21st entry - Where is Purin?

ripplecloud in roarer topHey guys, sorry for the late post :P I got carried away trying to get to level 18 so I can wear my Roarer top :P
See it’s this pink jacket with Hello Kitty on it :D
MidNiteEyes made it for me for when I turn 18!! This top has another significance ;) heehee, to be revealed in due time!
If a guy wears this, it turns blue but doesn’t have Hello Kitty on it. the_otakutopian thinks that’s unfair and I think so too! If there can be a character in the male version, which would you like it to be? Daniel? Purin Of course! :P
Now should I change my hair or not? *ponder ponder ponder*

pichanzAt level 5, ripplecloud’s bad friend AlmightyTallest plotted ripplecloud’s death many times over by instigating ripple to go to London.

But look what I found at London! Pichanz! So cute!! I hope Pichanz is one if those NPCs that you can get as your pet when this game is properly launched! Can you imagine Pichanz staggering under the mighty weight of hunks of fresh meat, sharp talons, lynx paws and other bloody drops in my inventory? Wahahahahahaha :P

And while I was watching over the innocent little Pichanz… the conversation was all but innocent…

the bacon conversations

Anyway Pink Bear and LittleWonder have been asking me why Purin has been so quiet on this blog. Well…. Purin’s sort of missing :\ I didn’t see him at Sanrio Harbour or Florapolis. I asked his good friends Bagle and Scone, but they had no idea either

scone and bagle in Londan/London

(although if you ask me they did seem pretty happy that Purin’s not around…). Now where is that silly puppy Purin?

I got the permission of PrincessAi to speak with the oracle.

oracle, millette, princessai and ripplecloud

Great, there are lots of pudding in HKO, which one????

I went to the newest popular hangout place to ask for help. But I was distracted by the harbour salesman Yggdrasil, who let me try on his new dazzling necklace.

thelatest hangout

Never show a girl pretty things, my friend. Her brain flies out the window.

I heard Scone came back to the harbour as well. Maybe he knows something by now?

scone at sanrio harbour

Scone!! I’m giving you a present and I’m on my knees!! Tell me where Purin is please!! Stop talking to Tidesong!!!! :O

Ok, Scone told me to go ask Purin’s Papa. Makes sense.

Purin's papa

That lazy puppy is sleeping at home and stopping us from finding him by magically locking himself up???!!!!purin is sleeping

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20th entry - A day of errands… and then PARTY!!!! XD

Happy Birthday Kel!!Hi all,

Yes I know this blog has not been updated for a week, so here is the latest post! XD

But first, just wanna say Happy Birthday to Kel because it is her birthday today!! XD *throws confetti yet again XP and hugs*

Oh and also you will by now know that the Sailor Scouts guild is up. If you would like to join our big family, just PM me or Sailoria. And also welcome to all our new guildees!!!! Yay!!!

Have you guys gotten your empire key?? I’m still working on mine. Thanks alot to guildees and friends who have helped so much today and in the last few days!!! :D

After ripplecloud’s jaunt to Florapolis, where she met the loony GM-RoAN XD, she returned to Sanrio Harbour. There were a lot of errands that she had to run for all the strange, new NPCs. It was a busy, busy day and ripplecloud did her best to finally get some new clothes over her underwear ;)

Running errands was hard work and ripplecloud found she had to return repeatedly to Nyako’s to rest. It was here that she bumped into another blog buddy Kiyoko, who was disguising herself as PrincessAi. Hello Kiyoko, great to meet you! *time spent chatting*

image from Kiyoko’s blog

Then it was off to yet another errand. As she passed by the Kitty Pond ripplecloud heard loud growling noises. It was Grimlock, GM-Neverender’s pet.

GM-Neverender was sitting quietly in a contemplative manner staring out at the pond. It looked to ripplecloud like a scene of out of a kungfu movie, where a martial arts exponent contemplates the scenery (I think its because of the hair). Anyway, Grimlock was very upset with GM-Neverender, who was ignoring him. Neverender did not respond even when his roaring pet moved to right in front of him, blocking the view, huffing and puffing in outrage.

