ripplecloud has a letter from Purin!

ripplecloud found the bird that likes to steal Purin’s beret hovering over her this morning. It held an envelope in its mouth and dropped it at her feet before flying away. It was a letter from Purin!

purin stamp



Dear ripplecloud,

How are you? It’s me Purin! And I am on a quest!

I are now writing from Purin’s Cafe in Florapolis. It feels so good to be here with mama and papa! ^ω^

But… Snappy tells me we are not exactly in Florapolis. :( He says his magic has brought us to a… a… *pauses a while to ask Snappy something* parallel universe. I’m not sure what that means because Purin Cafe looks the same to me :\

But things are very different here from back home! My Melody’s Papa and Mama are here too at Purin Cafe and they tell me that lots of bad things are happening in Florapolis because the Dark Lord has taken over Cinnamoroll. :\

cinnamoroll is taken over by the dark lord
image originally from

Doesn’t that look scary??? :( I am very confused. Why is Cinamoroll the Dark Lord? and My Melody is still safe and sound over here in this parallel universe. And Mimmy is not a bug but a kitten winking at GM Green or Neverender *confused* in London… We saw her picture on GM-Neverender’s blog.

Snappy says if we can find a way to  stop the Dark Lord in Cinamoroll and save Florapolis and Sanrio Harbour in this universe, we may be able to bring back My Melody from Donut Pond. I don’t really see how doing one thing can help the other. But I guess Snappy is a lot wiser…and he is a magic horse of course!!

Oh and good news! I found muffin at last at Purin Cafe!! :) Muffin says, “Hi!”

Ripplecloud, please help me say “Hi” to all the folks at home like Pink Bear, Lily Cat, Mimmy, Ganta and the froggy family and everyone else ^^. I sent Pink Bear a post card, I hope she got it. Oh and can you help to visit Donut Pond once in a while. I’m sure My Melody will like some company… and pudding ^^

Lot’s of puppy love,
Purin •ω•

Credit: Purin and muffin image used for stamp is originally from FromJapanWithLove Etsy shop

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Quick links - SanrioTown is bustling with activity this week!

HKO updates

BBE: MMORPG loves Hello Kitty Online (it was the no.2 most popular game on 29 Aug). It’s now featuring the exclusive Hello Kitty Online trailer!
Hello Kitty Online: posted two preview screenshots of HKO London with its yellow brick road
GM Neverender: posted two more screenshots of the improved chatting system [updated to the correct link, apologies!] and here are the previous two top secret HKO testing screenshots
Angie: analysed the screenies posted by GM-Neverender
purin statusBunnyWinx: got an answer to her question in the HKO forum about who can help in the housebuilding
If you are new to HKO, check out this review posted by videogamer and these screenshots (look like they were taken in closed beta)

Sailor Scouts guild and HKO community member updates

Dawn LaRee: graduated from cake decorating course 1! Check out her cake pictures. Yay!
Happy birthday Tidesong!! ^^
purin statusripplecloud: is rooting for GM-Bacon’s alien to win just because
purin statusshesroyaltee: finds Hello Kitty happiness in Target
purin statusBunnyWinx: shared her Tamagotchi and Zavier and Raguna art, tamagotchi and webcomic websites and her thoughts on Rune Factory  .
BlondeBlueEyes: posted the wrath of Hello Kitty image
purin statusArcsis: made a pretty fish tank for her fighting fish
HKO NPC Story Ring updates

purin statusAngie: knows how to turn Mimmy back to a kitten!.

purin statusPink Bear: omg why are there so many doors in Kuromi’s dark castle @_@, Lily Cat which door should we open?? .
purin statusGanta: runs to his love, steps on Mimmy the Bug accidentally, and is being chased down the street .
purin statusPink Bear: finally stops chewing gum and doddering in front of Kuromi’s castle with her friends and went in instead :P .
purin statusripplecloud: thinks a “Magnificent Mimmy Mini-Game” in HKO is an absolutely cool idea!
purin statusPink Bear: who was on her way to Kuromi’s tower to get Kitty and Daniel! is now standing in front of a massive dwelling…
The new blog of the week is Lily Cat and that is that! Congratulations!!
Other SanrioTown and Hello Kitty-related updates. .
10 Questions for Yuko Yamaguchi, the Hello Kitty designer

New blog themes available - Hello Kitty Online, Hello Kitty Wedding and Hello Kitty Babies. Thank you SanrioTown!! ^^

purin statusripplecloud: is wishing I am in Hong Kong so I can get an angry Hello Kitty messenger that GM-Abby is talking about
angry hello kitty messenger from McDonalds in Hong Kong

purin statusripplecloud: favourited these 2 pictures ♥
ballet kitty .....Hello Kitty Matryoshka Dolls - Hello Kitty World
purin statusripplecloud: is asking did the Little Twin Stars SanrioTown header image just appear recently or it’s just I’ve never noticed them before? Either way I think this will make starrfire7 a happy girl :D .

