31st entry - Much ado about leopard glasses

There were some quests that require players to just explore and search for mysterious bubbles that appear out of nowhere, one of them is Florets chain which is mentioned in the story below. I’m quite proud of myself because I found Floret’s chain all on my own haha!

There was another one that really made me tear my hair out :\

Thanks alot to Katsuko and Tidesong who came to look for me and to help me look for it!!! :DDD

The first time ripplecloud saw the Leopard glasses was on MidNiteEyes. It looked odd to me then, but it soon became the most sought-after item days down the road. - -’ heh…

What could the designer be thinking of when he designed this??? D: I could understand if it was a leopard-spotted design but this looks like a National Day prop :P (my country colours are red and white)…

The leopard glasses must have been jinxed :P because soon after I saw them, I was stuck :\

I’m sure Rini won’t mind the joke because she is my guildmate now!! Haha!

Eep! GM-Christie has the leopard glasses too! D: But I was too pre-occupied to worry about that for now. I needed to get away from the smirking-evil- purple caterpillar tree :O…

The caterpillar tree suffers a lot of angst, that’s why it’s purple and it sputters. I think it prefers to bounce around. Hee :P
Note: I like GM-Christie’s hair better if it were black or dark purple!!
Note to guild: Imagine if it was Tree or MrTree standing in my place xD

Thanks GM-Christie for un-sticking me!! :DDDDD Starrfire7 came to laugh at me for being trapped beside the caterpillar tree *joking*… Too late I tell’ya!! XP

I couldn’t get a good screenie of GM-Christie because of her lightning fast reflexes. Boo me :X

So I went back to London to take a break from the monsters and the monstrous plants. But the Leopard glasses dogged my heel at every turn. See there they are again on rin 様!!

Rin must be the most famous person on HKO :D … Her quest guides are my bible ^_^ hee hee…
Oh and you can learn more about the Purple guy on AlmightyTallest’s blog xD

The frenzy for leopard glasses soon became very apparent.

The queue is for the Be nice, guys! event where players can exchange newbie items for the leopard glasses. This event was held in response to the issue of players hogging the leopard leader for the rare glasses, and hindering regular players from questing. Video by MegaDeathRainbow. Original link here - http://seaktvideo01.sanriotown.com/video/102a6e07e84c6369

And while I was searching for the doggie floret for Anthony, I happened on kaioh75 who was camping the poor leopard leader.

Well, nobody ever said being a leader was easy…

In order to spare the leopard leader further agony, the benevolent ripplecloud took the extra Leopard Leader Claw off kaioh75. xD Hehe.

Thanks kaioh for this and the other stuff you gave me! ^^

ripplecloud thought that was the last she will hear of the leopard leader and leopard glasses… but…

One fine day, the GMs announced that the Be Nice, Guys! event will end the next day. - -’ Players who were halfway through their collection of the required items started scrambling.

And one little Kittie started to cry because she would not be online for the next and final collection time by GM-Salvador, since she was having exams at that time. And all her effort would be wasted! :O

So here was ripplecloud dragging her feet to the harbour to get the glasses.

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30th entry - Pochi goes on Hunger Strike (Part2)

Merry Xmas everyone! I hope you get lots of pressies and fun! Oh, check out the video on BBE’s blog! ;) ho ho ho~

Eeks snowballs! Urghh -_______- No more! No more! xP
Thanks to Awesome Dawn for helping me to make half of the snowballs I need… heehee… Have a merry holiday with your family ;)

It was one of those slacker days on Hello Kitty Online Founders’ Beta (I miss slacker days!!), when ripplecloud visited Sanrio Harbour, hoping to catch Pochi in a good mood so that er… maybe he will agree to give me a discount  and let me complete the Hunger Strike quest early :P

Anyway, I was chatting about food with Starrfire7 when I bumped into Chickling ^_^ at Sanrio Harbour.

Wait a minute o_o Was that a rose Chickling has in her hand?? There was no red rose that ripplecloud knew of… Now where did she get that from?? Was it… a secret sign of some sort?? ripplecloud asked Chickling about it.

All hail Yoite the Boar Scissors Lvl 11 Queen xD

Lizards!!! ripplecloud was on the way to unravel the mysteries of the red rose!

On the way to Florapolis, ripplecloud ran into KekorangaR. She was standing quietly alone by the Kitty Lake for the longest time…

ripplecloud: (after standing beside Keko quietly for a while) Good view *nod nod*
KekorangaR: xD Hi ripple

ripplecloud guessed Keko was busy communing with the Oracle1.  So she turned to leave and then she saw the red rose again!! o_o What is it with the red rose and lizards? Did they do something to Keko?

