantasy ;P

It was the day ripplecloud found Pochi. Of course she had to tell her friend “I-want-to-marry-Pochi”-Kel about it.

The problem was, Kel already had a boyfriend! D: …and now Pochi?

It was starting to sound as complicated as a TV drama. ripplecloud knew she had to find the cure for a broken heart soon because it certainly sounded like a lot of hearts were going to be broken! :P

Cinnamoroll told ripplecloud where to go to look help. There was someone by the coast with the talent of making people happy.

Unfortunately ripplecloud misheard the name from Cinnamoroll, so she couldn’t make Kyupi see* her at all. Or maybe ripplecloud just didn’t have a good enough heart :P (*Kyupi can only see people if they have good hearts.)

At least, “Kel is aways Pochi’s no1” ;] (according to Maneechan)… so she probably wasn’t at risk of being one of the broken hearts. Heh :P

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