Quick links - Happy weekend everyone!

Saros: wishes you Happy Chinese New Year

GM-Wayne: had a nice dinner

Miku: posted about celebrating her birthday on HKO last year

kel: calling victor5, please claim your avatar from me

kel: bought a Screature (maybe she misses her pink dino?)

ripplecloud: thought the discordant nature of this story was interesting

ripplecloud: likes the new hkoevents and onlinegame blog templates

HKera: I got my Savin’ Christmas Gifts!!! :)

GM-Zel: posted more farm screenies, including a My Melody farm

Starrfire7: shared a list of stores she visits

BunnyWinx: drew a really cute My Melody and Piano pic

Serenity: is now the HKO villain

GM Zel: is either catching pests or poop with his net

kel: is drawing something for the first 5 people who comment 

Miku: is inviting you to play Domo

iheartbadtz: dubs Tidesong the Queen of the Arts in SanrioTown

ripplecloud: Check it out! This Spongebob pendant costs USD75k… omg spongebob?!?

iheartbadtz: is the tab key

Azog: shares pictures of his Kitty stuff 

GM Zel: shares a picture of XO land, but erm, ripplecloud thinks its OX land

GM_Calealen: went on a road trip

noliai: is obsessing over Twilight

ripplecloud: finds this quote a novelty :P "He had shaved himself with no very high degree of skill and here and there on his white face two or three coarse black hairs appeared - rather as if a family of flies had drowned in the milk before the cheese was made and their legs were poking out of it." 

GM Zel: is still at it…

GM-Abby: Look what I found!

noliai: is back :D and sharing pics of her Hello Kitty items

Kittynator: shares a picture of his new HK clock

Serenity: is making herself dizzy looking at trippy stuff

ripplecloud: shares why do people buy virtual goods?

ripplecloud: is gloating because Jay Chou is 30 hahaha *I know I am so mean >.<*

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