For a second there, Leafray, Karu the crab and ripplecloud were almost sure that Grimlock will gobble up his master :O


Thankfully that didn’t happen, although Grimlock continued his menacing growls. Ripplecloud couldn’t stay long because of her errands, and she soon went away. At least there was Leafray and Karu the crab watching over those quarrelsome two. :\

Another aggressive encounter with the mob led to yet another rest stop at Nyako’s, I did mention I had to rest repeatedly XP. And so did Kiyoko and Remedy. Kiyoko made good use of her "princess" time there, getting a massage from Nyako ;P *more time spent chatting*

resting at Nyako

OK, up and away to the next NPC Landry! Gosh this is turning out to be a long day! But guess who ripplecloud bumped into at Landry’s? It was Dawn LaRee!! :D OMG, finally ripplecloud meets a long lost guildee from Sailor Scouts *waves excitedly and more time spent chatting, and taking screenies*.

Dawn LaRee

But all too soon we had to part ways, and get back to our own errands (honestly what will the NPCs do without us??!! XP) And I was hurrying along again when I bumped into Grimlock. This time he was alone because he has ran away from home = =’

grimlock runs away

Honestly, the pink dinos have got to be the most troublesome pets in the world. Remember Kel’s dino whose hobby was leaving poo in the farm garden?

Hallo runaway pet here! Where is GM-Neverender anyway? *goes to look for GM-Neverender*

Finally after a hard day’s work of errands and looking after runaway pets, ripplecloud took the time to relax. She attended the worm party at Kev’s where she met new friends! :D

Muahaha, the funniest thing was I only got to know Angel and Sugar-chan after the party through their blog entries about the worm party. That was how long the worm was, I didn’t even know Sugar-chan was there! XD

Check out Angel, Sugar-chan and Yggdrasil’s blog for more party pictures!!!

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19th entry - We meet again GMs, in a changed world

Hi girls (and maybe some guys!!),

I feel like I have been online on HKO like forever :P and yet somehow, I am still only at level 9 XD. Anyway, if you like me are taking a break from the game, why not trot down to Kel’s blog and give this meme a try ;)

Thanks to all the people who said Hi to me in the game!!! :D

Have a good day! Seeya!

On Oct 9, 2008, sometime in the middle of the night, an avatar that was wiped out months back was revived. As her bright red eyes opened to her new surroundings, a rush of memories poured into her consciousness and ripplecloud knew she was home.

The very first friend to welcome her was none other than her good friend Mimmy. But, Mimmy didn’t seem to know ripplecloud. In fact Mimmy behaved as if this was the very first time she met ripplecloud. Mimmy! Don’t you know me anymore?

mimmy the instructor

And where is Sanrio Harbour? Room after room, ripplecloud searched for the exit of the strange house she was in. It was a long time before she finally staggered into the blazing sun of the harbour. But what is this?

The harbour looked strange as well. Her good friend the blue hedgehog Harinezumi was nowhere to be found at his favourite sun-tanning spot!

harinezumi is not here??!!

ripplecloud was mightily confused. :( It looked and felt like Sanrio Harbour, but everything was mixed up and different from the past!

She was feeling lost too, and it felt somewhat like ripplecloud was starting all over again. Except that unlike the last time when she was all alone at Sanrio Harbour, there was tons of people this time round!!

omg there are thousand of ants, i mean players here!

Gulp! Perhaps, it wasn’t such a bad idea to start later than everyone else the last time? :\ This crowd looks daunting… 3 people chasing after 1 crab? 4 people whacking 1 starfish?

It’s lucky the creatures only get stunned, otherwise the wildlife of Sanrio Harbour would suffer a massive extinction!

ripplecloud felt dizzy at the thought and needed to sit down somewhere. That was when she finally found, to her great relief, the sight of familiar people :D who went "Hi ripplecloud!" :D Thank you so much!

finally some familiar nicks!!
Woohoo!! No more manual captioning of players names!!! XD
(screenie from BunnyWinx cos Bunny left before I screenied :( heehee, too slow…)

Finally a little spot of HKO that seemed friendly and normal :P I sat for a while with Piriotessa and GM-Calealen in my underwear (as GM-Calealen calls it XD) as well as my blog buddies BunnyWinx and Noliai ^_^ and we talked about the game (which I was highly unqualified to talk about since I just got started!!!)

