Hi girls (and maybe some guys!!),

I feel like I have been online on HKO like forever :P and yet somehow, I am still only at level 9 XD. Anyway, if you like me are taking a break from the game, why not trot down to Kel’s blog and give this meme a try ;)

Thanks to all the people who said Hi to me in the game!!! :D

Have a good day! Seeya!

On Oct 9, 2008, sometime in the middle of the night, an avatar that was wiped out months back was revived. As her bright red eyes opened to her new surroundings, a rush of memories poured into her consciousness and ripplecloud knew she was home.

The very first friend to welcome her was none other than her good friend Mimmy. But, Mimmy didn’t seem to know ripplecloud. In fact Mimmy behaved as if this was the very first time she met ripplecloud. Mimmy! Don’t you know me anymore?

mimmy the instructor

And where is Sanrio Harbour? Room after room, ripplecloud searched for the exit of the strange house she was in. It was a long time before she finally staggered into the blazing sun of the harbour. But what is this?

The harbour looked strange as well. Her good friend the blue hedgehog Harinezumi was nowhere to be found at his favourite sun-tanning spot!

harinezumi is not here??!!

ripplecloud was mightily confused. :( It looked and felt like Sanrio Harbour, but everything was mixed up and different from the past!

She was feeling lost too, and it felt somewhat like ripplecloud was starting all over again. Except that unlike the last time when she was all alone at Sanrio Harbour, there was tons of people this time round!!

omg there are thousand of ants, i mean players here!

Gulp! Perhaps, it wasn’t such a bad idea to start later than everyone else the last time? :\ This crowd looks daunting… 3 people chasing after 1 crab? 4 people whacking 1 starfish?

It’s lucky the creatures only get stunned, otherwise the wildlife of Sanrio Harbour would suffer a massive extinction!

ripplecloud felt dizzy at the thought and needed to sit down somewhere. That was when she finally found, to her great relief, the sight of familiar people :D who went "Hi ripplecloud!" :D Thank you so much!

finally some familiar nicks!!
Woohoo!! No more manual captioning of players names!!! XD
(screenie from BunnyWinx cos Bunny left before I screenied :( heehee, too slow…)

Finally a little spot of HKO that seemed friendly and normal :P I sat for a while with Piriotessa and GM-Calealen in my underwear (as GM-Calealen calls it XD) as well as my blog buddies BunnyWinx and Noliai ^_^ and we talked about the game (which I was highly unqualified to talk about since I just got started!!!)

But oh dear, the world of HKO is now so big with at least 20,000 people! How am I ever going to find all my guild mates and old friends in this mess?? But ripplecloud really wanted to meet all her friends in the game. So it was time to go off and continue exploring the strange new world of HKO and track down her friends!

And guess who I met next in Florapolis!! It was GM-RoAN, who still owed me a round of mini-game from closed beta XD (wahahahaha, elephants have long memories so have I… or at least my blog remembers for me heehee ;P)

But GM-RoAN was no longer the same too! :( You see, GM-RoAN was wearing a magical Elvis suit, which had the ability to make its wearer loony. So GM-RoAN was going around talking loudly to himself and thinking that somebody was blackmailing him!

I finally tracked him down on Daniel’s platform (except that Daniel is no longer there, sigh, this platform should be conserved and a Daniel statue put here, I tell you!!! It is a historic site! XD Muahahahahaha). But GM-RoAN seemed to think that I was the blackmailer and that he needed to flee from me :\

  • GM-RoAN: I am going to disappear!
  • ripplecloud: OK, go on. I am waiting to see you disappear…. go on, disappear :)

And then he did. = =!

It was so fast, I couldn’t screencap the yellow flash of light when he zapped down the platform and disappeared. :O

  • GM-RoAN: Haa now you cannot find me!
  • ripplecloud: … … ….
  • ripplecloud: I will find you!! When you least expect it!! … Hahahaha muahahahaha *false bravado XP*

But first, I still gotta find all my other guild mates, closed beta friends and blog buddies. Where are you my friends?

