27th entry - HKO Sailoria guild

OK, I finally am getting to more posts about Sailoria, if anyone is interested in Sailoria the Guild at all :P (I think most regular visitors to this blog is actually not from our guild :P heehee) Anyway, this is about that making of the Sailoria guild in Founders’ Beta… well sort of…as much as I can tell since I wasn’t there :P wahahahahahahaha!!!

When it finally became possible for level 20s and above to make the guild in Hello Kitty Online, Sailoria, deadrose and ripplecloud met up to pool all our funds together. And nowhere was a more appropriate meeting place then where we all left off the last time we were in the game… at the ex-Daniel’s platform!

It soon became clear that we have a challenge here,
1. none of us were level 20
2. none of us were rich
3. Sailoria would not be in the game very often because she was travelling to take care of a family member that was not feeling too well.

But it’s alright, the guild was there in spirit even if we were lacking a guild chat for now :P I am especially greatful to my friends from the blogs or Made-in-Holland guild Kel, Noliai, MidNiteEyes, AlmightyTallest and everyone else who donated or helped in some way or other.

But the person that we need to thank the most is doubtless our miracle blond - BlondeBlueEyes (my fate-d *lol* HKO friend from close beta)

To keep it short and sweet (because this is really BBE’s story to tell :P), BBE became the chief financier of the Sailoria guild when she magicked 30k out of nowhere, and sweet-talked our high-level Devilina into paying the guild guy a visit.

The good news was - the guild was made in record time with Devilina as temporary leader!
The more interesting news was that there was a typo :O, so we became the Sailoria Guild instead of the Sailor Scouts Guild :P

But the guild was made! Oh joy XD You gotta love BBE for that!

So here I am with my red ribbon during the game prime time for my country…

But it was not long before mates from our newly-minted guild came to check out the local scene… and guild leadership was transferred to Sailoria!


…and to talk about our favourite topic - food … Yes, the BBE is big on instant noodles as a cuisine.. so sometimes the conversation veered that way XD… and yes the certain fluffykitten that crept into the conversation did join our guild somewhere along the line :P

deadrose was an original member of Sailor Scouts guild. It is so sweet that her husband joined the game in Founders’ beta and later on became a member of our guild. :)

And we also have yssah, one of our CB mates from Made in Holland.

And then later on, PrincessAurora and ContessaVI (independents in the pic above) joined our happy gang of Sailor Scouts as well…

And as new members joined at every turn… Kat, Katy, winterlove, Yoite, Naifu, Carlos, Avancia, Veladonna…


It wasn’t long before we became a BIG gang of Sailor Scouts! And I bump into someone from the guild, everywhere I go :P

Yin is the guild cheerleader during the FFF event :)

Sometimes, we fill the streets with our red ribbons…

So it’s hard to skive off, since there’s more members who come upon you by chance…


But, it’s also great to have so much company around and online throughout the 24 hours of the day.

Kaioh75 and Faith were also fellow CB testers

Help, fun and laughter with old friends and new are only a guild chat/PM away ;)

Note: There are of couse lots more Sailoria members, apologies if I am unable to include you here in this post :P

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26th entry - Because everyone has blogged about the diamond…

This reminded me of the day I got my sparkly necklace of owl guild (or something like that). I announced in the guild chat *LOL, yes how noob can I get…* and proceeded to tell Pluffy_de_Dough how to get it… And, I just happen to have a screenie of a remnant of the chat… because I was coincidentally capturing evidence of Starrfire7 being AFK :P… Yes Starr this is what happens when you are away… ;)

Oh yes, I did get the golden ticket email confirmation from the HKO team. Congratulations to all the winners who put in all the hard work, the known ones are - Serenity, rinsama, bellkana, HKera, Azog, Bi and Twilight. :) There are lots more brilliant entries that were not selected, I think you guys should give yourselves a pat on the back too!