But oh dear, the world of HKO is now so big with at least 20,000 people! How am I ever going to find all my guild mates and old friends in this mess?? But ripplecloud really wanted to meet all her friends in the game. So it was time to go off and continue exploring the strange new world of HKO and track down her friends!

And guess who I met next in Florapolis!! It was GM-RoAN, who still owed me a round of mini-game from closed beta XD (wahahahaha, elephants have long memories so have I… or at least my blog remembers for me heehee ;P)

But GM-RoAN was no longer the same too! :( You see, GM-RoAN was wearing a magical Elvis suit, which had the ability to make its wearer loony. So GM-RoAN was going around talking loudly to himself and thinking that somebody was blackmailing him!

I finally tracked him down on Daniel’s platform (except that Daniel is no longer there, sigh, this platform should be conserved and a Daniel statue put here, I tell you!!! It is a historic site! XD Muahahahahaha). But GM-RoAN seemed to think that I was the blackmailer and that he needed to flee from me :\

  • GM-RoAN: I am going to disappear!
  • ripplecloud: OK, go on. I am waiting to see you disappear…. go on, disappear :)

And then he did. = =!

It was so fast, I couldn’t screencap the yellow flash of light when he zapped down the platform and disappeared. :O

  • GM-RoAN: Haa now you cannot find me!
  • ripplecloud: … … ….
  • ripplecloud: I will find you!! When you least expect it!! … Hahahaha muahahahaha *false bravado XP*

But first, I still gotta find all my other guild mates, closed beta friends and blog buddies. Where are you my friends?

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Rough translations of Founders’ Beta quests

Originally for AlmightyTallest Kel, published for Magnificent, who taught me the meaning of “rickroll” :P during server downtime in Noliai’s chatroom.

Refer to this at your own risk, as I translated literally with my abysmal Chinese.  And I am not at the level yet to verify the accuracy of the gameplay in relation to the text ^_^

Komori has translated the following quests:
- Hana’s quest at Sanrio Harbour
- Ki-chan’s quest at Londan
- O-chan’s quest in Londan

//Updated: Compliments from Elistra. Please say Hi when you see her and buy her a coffee or something life boosting ;)

rolling the wembley ball 1

strange footprints


Thanks AlmightyTallest Kel for sending over the screenshots below:

fresh strawberries quest
fruit jelly

Sugar-chan: the fruit jellies i *think* come from the spooky tree moth things at Windy Pathway. it just looks like butter but i think that’s them.honey tea quest

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ripplecloud’s current quests

Kel, ripplecloud and LittleWonderI keep thinking that I’ve missed out some quests! And I did! Luckily, today I met Kel at the Harbour and she helped me figure out which NPC I’ve missed! Thanks Kel!! :D
I’m currently Level 9 7 only and I’m listing the quests names that I have done or am doing currently, if you find that I have skipped some, do tell me! Thanks!
From top left: Kel, ripplecloud, Little Wonder and FoxyCleo at the harbour
Note: I’m listing quest names only, not quest details because exploring the game is half the fun ^_^ and anyway there’s always lots of people to help if you need, within the game or on the forum. So no worries!

Quest name list


  • ★ Spider dangers
  • ★ SOS!!
  • ★ do it yourself
  • ★ the trouble of Latte 1
  • ★ rely on yourself
  • ★ order from Purin’s mama #1

Completed - Green

  • ★ road cleaning

Completed - Yellow

  • ★ accept your gift
  • ★ return the books
  • ★ a wise choice
  • ★ harvest
  • ★ rare specimen
  • ★ gathering the lost pages
  • ★ unknown words
  • ★ plant analysis
  • ★ scarce means precious
  • ★ getting back to the point
  • ★ milk delivery
  • ★ my research report
  • ★ translation finished
  • ★ magic presciption 1
  • ★ magic presciption 2
  • ★ nice shoes
  • ★ cleaning work
  • ★ cutting wood 1
  • ★ the trip to the city of florapolis
  • ★ moving obstacles
  • ★ cutting wood 2
  • ★ report of the owl 1

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Quick links - ripplecloud is still ripplecloud ^_^