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29 Responses to “19th entry - We meet again GMs, in a changed world”

  1. Funny story, loved it :)

  2. The queen is back with her awesome bloggings! *bows before her greatness*
    I wanna hear more about the changes from CB. You are so good at telling funny stories! ^_^

  3. How intresting, I still have not loaded the HKO game yet, I am so bussy.

  4. hey RC^^ i came to comment you back. w ^^: you say I’m detailed…. you even have screenshots! i think i saw you walking around too - was on more than half the day yesterday… don’t give mimi such a hard time hehe. see you ingame ^^

  5. I’m here! I’m here! *stalks ripplecloud* :D

  6. What time do you guys go online?x_x I can’t find my friendly blogging friends there.x_x

  7. it was nice seeing you ingame RC~ ~~~ヾ(^∇^)

  8. you are so slow even slower than me I had to take a break today I’m too tired to do anything in the game right now and I’m on lvl 17

  9. @Kel, I blame it on system downtime affecting my game time… this is my third system down time :(… as well as getting stuck… ok and I spend too much time chatting XD

    , sorry I didn’t have time to chat, leveling is hard work when you have no time XD

    , I answered your question on your blog :)

    , eeks stalker!

  10. great post, love it, keep it up!

  11. I blame it on you having a life lol

  12. Yay! Everyone we have a guild! If you would like to join Sailoria the Sailor Scouts guild please PM Sailoria, ripplecloud or any scout you see in the game. Thanks!

    @Havel, thanks!

  13. whoa @ the sanrio harbour map screenie! so crowded!

  14. oh, and all the best Sailoria aka Sailor Scouts guild. (=^.^=)

  15. hey ripplecloud~~
    what a funny story, and the blog is so pretty here!
    it’s glad to have your comment on my blog that you remember ME!!!~~~ :D

    i show Kev about your comment,
    he said, “oh… i become more famous becoz’ of you!” ~”~
    hahahaha XDDD

    and, i saw me and kev also captured in one of your screenshot which looks funny!!! XDDDD

    let’s meet in HKO~~~ :)

  16. I’ve downloaded the game! :o I’m soooo happy :D The yellow twinkles are sooo pretty :3

  17. mind if I reposted this with credits to you to the dark mmorpg community?

  18. @BBE
    , oh sure go ahead, although I imagine the mmorpg crowd would be quite sick of hearing about me by now XP

    , hey i don’t see you anywhere! XD.. Will try to find you again when I get online… ;)

    , haha are you just staring out at the harbour?

    @Thanks Misery
    is my good friend. gimme the bottle … heehee

    you are the one with the life!! Haven’t seen you online XD

  19. I’m trying to finish the quests in the harbour. After the one with the chocolate milk, I dunno who’s next XD

  20. Oh yeah: hurray for Badtz Guilds! Woohoo!

  21. i’m part of the batzy guild

  22. I know this is of an unrelated topic, but where is Purin? @@

  23. Maybe instead of the Dear Daniel Platform it could be called the CB Platform :D

  24. Hello everyone! Hi Ripplecloud, how are you?

  25. RC we need an update please!! This post is getting overcrowded~* w 24comments!! ☆ミ(o*・ω・)

  26. Sorry for suddenly disappearing.x_x Diego suddenly went pffft on me (again).

  27. i blame my birthday for that; i had things to do XD

  28. Hooray for badtz guilds XD

    @iheartbadtz, no worries, we all know diego is cranky. :P

    @Juicy, mission accomplished! Check it out ;P

    @PinkBear, he’s missing :( I can’t find him anywhere :(

    @Lily Cat, I’m fine!! Just tired… too many things going on XD

    @Kel, I blame this blog XD

  29. […] is one of the GMs that I see walking around more often. I like him, even if sometimes he acts funny :/ and most of the time all he does is make = =’ faces at me whenever I PM him with lame […]

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