Ripplecloud’s HKO trailer prize package, safely landed.

I worked late and it was past 12am by the time I reached home on Thursday. Maybe I was too tired so I started seeing things? But there was definitely an excitement in the air when I  entered my room. All the toys couldn’t seem to stop grinning in anticipation… OK, all except Mr Alpha Male Military Stikfas, with his muscly arms folded, looking down his macho sneering nose and tut, tut, tutting at…

An excited bunch of toys

Dino and SPAT (short for Silly Pink Alien Thing) fighting??!!! over… OMG! Is that my new Hello Kitty Tote Bag that I have been waiting for, for ever so long???

brawling toys... please behave yourselves won't you...

“Hey, hey,” I shouted over the ruckus.

And like magic, all the plush toys became still and lifeless again, like plush toys ought to be… And it was amazing that I didn’t even marvel at their unexpected animation (did those toys just come to life?). Maybe I was just to fatigued to notice the impossible has happened (or maybe those toys cast a spell on me??), all I did was tear those plush toys from the bag and sort of went into a trance with the bag in my hands…

It was a while before my head cleared again, and I realised I was sitting on my bed and what a mess the bed was! There was a big grey UPS plastic bag turned inside-out, presumably where my HKO prize should be packed safely within. This bag is emptied, all the original contents strewn all over the bed.

Sigh, I thought, my mother probably couldn’t contain her excitement and opened the package before I came home. Oh well… I gathered everything together again. There was…

Items from the HKO trailer prize package

whooppie!!! The bag, the USB memory stick, a postcard, a SanrioTown brochure and a congratulatory letter signed by kaylee (not in the picture, but thank you very much kaylee!).

Here’s the front of the Hello Kitty tote bag (430 x 270 x 170 mm). It’s shiny because of the reflective white vinyl surface, and the gold straps.

Hello Kitty Angel and Devil series tote bag

Here’s the Hello Kitty Angel and Devil tag on the bag. (There’s only one tag. This picture shows two because I edited the image to show both the front and back of the tag at the same time.) Apparently the bag is only available in Japan.

Hello Kitty Angel and Devil series tote bag tag (front and back)

Here’s a sample of the printed pattern on the white vinyl. I googled but couldn’t find any english webpage with information about this particular bag. Interestingly, what I did find was that the Angel and Devil series items seem to come in pairs with an Angel and a Devil version of the same item. The Angel version will be in white, while the Devil version will be in black. You can see examples on Preciousocha’s blog here. Mine seems more like a hybrid?? because it is in white but shows the devil version of the kitty…

printed pattern on the Hello Kitty Angel and Devil tote bag

The detailing - metal studs on the straps, gold trim along the edges of the bag, exterior pocket and straps - gives it a nice finished look.

gold trim along the edge of straps and pocket

The interior is lined with a smooth, shiny black material. There is one pocket inside, no zip.

interior of the Hello Kitty tote bag
label in the bag

This is what the tote bag looks like from the back. Don’t you love this cheeky version of the otherwise saccharine Hello Kitty? I’m glad the bag came in white and gold too.

Back of the Hello Kitty Angel and Devil Tote Bag

Next, the 1GB limited edition Hello Kitty USB memory stick. This memory stick is really tiny! I think it’s approximately 2.5 x 1.0 x 0.3 cm  (I don’t really have a ruler handy to measure it :P). I hope I don’t accidentally lose it like the journalist who thinks he threw out the Mac Airbook (he was supposed to test and review it I think) in the trash. Haha.

1GB limited edition Hello Kitty USB memory stick

 /edit 31 Aug - This is how small this USB drive is… I found this picture here

Limited edition HK USB memory stick

/end edit

Also a Hello Kitty Online postcard…

Hello Kitty Online postcard

There’s also a SanrioTown brochure. I found the Hello Kitty Online section of the brochure particularly interesting.

Section of the brochure that talks about Hello Kitty Online

Have you noticed it yet?

1) The screenshots show a brown NOT pink interface for the different panels
2) The interface layout seems to have changed, notice the toolbar to the lower right corner of the screen?
3) The inventory panel has addition buttons including trash (I think I don’t remember that many buttons the last time)
4) There seems to be emoticons that show your mood

Considering that this is a published brochure, I am inclined to think that this view may be close to the eventual finished product. But of course I may be wrong :P Who knows?

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