I was wondering whether to continue on to the Xmas reunion screenies. It is a little odd to be talking about Christmas in April, isn’t it? Anyway, the pre-scheduled posts are finished, so we start with irregular postings from now on. Haha :P

Here’s AlmightyTallest and I on my first day in Christmas Land, HKO. And of course the ever bubbly Sailoria guild in the guild chat ;).

Here we go again, where ripplecloud last left off in Founders’ Beta – right here somewhere in Sanrio Harbour.

Except that Sanrio Harbour feels… different.

ripplecloud stopped by GM-Wayne to ask him some questions since everything was so new to her. And she found herself mesmerised by his floating snowflakes @_@

She heard from Maneechan that there were flying turkeys about. Flying turkeys! Let’s go see some! xD

Lovely Dawn <333.

Hmm, GM-AVA appeared pre-occupied. No matter. Onward ho to…

In New York, ripplecloud met Chippy.

ripplecloud first met GM-AVA when he was in the hotdog guild.

But Chippy had not met a flying turkey. (And, he is not a very nice mouse according to iheartbadtz.)

Tsunko, who was standing by the Grand Central Station, had not seen a flying turkey either.

Yup ripplecloud remembered the statue of Badtz in the The Metropolitan Museum of Art (Chippy was just standing outside that) and nope! Bad Badtz Maru certainly did not look like a flying turkey at all. Good advice Tsunko! :D

ripplecloud continued looking for the flying turkey in New York.

And what do you know, she had to bump into Badtz at the Lincoln Center.

No Badtz, you are not the flying turkey.

Badtz can be pretty scary when he was singing… :\

Here’s Badtz outside the Arthur Ashe Stadium. Honestly, sometimes you just gotta let some penguins get their way as long as it doesn’t hurt you.

New York is one city with serious Badtz obssession issues. Unfortunately, ripplecloud doesn’t take orders from Badtz billboards, nope!

So where was that flying turkey anyway?

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8 Responses to “46th entry – Where’s the Flying Turkey in New York?”

  1. I dunno why, but the second image makes me smile. It just seems to happy, all the crabs having a good time. And I’m laughing at GM-AVA *bubble bubble*.

  2. i must have been super oblivious during christmas (or really into the quests XP) because i never realized how many “flying turkeys” there were!! XP lol

  3. mm yum yum turkey xD *nom nom*

  4. TURKEY!!! *gobble gobble* :D

  5. @CalypsoCafe, I think you didn’t see any because Bi and Starrfire7 ate them all up :P

    @azog, are they having a good time? The seem pretty confused to me :P

  6. But of course they’re having a good time. They’re smiling, and they’ve thrown their hands up because they can feel the excitement in the air, it is contagious. Well, except the Scrooge one. Even confusing times can be fun times! :)

  7. I only saw this now! Thanks for brightening up my day with a Badtz-centered post.XD Love the singing part! “I am the flyyyyiiiiing tuuuurkeeeeey!” in a very high-pitched falsetto voice.XD

  8. well said azog :P
    Glad you like badtzies xD Heehee

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