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Introducing Rockatoot the Spore Creature

rockatoot the spore creatureI finally found time to download and try out the Spore creature creator, so here are some pictures of Rockatoot the Spore Creature I made ^^.

OK, I admit rockatoot is not as cool as some of the other lean and mean creatures made by members of the spore community such as the X-Terros, Tighirab, Pirahnis and the Snowy Camueb.

popular spore creatures

In fact, rockatoot reminds me of… … the muppets, wahahahahaha! Oh well…

I do still like rockatoot ^^ If you haven’t notice, I like cheery, colourful things alot. Rockatoot looks like he can be a pretty careless creature, so I gave him kneegaurds, just in case he falls down too often. Also, lots of horns atop his head to protect his brain, because intelligence is his only advantage to outwit the lean and mean creatures out there and protect his soft, flabby, fleshy belly, muahahahahahaha…

Oh look! rockatoot has babies ^^

Oh look Rockatoot spore creature babies!

Now rockatoot and family are going to perform a song and dance! ^^

And here’s how spore creatures are made in the Spore Creature Creator:

That’s all for now. Maybe I will make a wierder creature when I am bored one day :P…

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shrodingers_kitty’s spore monster

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Quick links - Happy Birthday Pink Bear!!

Ripplecloud’s HKO trailer prize package, safely landed.

I worked late and it was past 12am by the time I reached home on Thursday. Maybe I was too tired so I started seeing things? But there was definitely an excitement in the air when I  entered my room. All the toys couldn’t seem to stop grinning in anticipation… OK, all except Mr Alpha Male Military Stikfas, with his muscly arms folded, looking down his macho sneering nose and tut, tut, tutting at…

An excited bunch of toys

Dino and SPAT (short for Silly Pink Alien Thing) fighting??!!! over… OMG! Is that my new Hello Kitty Tote Bag that I have been waiting for, for ever so long???

brawling toys... please behave yourselves won't you...

“Hey, hey,” I shouted over the ruckus.

And like magic, all the plush toys became still and lifeless again, like plush toys ought to be… And it was amazing that I didn’t even marvel at their unexpected animation (did those toys just come to life?). Maybe I was just to fatigued to notice the impossible has happened (or maybe those toys cast a spell on me??), all I did was tear those plush toys from the bag and sort of went into a trance with the bag in my hands…

It was a while before my head cleared again, and I realised I was sitting on my bed and what a mess the bed was! There was a big grey UPS plastic bag turned inside-out, presumably where my HKO prize should be packed safely within. This bag is emptied, all the original contents strewn all over the bed.

Sigh, I thought, my mother probably couldn’t contain her excitement and opened the package before I came home. Oh well… I gathered everything together again. There was…

Items from the HKO trailer prize package

whooppie!!! The bag, the USB memory stick, a postcard, a SanrioTown brochure and a congratulatory letter signed by kaylee (not in the picture, but thank you very much kaylee!).

Here’s the front of the Hello Kitty tote bag (430 x 270 x 170 mm). It’s shiny because of the reflective white vinyl surface, and the gold straps.

Hello Kitty Angel and Devil series tote bag

Here’s the Hello Kitty Angel and Devil tag on the bag. (There’s only one tag. This picture shows two because I edited the image to show both the front and back of the tag at the same time.) Apparently the bag is only available in Japan.

Hello Kitty Angel and Devil series tote bag tag (front and back)

Here’s a sample of the printed pattern on the white vinyl. I googled but couldn’t find any english webpage with information about this particular bag. Interestingly, what I did find was that the Angel and Devil series items seem to come in pairs with an Angel and a Devil version of the same item. The Angel version will be in white, while the Devil version will be in black. You can see examples on Preciousocha’s blog here. Mine seems more like a hybrid?? because it is in white but shows the devil version of the kitty…

printed pattern on the Hello Kitty Angel and Devil tote bag

The detailing - metal studs on the straps, gold trim along the edges of the bag, exterior pocket and straps - gives it a nice finished look.

gold trim along the edge of straps and pocket

The interior is lined with a smooth, shiny black material. There is one pocket inside, no zip.

interior of the Hello Kitty tote bag
label in the bag

This is what the tote bag looks like from the back. Don’t you love this cheeky version of the otherwise saccharine Hello Kitty? I’m glad the bag came in white and gold too.