Hello Kitty Online blog: More news about HKO Events next week :)
ripplecloud: ign is still ripplecloud :D .Add me!
Sailor Scouts forum: So, according to GM mickey, we can only reach lvl 20 in this beta and that is not a high enough lvl to start a guild. This means there will be no guilds this time around, according to her there will be no houses either. - Sailoria
noliai: can’t log into HKO? Here’s the screenies and information from in the game! .
Tidesong: Final member - vespa basalis
And all the other existing crocheted HKO creatures in her menargerie: Hermit crab alert! & Armadillo, HKO starfish, HKO dinosaur , HKO lizard, HKO scorpion, HKO bald blue box-sheep, HKO blue crab and HKO box-pig
ripplecloud: If you are new to this blog, you can read all of ripplecloud’s previous posts about HKO Closed Beta here.

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Hellos~ from ripplecloud

Hi friends!!


I won’t be there landing on Sanrio Harbour exactly on the dot when the HKO Founders’ Beta action starts because I will somewhere else sipping icky (but free) coffee from the coffee machine and waking up to a new day of life’s responsibilities. So I thought I’d just write a post to say Hello! in advance *waves* ^_^ heehee (yes, it’s another of those lame things I do because I’m going to feel so left out :( )


And if you have already created your avatar, do let me know your in-game nick and I will add you once I am able to log in myself, can’t wait ^_^’


Oh and please don’t mind the current Charmmy Kitty Halloween theme. Purin’s  kidnapped borrowed Charmmy Kitty to be his new pet, and he has gone and changed to this theme in order to make Charmmy Kitty feel more at home :\ ( I don’t understand that puppy sometimes :\ ) They are playing tag now. - -!


I certainly hope he returns her soon. I don’t want Kitty to be mad at me or anything :\ Anyway, see you in the game…!!




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Quick links - HKO game downloaded!! Oooh excitement~

Hello Kitty News Blog: Overview of what awaits founders in HKO Founders’ Beta. Note some of us may have received this as an email already.
Tidesong: Hermit crab alert! & Armadillo!
And all the other existing crocheted HKO creatures in her menargerie: HKO starfish, HKO dinosaur , HKO lizard, HKO scorpion, HKO bald blue box-sheep, HKO blue crab and HKO box-pig
GM-Bacon has started the forum thread - Bugs/Problems related to the FB client installer
Game client torrent now available for download. Also HKO tutorial now available at the bottom of the download page.

  • Torrent available only
  • Downloading and bored? Join the Noliai chat! (note: ripplecloud has gone offline)

Noliai: has installed the client and seen the log-in screen
BunnyWinx: has installed the client and heard the music
Hello Kitty MMORPG News Blog: Reminder! Please download and install the new game client. The old HKO game software CB testers installed during Closed Beta will NOT work.
New guilds recruiting

Congratulations FoxyCleopatra!! Winners in Hello Kitty Travel the world event.

Tidesong: has crocheted a new HKO starfish, HKO dinosaur , HKO lizard, HKO scorpion, HKO bald blue box-sheep, HKO blue crab and HKO box-pig

ripplecloud: If you are new to this blog, you can read all of ripplecloud’s previous posts about HKO Closed Beta here.

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Cal is old XDHi everyone,

Founder’s Beta is starting real soon so this will be the final entry made up of Closed Beta screenshots. Woot!!

Can’t wait to meet everybody, including GM-Calealen, who is old XP… and Karen/Plutochan, Starrfire, msmisery, iheartbadtz, fairlady, Noliai, foxy cleo, angie, bunnywinx, chickling, kiyoko, victor5, havel, theola, tidesong, videogamer, hkfood, sailor scouts, Sailoria, BBE, Dawn, Kel, Little Wonder, NoMeNot!, MidNiteEyes, Kaioh, shesroyaltee, and the list goes on… omg, sometimes like Yingdong, I wish can I belong to several guilds all at once! Muahahaha… Anyway this picture was instigated by GM-Tadakatsu.

staring work on BBE's house
Remember all the houses we built in ripplecloud’s virtual musces at work scrapblog? Well of all these houses, we almost couldn’t complete BBE’s!

And that is not because BBE had fallen asleep while playing the game (although she does that at times! XD; who wouldn’t if one has a big fat Dino for a pillow ;P )

BBE is sleeping

In fact, at one point BBE had completed her house, BUT it disappeared again! Rollback? Possibly.  Whatever the reason, all we could do was to roll back our sleeves and start whacking at her house again.

