Founders’ Beta came to an end pretty abruptly for me. The program lagged badly and I suddenly realised that people were not moving and the chat would not work when I was at Sanrio Harbour.. so I said Goodbye to the still forms of Bee=^.^= and PrincessAurora and then I logged off.

Anyway, since the Happy Hearts: HKO Valentine’s Day event is starting really, really soon :D  I’m ending the Founders’ Beta entries with this *cough* romantic *cough* entry :P

Despite the confusion in the Kevent, or maybe because of it, Waltrik and Maneechan eloped D:

Now that was totally unexpected and of course that will never do, so the guild held an impromptu wedding ceremony for them. o_O Nowhere was more appropriate than the floral-pink home of Sailoria to hold the wedding in. :) ♥♥

So here’s ripplecloud’s screenie album - titled the "HKO in-game wedding of the year" (because there was only one wedding ever held in the game anyway so it must be the wedding of the year! heehee! )

wedding of the year scrapblog
Click to view the full screen version here.

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