Hello Kitty Online, being the different MMORPG that incorporates blogs, videos and email into the game client, runs events both within the game and outside of it on SanrioTown.

Therefore, I thought I will write a little about one of the video events I participated in outside of the game. The Frightspinner event encouraged players to make creative use of screenies taken in the game to make horror videos for Halloween. I like that events such as this encourage players to exercise their imagination, beyond just click clicking to "whack" the next monster or mine the next cave.

These are my thoughts behind choosing the screenies in my video "The Witch", which did not make the deadline for the Frightspinner event : (. (Hence I took Starrfire7’s suggestion to reuse it for Blog for Thought :P) Before you read on, do check out the video first ;)

DreamStudio link

CB testers in FBOn, my first day on HKO Founders’ Beta, I was very glad to see Piriotessa. Piri is in the same guild as Tom, who founded the (0′:’0) guild in Close Beta. Tom is famously known as the guy who answered tons of newbie questions both in Close Beta and also for the longest time in the forum. In Founders’ Beta, he was also one of the most vocal players that triggered the level requirements for making the guild to be lowered down. It’s a pity we didn’t get to see Piri or Tom  more in this beta.

KevKev is a fixture that intrigued newbies at Sanrio Harbour. If you are in the vicinity, chances are you will find some newbie wondering if Kev is a bot or a hacker. I do not know what is Kev’s purpose in the game. He is mostly cloned and AFK, but certainly brings a lot of entertainment in Founders’ Beta, especially during events like the Kevent when Kev clones are everywhere!

Pink hair bugPlayers get the option to buy different hairstyles in Founders’ Beta. But woe betide the girlie girls who made a beeline for the pink hair. They ended up bald instead! This caused a lot of upset girl players, but nothing that the game moderators can’t rectify quickly. I think going bald should be an option in the game too, it’s cool - ing :P

EmoticonsSince HKO game avatars do not have espressions, e.g. the way Maplestory avatars have expressions, the in-game emoticons allow players to express some emotions beyond words. Personally, I prefer both sets of default emoticons. They just seem more expressive than the guild mascot-themed ones. Sanrio fans though do get a lot of joy from the guild emoticons.

DyingOnce upon a time, when players run out of health points, they sit down and teleport to the town they last visited almost immediately. A few days after Founders’ Beta started, players literally died, read, slump on the ground. One wonders why the creatures only get stunned and see stars for a bit, while the players die.

KaitoKaito, another well-known player, who started the first big guild in Founders’ Beta - the HKO Founders guild. Much has been discussed and debated on the forums regarding Kaito’s ability to teleport (an ability restricted to GMs) and also the presence of GM-MIckey in his guild. This particular screenie is taken during the furor caused by the LU-001 to Lu-008 (??) avatars that were doling out free cash. Kaito was entertaining his guild members with random speeches inspired by the LUs, while the GMs cater to questions and exhort players to return the money.

Monster WranglerThe spider was featured as one of the four monsters that will drop event collars in the Monster Wrangler event.  During this event, players queued to take their turns at hitting the monsters. Unfortunately the harmony and order shown during this event did not carry on to the Food for Friends event, where there was much tension between players mining for coal.

Starrfire7That said, while guilds vied with guilds to win the Food for Friends event, individual players are still on friendly terms with  their guild and non-guild buddies. This is Starrfire7, leader of the small little Twin Starrs guild, which won the guild event at Hello Kitty’s birthday party against bigger guilds.


getting stuckMost players would have experienced getting stuck at some point in the game. When this particular screenie was taken at Florapolis, there were at least four other players that I was in contact with that were stuck. Luckily Angel helped to get Kev to unstick us all. *I am sorry I turned you into a statue Kev :P* Subsequently, the GMs created the Rescue Team, specificially for unsticking hapless players.

So that’s the story behind the screenies that make "The Witch" video.

Thanks again to all my HKO/blog buddies and GMs for making my in-game life fun and interesting ;) I only wish I could have spent more time with each of you.

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  1. Nice blog! Please visit my weekly army life blog and email me with any questions/topics you would like me to blog about! You dont have to be in army life!

  2. Great post, I think we die because humans are weaker o_O
    It’s really sad for me that I never got stuck. I think the Kevs are planning on conquering or destroying Sanrio Land(good idea for a story *LOL*) C U soon.

  3. Like I said to my guildies as soon as the “Blog for thought” entry appeared on the Event-blog; Ripple’s probably gonna win this one! ^_^

    And if they do make a choice of going bald, I know one Bellkana that will be very happy XD

  4. Hehe, I can’t help but smile at my *growing* pic ;)

  5. Great blog, ripple! ^_^ Good luck with the contest. ;)

  6. Whoa, someone was giving away money during the FB?o_o First time I’ve heard of that.

  7. Your among the top 10 finalist for Frightspinners! Now we only need to wait for the voting to be finished and see. Good Luck!

  8. Thanks alot everyone for dropping by even though I have been updating so irregularly!! :)

    @alex, lol i’m not really into army stuff :P but i;ll checkout your blog
    @victor5, trust me, you don’t want to get stuck if it means waiting hours staring at yourself being stuck xD
    @noliai,you speak too soon! I just read a lovely post from Mccricket! Haha, didn’t know Bellkana likes bald. And thanks for telling me that i got into frightspinners after all! Now how did that happen??? after I went around telling everybody i didn’t make the deadline too xP
    @Starrfire7, more milk powder perhaps? :P
    @the_otakutopian, thanks! Good luck to you too!
    @iheartbadtz, yes it really happened. =D Nobody really talked about it afterwards I guess… :P

  9. i think the kevs are gonna take over the harbour… “kev harbour.” haha. but great blog ripple im sure you’re among the top people to win since you always good at things like this…

    and i was wondering how you managed to still get into frightspinners. lol i guess maybe they read your blog and felt sorry because dreamstudio was being mean and entered you! ^_^ anywho… i voted for you!

    good luck for both!

  10. Voted 4 U XD

  11. This was great! (I love behind-the-scenes features on DVDs, so this was awesome! XD) Good luck in both contests, Ripplecloud (and congrats on being named as well as me as a Frightspinners finalist!)

  12. Thanks for voting Tee and Victor ^_^
    @Tee, honestly I expected not to be in the list, which is why i reused the video for Blog for Thought but oh well.. Maybe they figured it doesn;t matter cos it’s viewer’s choice :P
    @Arisu, I finally connected Arisu to lotisalice!!! omg I am so slow…. I’m glad we’re in the list, Popuri got in as well ^_^

    have a great day everyone ^_^

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