*Not actual size. It’s actually smaller, about the size of a fingernail.

Yes, this took a long time to arrive… Oh well, handy for attempting to create moody pictures with :P

Thanks GMs for picking me ^____^ (I think it’s for this video.) It’s a really cute pendant.

So I am now only waiting for the Frightspinners prize. Hopefully it will come with the next version of HKO packed in the box set already :)

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13 Responses to “Diamond pendant - guess which letter :P”

  1. Congrats, it really small, but cute and “X” is a great letter.
    BTW, cool HK towel

  2. X is my second favorite letter, next to Q. Yes, I have favorite letters. Is that a towel? I thought it was a bed covering; but yes, it is nice.

  3. gratzzz xD and I love your HK blankie/towel/plush something :P

  4. U have a HK towel?!?! Hehehe … cute ;) Nice pendant, btw.

  5. Congrats!!!
    It is very cute!!
    X for kisses??

  6. Grats, ripple!^_^ X for… Xtremely Awesome?XD

  7. Whoa. It did take a long time. lol. But it’s cuteee! ^_^ And that’s a blanket I believe? I have one too!

  8. Congrats for finally getting your pendant.
    And the blanket seems X-tra special too. XD

  9. Hey RC! Congrats on the prize and thanks for visiting my blog. Belated Happy Easter to you also! ^_^

  10. your coffee maker congratulates you!! XD

  11. @CalypsoCafe, thank you most generous coffee maker :P Hope you are doing well ;)
    @GM_Calealen, Thanks for dropping by too… Have a good week and weekend :D *hides stinky rotten easter egg behind back muhahaha*
    @All the rest of you Xtra Special and Xtremely Awsesome folks xD, it is a blanket! :) brought to you by the letter X.
    XOXO, ripplecloud ;]

  12. roflrofl Now I miss Sesame Street.:P

  13. Omg! I have the same blanket as you! *virtual high five* xD

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