Finally, ripplecloud got to the streets of Florapolis and look it its DawnLaRee! Dawn was hurrying to the Food Shop for flour, milk and eggs :D


I wish Dawn lives in my country so I can try all the yummy-looking goodies that she makes xD

Argh!! Everyone had a red rose -___- ripplecloud needed one too!!… erm… I mean, ripplecloud urgently needed to solve the mystery of the red rose and SAVE everyone! xD

While detective ripplecloud was doing her brave investigative work among the scary-lizards-that-smile-too-much, she met RainyG!


RainyG has the red rose too -____- grrrr… :P

I whacked for some time but no results :( … Along came the wonderful Dawn who wanted to spend some quality time with me (heehee) and help me get the rose wand with the investigation :P. We whacked and whacked until my inventory was full, so I hopped quickly to Florapolis to sell stuff before coming back to the lizards. And that was when Dawn struck the rose wand!!! :D For me!!! <33333

I exchanged my Harry Potter glasses (i think they are called Trickster glasses :/) with Dawn’s mean black glasses ;) hee… and look who crept into the screenie? It’s Bee=^.^= who is now with our guild :P

So the red roses are skins that you can put on top of the original wand you are carrying (if you don’t like the look of your wand but want the attributes that go with it still)… aww shucks… I think my conspiracy theory was more fun xD

Anyway, so its back to the Hunger Strike quest because…

… Starrfire7 ordered me to. :P Doesn’t she look menacing with her red eyes, gag and the goggle glasses?? :P


1The oracle is the yellow fish in the Kitty Lake at Sanrio Harbour. Sometimes, it may appear to players in human form. The Oracle also appears in this post - 21st entry - where is Purin?… ok the Oracle is made believe by ripple, there is no oracle in the game xD Please don’t take this too seriously :P

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Founders’ Reunion updates and Food for Friends interview

Did you know the Food for Friends guild interviews are already up??? I didn’t even know until the_otakutopian posted it in the Sailor Scouts guild forum thread! :O

At first I thought our interview may be too wordy but yay HKO Founders’ interview was pretty long as well :P And and it took me totally by surprise that it seemed Kaito and some of the HKO Founders’ originally planned to join the Sailor Scouts guild. That would have been awesome xD for me simply because there are some awesome people I know there - iheartbadtz, AlmightyTallest, Kiyoko, chickling, misery, RainyG, rhetoricskies, etc - but oh well, things can’t always go the way we want them too :P

*Yes my secret wish is to put everyone I know and adore together in one rollicking guild chat! Including the *Twin Starrs* etc etc… we would be so huge it will be absolute pandemonium - -’ ok, scrap the thought xD… Hah!… But honestly, it’s sometimes just silly to talk to each other separately on PMs when all of us know each other but belong to different guilds - -’ *

Anyway, there’s so many updates coming from the HKO team. It’s like they were saving everything to build up the excitement this last couple of days. So here’s the links again, in case you have missed any of them. (Which I very much doubt any of you did, so why the heck am I blogging anyway???*LOL*) Hah!…

Quick links!
- Instructions for a new event even before the game is started!
- check out the xmas suits on AlmightyTallest’s blog
- Is this a new GM in town? besides GM-Miyaw
- Food for Friends interview out!!

Older posts
- New features to test for Founders’ reunion
- Founders’ xmas reunion event prizes

Also, you can now see the sample page for the player profiles on SanrioTown now if you are logged in, just click on the newly updated button next to Check email on the top navigation of Sanriotown ^^ The button that says “Online Game Profile” :)

The Buddy list even has status updates e.g. if you have a new blog post, new pet etc etc!! And you can click on the pet, farm and house portions etc but I’m not sure what we will see xP. Awesomeness! I can’t wait to see the real thing.

ripplecloud is keeping her fingers crossed that everything will go smoothly during Founders’ Reunion! Yay!


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Merry Xmas!! I made GM-Neverender a snowman :D

Kel has a post on Share your Christmas traditions.

There is no strong Christmas tradition over here. We don’t really celebrate it. So my Christmas tradition from young is to spend the day watching childrens’ christmas shows and cartoons the WHOLE day xP… although I do have to say that those shows are a whole lot better years ago… maybe the difference is that I’ve grown up… bwahahaha

Anyway, I made a snowman on Sunday. It’s supposed to be GM-Neverender if you are wondering :P I was somewhat inspired by GM-Bacon here.