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25th entry - Falling star sighting at Sanrio Harbour

After Founders Beta started, some people in my country were still unable to get onto HKO because of problems with connecting through their ISP to the game. This created some amount of angst :P. However, with a bit of ingenuity from whitensilver and lots of helping each other, Starrfire7, Ghost, Tidesong, RainyG, rhetoricskies were finally able to logon!

Thereafter, it sort of became a ritual for us to go to welcome the latest countryman (that we know) that just landed on the harbour for the first time. It also became sort of a joke how most of our in-game nicks are related to the sky, hence the story below.

It was a dark night where rippleclouds reflected the Starlight. Everything was cast in shadows as the Sanrio Harbour GuardsMan patrolled the docks.

Suddenly from high in the sky, there was a flare of light as a star fell towards the harbour. There was another person who saw the shooting star. Both Noliai and the GuardsMan Calealen hurried to the end of the harbour, where they thought they saw the star fell.

starrfire7 lands on sanrio harbour

Instead, all they found there was a lost soul, shivering in the coldness of the night. She said her name was Starrfire7, but what she didn’t say was that she was actually a falling star turned into a human girl.

There was something unearthly about Starrfire7, but she didn’t seem to be anything dangerous. So GaurdsMan Calealen left Starrfire7 with Noliai and went back to his duties.

Noliai felt sorry for the poor girl, all alone in the dark night and with very little covering her. So she took Starrfire7 home and gave her some of her old clothes. Starrfire was very greatful.

Starrfire7 soon became used to life at Sanrio Harbour. But she was lonely because she missed her home the skies and the clouds so much, but she did not know the way home.

She was so dreadfully homesick that Misery followed her like a Ghost everywhere.

The Misery Ghost became a wall that stopped her from playing with her friends.

More and more she seemed like a distant star to them.

Just when Starrfire7 was closed to giving up hope of ever returning home, something miraculous happened. She heard a voice at her ear that went…

Starrfire7’s childhood friend rhetoricskies had came to take her home!

It was then that rhetoricskies worked her magic. Both rhetoricskies and Starrfire7 slowly turned into blue and white starry sparkles. The light attracted the villagers at Sanrio Harbour.

But it was too late. Starrfire7 is back home where she belongs, with her two closest friends.

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Purin investigates Donut Pond

… continuing from Purin doesn’t like homework… 


Donut pond has RETURNED????????!!!!!!!!!

*blink blink…*

Purin jumps in the airpurin: Yay!! Donut Pond has returned!!

A voice: It has??

Purin jumps in the airpurin: Who, what? Muffin! You have been sleeping under my beret all along! I wasn’t alone?!!!

muffinmuffin: Heehee ;3

Purin jumps in the airpurin: Muffin, we are going to go see Donut Pond, come on! Where are my light arrows from Link? Come on, come on Muffin!

 *Purin and muffin reach Donut Pond*

Purin jumps in the airpurin : Where’s everybody?? Why are there only strange human girls standing by Donut Pond?

Oh Ganta, there you are! Ganta, Ganta! Do you see?? Donut Pond!!! Can we save My Melody now Ganta???

Purin jumps in the airpurin: Pssst, Ganta…Who are these two human girls? Do you know???

 Gantaganta:*cough cough* We have been away from quite sometime…new residents?

Pink girlPink Bear: Oh my dear friend…you can’t recognize me? :( It’s me! Pink Bear!

Lily catLily Cat: Ganta! You don’t who I am either *breaks into sob*.

Purin jumps in the airpurin: I don’t understand why Pink Girl is Pink Bear! D:

Pink girlPink Bear:I don’t understand either, do you know how to fix it? @@

Purin jumps in the airpurin: …I don’t know either Pink Girl… er, Bear… er Bear girl? Girl bear? :\

Pink girlPink Bear:

Purin jumps in the airpurin: well, maybe you can ask Hiiragi. He’s lots older than me ;) I bet he knows lots of stuff! Even if he doesn’t know donut pond XD

Gantaganta: And what happened here? How did Donut Pond return? What’s that small island in the middle with a lot of pink tulips?