But at late afternoon Asia time, there was nobody else from the guild online :O So the house building went really slowly, with only the two of us cultivating it.

Imagine our surprise when a cute blond appeared before our eyes and said:

  • “I am Sailor Moon, the champion of justice. In the name of the moon, I will right wrong and triumph over evil… and that means my guild will help you build your house!

She was Sailoria, the leader of Sailor Scouts guild.

Sailoria's CB profile
By the way, her birthday seems to be around the corner.

What a kind and generous offer! But it took quite a while for BBE and I to leave Made in Holland and join the Sailor Scouts. :( It’s surprising how one can get attached to something in a few short weeks.

But at the click of a button, our new allegiance was sealed. And more sailor scouts appeared out of nowhere to help build BBE’s house. Woot!

he sailor scouts construction team at BBE's house

The guild chat was buzzing with activity as we whacked at the house. Sailoria told us about how her guild had completed all their houses. Since she was free, she started visiting other houses and found Debbie building her house all by herself! Sailoria offered to help her then, and that was how the Rescue the Homeless movement started.

[Note: I was always feeling guilty because Debbie had PM-ed me for help but I couldn’t leave BBE’s house :( So I am still extremely glad that Sailoria found and helped her when she did. ]

BBE’s house was soon completed! But that was not the end of this story. Some of the Made in Holland friends came online and joined the Sailor Scouts in helping the homeless as well! There was Kel, NoMeNot!, MidNiteEyes, Kaioh, LittleWonder :D It was as if we were all infected with Sailoria’s energy (and she was energetic considering she had gone without sleep for 24 hours!) and we went on to help with the other homeless players.

building house 2There is a bug somewhere in this picture :P

And then another…

micher's farm
It is awful to be building while standing ankle deep in water :( I strongly advise against this padi-field themed farm! …. XP ok I am joking …

All the time, Sailoria was coordinating with GM-Hak to deploy construction volunteers where needed. GM-Hak (the brown guy with the caterpillar) was also walking around the farms to ensure we don’t run out of juice.

building party at micher;s farm

We started on Micher’s house pretty late and even the GMs were unsure if we could make it, although they said it was worth a try.  Perhaps we were the last house building, so there were people stopping by to see the last ditch effort. It was like a house party, without a house :P

We tried the best we could, but as the clock ticked by and Micher kept being disconnected, we could not complete this house in time. :( But Micher was very grateful and even sent us an email after that. I hope you are getting along well in life Micher, wherever you are!

In the final minutes to the end of HKO Closed Beta, we gathered together in Florapolis at Daniel’s platform and waited for the end.

the final minutes before the server disconnects

Fast and furious words
resistance to depart, still
the server closes.

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Quick links - Check out Neverender’s Founder’s Beta preview


Angie: awesome observations from Angie about Neverender’s FB screenshots [Note: I left you a comment but it got eaten up D:< Hahaha, anyway I didn’t think about the blue hedgehog that much until you mentioned it :P I think Neverender said the numbers meant how many more you have to collect or thump.. great post :) ]
ripplecloud: updated the HKO Founder’s Beta blogroll page
Kiyoko: is creating the Sanrio Hogwarts Guild, recruiting HP/fantasy fans with magical talents! (ok, ripple added the magical talents bit in :P. It is not a criteria to join wahahahaha…. )
Foxy Cleo: what’s first on your HKO to-do list?
Tidesong: has a new dinosaur,  lizard and scorpion to add to her bald blue box-sheep blue crab and box-pig
ripplecloud: Tim Burton’s new film - Alice in Wonderland - with Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter - why am I not surprised…
GM-Neverender: Screenshots and more scoops on the upcoming Founder’s Beta
Tiarali: shares her thoughts on Beta testing

Purin: discovered a Purin stamp on MsMisery’s blog! :D

Happy birthday Shesroyaltee!Happy birthday.
Noliai: Check out the Hello Chatroom
starrfire7: shared a lovely story of her adventures with an LTS fan
ripplecloud: is fascinated by the furious strokes and dashes of colour on http://noughts.jp/ 

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Pink Blog
Official FAQs of Sanriotown Blog
Fashion Blog
Director's Club