Title: The Neverender Snowman
Creator: ripplecloud
made with the Snowman Construction Kit shared by kel

But guess what, today I visited Sugar chan’s page and I found this!!

I mean it’s one thing to create a GM-Neverender snowman and another to find GM-Neverender walking around as a snowman. - -’ That’s creepy :P

But I do find his inventory pretty interesting :).. Note of course that in Founders’ Beta, what you see in the inventory does not always match up to what you see when the item is actually used.

But still I wouldn’t say no to a warm scarf or a light halo to cast away the wintry beakness and add cheer to the snowy Badtz Maru land of New York. And perhaps members of the Pirate Guild may be interested in a viking hat?

And, I wish I was as rich XP wahahahahaha!

Anyway, I’m currently patching my client. And then it will be onto the game in a couple of days time :) I wonder if we will find ourselves immediately in New York once we log in… ah… the anticipation :P

The original source of the screenies is the Hello Kitty Online blog at blog.hellokitty.com/onlinegame

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29th entry - HKO *Twin Starrs* Guild

Alternative title: I robbed the seed guy with the *Twin Starrs* guild XP

Because I am an all-too-casual player in HKO, i.e. I don’t really spend as much time in the game as my buddies AND I chat more than I level *LOL* so I soon fell behind a lot of people, including Starrfire7 who started playing later than I. The good thing is, I get a lot of castoffs from these supremely generous and higher-level buddies of mine like Noliai here. Heehee :P

I am, of course, always happy to pay back their kindness in any way I can :) and it makes me happy that I could help out in a small way in the following story. It was on the day after I met Tom

ripplecloud was on her way to London when she bumped into PrincessAi and Ghost at the portal.

Ghost was resting her aching feet as she had been up and about for the whole afternoon. She told ripplecloud that she was earning money so Starrfire7 can finally make her guild that day.

ripplecloud was all excited to chip in so that the *Twin Starrs* guild can be made faster. She donated a small sum to Starrfire7’s guild fund.  And to make sure the guild was really made faster, ripplecloud was going to escort Starrfire7 to the guild guy :P … that is, after Starrfire made more money off the seed guy.

Along came her royal highness - shesroyaltee. She was very dressed down for royalty that day… perhaps she was walking around incognito :P checking on the seedier parts of London where ripplecloud-the-robber chose to strike!! :O

Robbing the seed guy was tedious, ripplecloud sort of regretted doing it with Starrfire7. Starrfire7 took a long time getting money out of the seed guy’s deep pockets. It took such a long time that ripplecloud fell asleep!

But at last it was done. The seed guy’s pockets were emptied of his seed money. ripplecloud was sorry they made the seed guy cry :(. But then after she recalled how the seed guy made Faith and Gingerbreadgirl fight over him, she became less sorry. :P

Next stop, the guild guy!

Details on the process of making the guild with the guild guy on Starrfire7’s blog

It’s too bad the guild guy doesn’t believe in charity.:P  And then…

Starrfire7 got so excited we started to see stars! Lots and lots of them!

More Little Twin Stars HKO emo on Nimeesha’s blog.

And then there was a second Twin Starr member :) - the illustrious Ghost!

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28th entry - Pochi goes on Hunger Strike (Part1)

I love chance encounters with friends, and the hotdog bushes seem to be a very lucky place for such encounters. Remember my Do GMs die? video :P

Well another person that I bumped into here was iheartbadtz! I wasn’t standing around that time. I was on my way to the Harbour to get the Hunger Strike quest from Pochi, and iheartbadtz was walking the opposite way… and we walked past each other!… and then we did a double-take *gasp :O* It’s you!!!!!!!!

It was always exciting to see a blog buddy or long-lost CB buddy in the game for the first time :) (that’s not to mean that it stopped being exciting after that :P)

Anyway, here is my Pochi Hunger Strike quest story :).

London was…

…where ripplecloud may see our recent Frightspinners event winner Chickling playing mini games with her guild-mates.

London is so pink, BBE.

…it was also the place where sometimes ripplecloud saw her own dead body lying alone on the street.

BlondeBlueEyes posted a screenie of her dead in front of the Mini-Game 
and I just can’t resist finding an excuse to post my own XD

London was also a place where you started farming in earnest, after you get the Hunger Strike quest from Pochi, who had a big appetite.

deadrose, one of our pivotal farmers in the FFFevent,
is always to helpful with farming quests! <333

That is, after you get the necessary seeds. Before that, ripplecloud only had her first and only coffee plant in her farm. It looked a little dull and boring in a corner by itself.