Purin jumps in the airpurin: What’s wrong with that? It’s ok, maybe yellow tulips are better … yellow tulips with yellow honey bees *beams at the thought of honey*

muffinmuffin: Maybe the pink tulip island has something to do with My Melody and with Pink Bear turning into Pink girl? Maybe we should visit it.

 Purin jumps in the airpurin: That sounds like an adventure!! Let’s go!!… erm… … how do we get to the island?

… to be continued…


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24th entry - Do GMs die?

I spent entirely too much time over the last few days drawing and then trying to get the pictures uploaded on DreamStudio. As much as this is supposd to be a happy sunshiny blog, I have to say it was a pain :P BUT, it’s over!!!! *Woot, jumps around*

Special thanks to the following people who drove my boredom away while I drew and coloured:

  • Tidesong who was also drawing and chatting with me on Noliai’s chat, reminded me to include Hello Kitty and Friends in the drawing and who put up with my whining and goaning on her blog :P
  • Starrfire7, Kittynator and Shaymin who were on the Sailoria guild chat
  • Azog, from whom I borrowed the Hello Kitty screenie

So without further ado, to my dear blog buddies and visitors who visit and had to put up with my whining and groaning about DreamStudio, I present my drawing for… A Day with Hello Kitty and Friends!

Oh yes and thank you GM-Neverender for telling me GM-Calealen died when you did ^_^

Videos that I like

- Cooking and drawing by Rosie
- Pet-sitter by Noi
- Making food with Hello Kitty and Friends by Tidesong
- Playing videogames by nati
- Pinata event by HelloKitty

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23rd Entry - The making of "The Witch" - Blog for Thought entry

Hello Kitty Online, being the different MMORPG that incorporates blogs, videos and email into the game client, runs events both within the game and outside of it on SanrioTown.

Therefore, I thought I will write a little about one of the video events I participated in outside of the game. The Frightspinner event encouraged players to make creative use of screenies taken in the game to make horror videos for Halloween. I like that events such as this encourage players to exercise their imagination, beyond just click clicking to "whack" the next monster or mine the next cave.

These are my thoughts behind choosing the screenies in my video "The Witch", which did not make the deadline for the Frightspinner event : (. (Hence I took Starrfire7’s suggestion to reuse it for Blog for Thought :P) Before you read on, do check out the video first ;)

DreamStudio link

CB testers in FBOn, my first day on HKO Founders’ Beta, I was very glad to see Piriotessa. Piri is in the same guild as Tom, who founded the (0′:’0) guild in Close Beta. Tom is famously known as the guy who answered tons of newbie questions both in Close Beta and also for the longest time in the forum. In Founders’ Beta, he was also one of the most vocal players that triggered the level requirements for making the guild to be lowered down. It’s a pity we didn’t get to see Piri or Tom  more in this beta.

KevKev is a fixture that intrigued newbies at Sanrio Harbour. If you are in the vicinity, chances are you will find some newbie wondering if Kev is a bot or a hacker. I do not know what is Kev’s purpose in the game. He is mostly cloned and AFK, but certainly brings a lot of entertainment in Founders’ Beta, especially during events like the Kevent when Kev clones are everywhere!

Pink hair bugPlayers get the option to buy different hairstyles in Founders’ Beta. But woe betide the girlie girls who made a beeline for the pink hair. They ended up bald instead! This caused a lot of upset girl players, but nothing that the game moderators can’t rectify quickly. I think going bald should be an option in the game too, it’s cool - ing :P

EmoticonsSince HKO game avatars do not have espressions, e.g. the way Maplestory avatars have expressions, the in-game emoticons allow players to express some emotions beyond words. Personally, I prefer both sets of default emoticons. They just seem more expressive than the guild mascot-themed ones. Sanrio fans though do get a lot of joy from the guild emoticons.

DyingOnce upon a time, when players run out of health points, they sit down and teleport to the town they last visited almost immediately. A few days after Founders’ Beta started, players literally died, read, slump on the ground. One wonders why the creatures only get stunned and see stars for a bit, while the players die.

