29th entry - HKO *Twin Starrs* Guild

Alternative title: I robbed the seed guy with the *Twin Starrs* guild XP

Because I am an all-too-casual player in HKO, i.e. I don’t really spend as much time in the game as my buddies AND I chat more than I level *LOL* so I soon fell behind a lot of people, including Starrfire7 who started playing later than I. The good thing is, I get a lot of castoffs from these supremely generous and higher-level buddies of mine like Noliai here. Heehee :P

I am, of course, always happy to pay back their kindness in any way I can :) and it makes me happy that I could help out in a small way in the following story. It was on the day after I met Tom

ripplecloud was on her way to London when she bumped into PrincessAi and Ghost at the portal.

Ghost was resting her aching feet as she had been up and about for the whole afternoon. She told ripplecloud that she was earning money so Starrfire7 can finally make her guild that day.

ripplecloud was all excited to chip in so that the *Twin Starrs* guild can be made faster. She donated a small sum to Starrfire7’s guild fund.  And to make sure the guild was really made faster, ripplecloud was going to escort Starrfire7 to the guild guy :P … that is, after Starrfire made more money off the seed guy.

Along came her royal highness - shesroyaltee. She was very dressed down for royalty that day… perhaps she was walking around incognito :P checking on the seedier parts of London where ripplecloud-the-robber chose to strike!! :O

Robbing the seed guy was tedious, ripplecloud sort of regretted doing it with Starrfire7. Starrfire7 took a long time getting money out of the seed guy’s deep pockets. It took such a long time that ripplecloud fell asleep!

But at last it was done. The seed guy’s pockets were emptied of his seed money. ripplecloud was sorry they made the seed guy cry :(. But then after she recalled how the seed guy made Faith and Gingerbreadgirl fight over him, she became less sorry. :P

Next stop, the guild guy!

Details on the process of making the guild with the guild guy on Starrfire7’s blog

It’s too bad the guild guy doesn’t believe in charity.:P  And then…

Starrfire7 got so excited we started to see stars! Lots and lots of them!

More Little Twin Stars HKO emo on Nimeesha’s blog.

And then there was a second Twin Starr member :) - the illustrious Ghost!

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