Can I plant and decorate Christmas trees in my snowy farm
during the Founders’ Beta reunion? I would so love that :)

While browsing cooking guides along the main shopping street of London, ripplecloud met Tom! Talk about serendipity!

Tom is the leader of the (o’:'o) guild, which was on friendly
terms with the Sailoria and the Sailor Scouts in CB.

Tom was awfully nice and offered to donate to the guild, in case we were in debt and needed to return any borrowed money. But we were fine, thanks to BBE :)

But there was something he could help with! I had been working on London quests but I still did not have enough friendship points to buy some of the seeds that I needed. Tom replied that of course he would help. So we went to the seed guy.

Somehow, this made me feel like one of those under-aged teenagers who had to ask an adult friend to help them buy cigarettes. :P [Note: People under eighteen are not allowed to purchase cigarettes in my country.]

In any case, I do thank my lucky stars for having such helpful and rich friends like Tom and BBE :D heehee

I went with Tom for a visit to check out his farm! And like he said it was a jungle! Many of the plants were new to me at that time, so I happily asked Tom to name each one. Hahaha :D

There were cauliflowers, tea, lemon trees, sweet potato,
corn, coffee. Only the strawberry plants were present in CB.

Originally when Tom started growing the plants, he did not know what they would look like. Hence, he was planning to uproot everything and re-design his farm so that harvesting would become easier.

When farm visiting, some farm of hide-and-seek etiquette
should be observed on HKO.

Those lemon trees reminded me of a song!

  • ripplecloud: I wonder how, I wonder why

    Tom: yesterday you told me ’bout the blue blue sky

Haha! Tom knew the Fool’s Garden song too. But more amazingly he had an MP3 cover of the song by my favourite, favourite singer Faye Wong (she is retired now)! I have a Tarcy Su cover but not a Faye Wong version, so Tom uploaded his copy for me :D Haha! What a really nice guy!

You can’t see me!~ I still can’t figure out that bowling ball/Miyazaki ghostie-
looking icon of the (o’:'o) guild. Which character is that supposed to represent?

It was lovely chatting with Tom about the inadequacies of the Megaupload page design among other things (heehee), but I had better start work on my farm too, or Pochi may just starve to death before I have food to feed him >.< And then I would lose my Empire ticket!

So I left Tom to his farm designing. Although I did invite myself to his farm again, after his redesigning is done :P Unfortunately, that was the one and only time I saw Tom online (I heard from Sailoria he had PC problems later on), so I never did visit his farm again.

Thank you Tom for that day :)

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Woot! The air is tingling…

…because we are going to have a Christmas reunion on HKO complete with "newly designed Christmas maps"!

How cool is that?!!

Ultra super-duper sub-zero degrees of coolness of course!

In fact, the_otakutopian is prophesying snow on Hello Kitty Online. And I certainly hope it will be a white Christmas in HKO New York!! That will put me in the right mood to save Christmas on HKO, even if I do live on a sunny island all year round :P

I think a Santarina dress will go very well with my guild’s red bow while I attempt whatever new quest events there will be *dream dream* … Oh and I think I need a new reindeer pet too, I sort of regret eating the turkey pet during Thanksgiving *joking :P*

Anyway, I haven’t got any further news about the Founders’ Finale diamond, if anyone is wondering. Although now that I think of it, it would be pure awesomeness if MBLife.com had also sponsored a virtual version of the diamond pendant in the game for all of us! :D We would all be really sparkly for the Christmas reunion then!

Other updates, Sailoria has sent the Food for Friends guild interview email to the HKO team. I’m so excited to see how it will turn out when it gets published!

Also, thanks Tidesong, Starrfire7 and sugar-chan for your kind regard!

I’m so glad ’s  video with awesome sound effects won the first prize for the Frightspinners event. Her prize includes some Twin Star items!!! (Starrfire, are you jealous??? :P).

And I’m super ultra happy that my Sanrio Town event buddy Tidesong won too! I don’t know about Tidesong, but it was great having her to chat with about our respective ideas for our Frightspinners entries and then also while both of us were busy drawing the Hello Kitty and Friend’s entries on a lazy Saturday afternoon. And I really like spooky trees… even if they really are not trees :P

So congratulations again both of you, and to Shadow too!

And a big THANK YOU to all of you, including Victor who is ever so nice to go out of the way to rate my videos (when I forget to post the link :P) and my amazing guildmates, who liked the video enough to vote for me :) *group hug!!!!*

Ok, this is just a short post because I really wanted an excuse to put that Founders’ Christmas Reunion badge on my blog ;) Haha, seeya!

Note: Founders’ Christmas Reunion badge source

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