Back of the Hello Kitty Angel and Devil Tote Bag

Next, the 1GB limited edition Hello Kitty USB memory stick. This memory stick is really tiny! I think it’s approximately 2.5 x 1.0 x 0.3 cm  (I don’t really have a ruler handy to measure it :P). I hope I don’t accidentally lose it like the journalist who thinks he threw out the Mac Airbook (he was supposed to test and review it I think) in the trash. Haha.

1GB limited edition Hello Kitty USB memory stick

 /edit 31 Aug - This is how small this USB drive is… I found this picture here

Limited edition HK USB memory stick

/end edit

Also a Hello Kitty Online postcard…

Hello Kitty Online postcard

There’s also a SanrioTown brochure. I found the Hello Kitty Online section of the brochure particularly interesting.

Section of the brochure that talks about Hello Kitty Online

Have you noticed it yet?

1) The screenshots show a brown NOT pink interface for the different panels
2) The interface layout seems to have changed, notice the toolbar to the lower right corner of the screen?
3) The inventory panel has addition buttons including trash (I think I don’t remember that many buttons the last time)
4) There seems to be emoticons that show your mood

Considering that this is a published brochure, I am inclined to think that this view may be close to the eventual finished product. But of course I may be wrong :P Who knows?

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Blogroll and HKO contest videos

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Quick links - Why is Mimmy an insect? Why?

Happy Birthday BunnyWinx!
purin statusDawn LaRee: decorated an HKO cake
.purin status
: @shesroyaltee, yes! Just received the bag and the USB yesterday! Will take pictures over the weekend. Watch out for it! ^^.
purin statusripplecloud: I wish my pet armadillo was as fun as this!
purin statusGanta: is hearing voices.
purin statushello kitty: save me and Daniel from Kuromi!
purin statusMimmy: six-legged, and missing days of being a four-legged kitten.
purin statusPink Bear: Feeling stronger and better by the day….
purin statusripplecloud: awww, I wish the 1gb thumbdrive I’m getting looks like this! Yes, I am greedy, I know…
purin statusripplecloud: *banging head on the wall* Kyorosuke fancies himself the new phantom of the opera… omg… sublime hahaha
purin statusMimmy: now I am an insect, what next?
purin statushkfood: wondering if Hello Kitty Online recipes will include cute cooking styles
purin statusMina/Saruchan: gushing over “The World Ends With You”

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Purin and the quest

Dear owner,

Please see this note when you get back. It’s me Purin. I may have to leave home for a while because Snappy my new horse (I will tell you how I have a new horse next time) says we have to go on a quest to rescue My Melody and to “prepare for the next time evil rears its ugly head”. I am using Snappy’s exact words because I am not too sure what it means. Please don’t worry about me because Snappy is a magic horse! So I am very safe with him.

Lots of puppy love, Purin ^^

Purin: ripplecloud… *looks up from writing note to owner*

ripplecloud: Yes? *working at her laptop*

Purin: I need to go on a quest but I’m not sure how…

ripplecloud: I thought Snappy has a plan?

Purin: *squirms* No… he said the sorceress didn’t have time to tell him more :\ He said he can take me to an evil sorcerer he used to know so we that we can ask questions about the Dark Trill and the evil in My Melody… but I am sort of scared of evil sorcerers :\

ripplecloud: That’s very wise of you. Well, if you have questions, maybe you should start by asking the folks in SanrioTown first.

Purin: *brightens* That’s a good idea! *starts packing some stuff under my hat* I’ll be back for dinner ^^

ripplecloud: Wait! Where are you going off to so suddenly??

Purin: There is only one music expert in SanrioTown. I will visit MozartBach!


Purin: I’m back… I’m so tired

ripplecloud: I should imagine, you were never that interested in classical music were you?

Purin: Oh but it was interesting! MozartBach told me that the Devil’s Trill was created by a person called Tartini and she even showed me a video of a lady playing it. It was scary because the lady reminded me of My Melody, sometimes sweet and pure and sometimes dark and evil. *shudders* Now I know what the Devil’s Trill sounds like too! ^^ I actually liked it!

ripplecloud: Be careful Purin or the evil may get to you too!!!

Purin: That’s scary!! I hope not :\… … After I visited Mozart Bach, I visited Hiiragi Keiichi but he is sulking after arguing with Pink Bear a few days ago and has not answered my questions yet. So I left him alone and went to visit Pink Bear. She is still resting at home after the fainting spell.

ripplecloud: The poor dear bear must be exhausted after having all that energy channeled through her.

