I spent entirely too much time over the last few days drawing and then trying to get the pictures uploaded on DreamStudio. As much as this is supposd to be a happy sunshiny blog, I have to say it was a pain :P BUT, it’s over!!!! *Woot, jumps around*

Special thanks to the following people who drove my boredom away while I drew and coloured:

  • Tidesong who was also drawing and chatting with me on Noliai’s chat, reminded me to include Hello Kitty and Friends in the drawing and who put up with my whining and goaning on her blog :P
  • Starrfire7, Kittynator and Shaymin who were on the Sailoria guild chat
  • Azog, from whom I borrowed the Hello Kitty screenie

So without further ado, to my dear blog buddies and visitors who visit and had to put up with my whining and groaning about DreamStudio, I present my drawing for… A Day with Hello Kitty and Friends!

Oh yes and thank you GM-Neverender for telling me GM-Calealen died when you did ^_^

Videos that I like

- Cooking and drawing by Rosie
- Pet-sitter by Noi
- Making food with Hello Kitty and Friends by Tidesong
- Playing videogames by nati
- Pinata event by HelloKitty

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13 Responses to “24th entry - Do GMs die?”

  1. well i see the pain turned into something great! good job. = ] & good luck!

  2. I love the video, the drawings were really cute and the video has a lot of stuff like: Comedy, mystery, drama, adventure, alittle “love” from Juicy. It also had Kitty and Purin for extra points.
    Now goes serching on DreamStudio so I can rate the video…
    Rates 5/5

    GM dies, wonder if pets dies, I tried to kill one once *LOL*

    P.S: Should I Email SanrioTown, because they had not ask me for my address so they can deliver my HK USB stick? :(

  3. Wahahahaha! Seriously, GMs get KOd too? Wahahahahahaha!

  4. xD I think this is my favorite video yet ^_^

    so cute and so funny

  5. OMG … u did an absolutely great job on the pics!! But seriously … how did he die? Don’t they have like an uber amt of health points?

  6. An Oscar for Ripplecloud!

  7. Thanks Tee! Hope you’re having a fine day!

  8. @victor, Katsuko, thanks for the love :D
    and yes Victor, I will email onlinegame and the GMs if I were you. Were you trying to kill your pet by erm, not giving it food? xP heehee…

    , it might just be a one-time thing… in fact i vaguely remember they had a standard-issue GM t-shirt that gave them super long lives or something… maybe GM Cal wore the wrong clothes out :P

    , honestly, I forgot to ask,that’s why I was wondering!!! xP

    LOL .. oh yes, I forgot to thank my mommy and my daddy…

  9. Mental note: never wear Elvis clothes. If they’re the GMs’ kryptonite, what more for regular players?XD

  10. maybe its the noob slippers that killed him XP… exposed his archille’s heel :P

  11. Too cute Rc! You are soo tallented :)

  12. Calealen’s heel? Yiii.o_o

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