KaitoKaito, another well-known player, who started the first big guild in Founders’ Beta - the HKO Founders guild. Much has been discussed and debated on the forums regarding Kaito’s ability to teleport (an ability restricted to GMs) and also the presence of GM-MIckey in his guild. This particular screenie is taken during the furor caused by the LU-001 to Lu-008 (??) avatars that were doling out free cash. Kaito was entertaining his guild members with random speeches inspired by the LUs, while the GMs cater to questions and exhort players to return the money.

Monster WranglerThe spider was featured as one of the four monsters that will drop event collars in the Monster Wrangler event.  During this event, players queued to take their turns at hitting the monsters. Unfortunately the harmony and order shown during this event did not carry on to the Food for Friends event, where there was much tension between players mining for coal.

Starrfire7That said, while guilds vied with guilds to win the Food for Friends event, individual players are still on friendly terms with  their guild and non-guild buddies. This is Starrfire7, leader of the small little Twin Starrs guild, which won the guild event at Hello Kitty’s birthday party against bigger guilds.


getting stuckMost players would have experienced getting stuck at some point in the game. When this particular screenie was taken at Florapolis, there were at least four other players that I was in contact with that were stuck. Luckily Angel helped to get Kev to unstick us all. *I am sorry I turned you into a statue Kev :P* Subsequently, the GMs created the Rescue Team, specificially for unsticking hapless players.

So that’s the story behind the screenies that make "The Witch" video.

Thanks again to all my HKO/blog buddies and GMs for making my in-game life fun and interesting ;) I only wish I could have spent more time with each of you.

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Purin doesn’t like homework

… continuing from Purin lives to tell my tale! ^ω^… 


Hi everyone! It’s me Purin! Ripple’s pulling her hair out trying to get her uploaded images in DreamStudio to save properly, so I thought I’d update the blog for her first because I am a nice puppy •ω• (*and I don’t feel like doing homework :P*)

*Please wait a bit, because I wrote a list this morning! :P.. ok, ahem*

First, I am very sorry I’ve been naughty and made everyone worried and looking for me :( I was really just sleepy and I didn’t know I had locked papa and mama out of the house! :O In the end ripple found me and papa and mama tells me not to worry about it, so I won’t :3

ripple finds Purin

The bad thing about sleeping so long is that I missed out on the froggies’ adventures with the stone deities! :O I’ve never seen a deity before! Wish I could have gone with Ganta to see them : ( But at least Mimmy and Ganta seem to be normal now.

I haven’t seen Pink Bear around too, I miss her. ripplecloud told me Pink Bear left her a message. Pink Bear was asking about potions and spells that can reverse humans back to animals. Why would any human want to become an animal? Or any animal want to become a human? I’m confused! Maybe I should look for Pink Bear and ask her about it.

But look I still have so much homework from school :(… maybe I’ll go read some blogs before I start working on them :P

*reading blogs*

Oh gosh! Hiiragi Keiichi is back in SanrioTown :O.. and that reminds me!! I still have those Light Arrows from Link to use against the darkness in My Melody so that My Melody can come back! Maybe he will know how to use them! Maybe Pink Bear will go with me to visit hi….

*blink blink*

Donut pond has RETURNED????????!!!!!!!!!

… to be continued…


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22nd entry - Frightspinners: The Witch

Hi everyone! Sorry I missed posting for close to 2 weeks. :( I planned a Frightspinners post and did all the stills on Sunday. But Dreamstudio refused to work properly for me all the way until today! Which means… I missed the Frightspinners event deadline as well :(

Oh well… here’s the video in the spirit of fun anyways…

Oh by the way, I love the new theme ^^, the paragraphing now works :D and I love how the layout accomodates my 550px pictures ^_^ and all the other details by the designer. (although the navigation links on the right can be a little bigger and clearer. :P)

Here’s the original DreamStudio page if you would like to rate ^_^ - http://video.sanriotown.com/video/b90c7c1c19844938

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