Purin: She is! I hope she gets well soon :( … I visited the froggies too! Only Keropa and Kyrosuke were at home. Poor Kyorosuke, he is in an even worse state *cries at the memory of Kyorosuke’s scarred green face* … I’m glad he has Keropa looking after him. Keropa didn’t have time to answer my questions but he told me to go to the library to read up on the recorded histories. All that reading made me tired.

ripplecloud: Did you find anything useful?

Purin: Well, I found out that My Melody is not the only one who was possessed by the evil spirit before… there was… Hiiragi Keichii and his brother before her

ripplecloud: Hiiragi Keichii!! O.O

Purin: I think I was too young that time to know it too… …

ripplecloud: Purin, who did you say the composer of the Devil’s Trill was again?

Purin: Huh? It was Tartini.

ripplecloud: Oh dear… I googled Tartini and found a wikipedia page on him. It says that it was written in Madame Blavatsky’s The Ensouled Violin that:

  •  Tartini, the great composer and violinist of the XVIIth century, was denounced as one who got his best inspirations from the Evil One, with whom he was, it was said, in regular league. This accusation was, of course, due to the almost magical impression he produced upon his audiences. His inspired performance on the violin secured for him in his native country the title of “Master of Nations.” The Sonate du Diable, also called “Tartini’s Dream”—as every one who has heard it will be ready to testify—is the most weird melody ever heard or invented: hence, the marvellous composition has become the source of endless legends Nor were they entirely baseless, since it was he, himself; who was shown to have originated them. Tartini confessed to having written it on awakening from a dream, in which he had heard his sonata performed by Satan, for his benefit, and in consequence of a bargain made with his infernal majesty.

Purin: So the evil thing in My Melody could be…

ripplecloud: …not just any old demon but the Satan himself!

Purin: ripplecloud I am really scared *trembling*

ripplecloud: maybe you had better to persuade Hiiragi Keichii to come out of seclusion since he dealt with it before… wasn’t Kuromi flying around when My Melody disappeared? Maybe she can help to persuade Hiiragi Keichii to help.

Purin: You think so? She was flying in our direction but… but she didn’t land :\ What could it mean? Where is she now?… … I’m feeling kind of lost…

ripplecloud: Haha, it’s OK. Life is about getting lost and trying to find directions. Let’s have dinner first, maybe you’ll think better on a full tummy.

Purin: That’s a great suggestion! I think so too! ^^

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Quick links - One week later, is it life as usual? (Part 2)

purin statusMimmy: *click, click, click* NOOO! *in a tiny high-pitched bug voice*
purin statusFroggies: trying to live with the aftermath
purin statusHiiragi Keiichi: wishes Pink Bear will stop bugging me about something that is not my responsibility..
purin statusGM-Abby: SanrioTown and the Hello Kitty Online website are up for some exciting changes real soon
LittleWonder: If you wonder what our guild leader looks like, here’s a screenshot
Dawn LaRee: took my first cake decorating class!
Starrfire7:  [update] nobody has named all the characters on my Sanrio plastic bag, can you win this challenge?

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I am not a sporty person but I do use to do some light work out and run fairly regularly. But then there was always disruptions, like a whole week of raining or just falling sick. The last time this happened, I just lost momentum and stopped altogether :(… And I have to say, starting again is the hardest. Sometimes I feel so unfit that I don’t even want to face huffing and puffing along the running path. Today, it was the rain (yet again.)

I’m not overweight, but just the feeling of knowing my body could be in a better condition does get me down. So yes, I am sleeping real early tonight and heading out for my first run in many months ^^ Maybe one day I will feel confident enough to enter a marathon too muahahaha…

*Note: Some swearing in the video. If you prefer not to be exposed to language that is none to delicate or if you are underage, may I suggest you check out more wholesome kitty-ness in the new Quick Links post instead^^


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Quick links - One week later, is it life as usual?

purin statusFlat the mouse: is looking for My Mero, posts notice - Rabbit is Missing. If Found, Report to Flat in Meriland at Once (Updated M - W - F, GMT +8)
purin statusPink Bear: I feel… faint

purin statusRipplecloud: Updated hompy and thank you Cinamaroll for the lovely e-card ^^
LittleWonder: posted a new picture of Kitty concentrating on…
Dawn LaRee: posted new scrapped pictures of my Hello Kitty collection…
BBE: posted a pink picture of the Beijing Olympics
:  challenges you to name the characters on her Sanrio plastic bag.

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