HKO trailer UP! plus others that I like

Alright I know I told Sailoria I wasn’t planning to join the trailer contest, but my Friday night plans were canceled :( so I was pretty free at home, haha!

So here’s my run-of-the-mill video submission for the contest.

Original video here -

I did say it was run-of-the-mill, didn’t I?

Here are some more imaginative trailers to view if you are interested :) Please note some may not be fully qualifying entries but I do think they are pretty nice. These people have really put in time, thought and effort into this so I just want to show some moral support ^^

The artists
Like Kitkatherine who figured out new software and remixed music to share this cute video with self-drawn digital characters. Check out more artistic work by Tidesong and BunnyWinx (whom I’ve linked to before). They spent time drawing out scenes of stories that they wanted to tell. Of course, can’t forget the awesome digitally animated XO man vs space robots video by elench.

The videographers
Another video with a professional feel, this time by icyrascal. It really does look and feel like a real trailer! :P Meanwhile, Dr Zeus shares with us animated clips of NPCs and monsters to cure your HKO withdrawal symptons :P. And schrodingers_kitty indulges in goofy fun and pranks(?) on unsuspecting players in this cool 500 miles trailer.

The music choreographer
Perhaps Emeraldas just wants to overwhelm you with the latest and greatest collection of HKO screenies and preview images anyone has seen! (this statement is unqualified :P, but I just want to be exclamatory! heh…) .. all while keeping to the quick beats of the music, synching to music requires a lot of patience ok.

That’s all for now. Have a good weekend everybody!

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12th entry - Why grow a hotdog tree…

…if you can pick it from a hotdog bush? Now if only some funky HKO programmer will program them to be pickable and stamina-boosting ^^

If you wanna know why I’m suddenly talking about hotdogs, check out GM - Neverender’s new “speculative” post on farming ^^

OMG I see hotdog buns growing on the bush!

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Quick links - The GMs have been busy ^^

Scrapbooking seems to be the hot topic lately in the guild thread, so ripplecloud thought she’d do a scrapbooking post for this blog. Now do note that I have never made a scrapbook in my entire life(!), although I did try out some scrapbooking platforms before for research.

One of the websites I was more impressed with was It seems the Scrapblog team made certain enhancements after the time I tried it. The result? A fairly stable and flexible online photo tool for lazy people like me, with sharing options. I like. :)
Check out more housebuilding pictures in the digital scrapbook. This time I focused on housebuilding for the rest of the Made in Holland guild members. For me, it just interesting taking a walk down memory lane, looking through the chat box and remembering what we talked and laughed about, etc.

So here goes, the rest of the housebuilding story. You may see the dear-departed Herman in some of the pictures. *sniff*

Virtual muscles at work!
View this scrapblog in full screen from ripplecloud’s scrapblog page.

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Quick links - Updates in ripplecloud’s network

Note: Changed the title as this list is growing

status update

Ripplecloud has Purin-ised her status icons. =P
status updateRipplecloud now prefers the rooster in egg pants to the mouse that looks like an egg. She thinks the rooster should have real chicken feet though ;P

status update

Sailoria added a new blog post to help guild members with their blogging questions. Check it out and tell us if you think it’s helpful. ^_^

status update

Ripplecloud thanks Raein for the encouragement ^^ and is sorry there are only quick link updates but no new posts. Real life has a way of taking over ; ) as Aldwych said.

status update Theola’s tamagotchi Dom has found love and a baby girl. Yup Dom acts fast ; ) Baby Tsubutchi is a little pentagon of cuteness!

added new photos

GM - Abby has added a photo of her newly adopted Boxpig! Ripplecloud has made hog noise with it.

status update

Ripplecloud found a nice animation video by BunnyWinx that I liked alot even if it is unfinished. Sort of reminds me of this whimsical, storybook-ish HKO game intro video which is really lovely! Embedding disallowed for both videos, I would loved to have posted them here ; ) So check out the links alright!

status updateRipplecloud can’t wait to get a pet blue mouse and the Hello Kitty hat! (like the Hello Kitty toilet sign in Puroland). See the HKO preview images here.

status updateMimmy is happy to be called a friend in ripplecloud’s video.
status updateRipplecloud is glad. Honestly I do like yellow ^^. See my Pompompurin theme? ^_^

added new photosLittleWonder has added a new screenie from CB. Kel, Kittie, Ripplecloud, LittleWonder and Picklebutt are in it.

commentedErin, GM Abby, PandiPainter and ripplecloud commented on LittleWonder’s screenie.

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Ok, this is not a very successful mimic of the Facebook update :P Muahahahaha…. Ok, I have cleaned it up… wahahahaha!

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10th entry - The tragic love story of Herman the Hermit Crab

//’m not sure if this video may be a little morbid. Tell me what you think.

Regardless, this video is specially dedicated to Havel and Videogamer, who suggested I try doing videos. Hope you like it.

Also to MidNiteEyes who came to look for me at Foggy Forest the other day with her hermit crab. Otherwise this video would have a different, and probably less dramatic ending :P

Oh and Hello Kitty says Happy Dragon Boat and Dumpling Festival everyone!

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This video is the Editor’s Pick for this week! ^^ -Dream Studio page here

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Quick link - It’s a girl!

default bannerEsteemed guild leader Sailoria posts a note of congratulations to my baby of a blog here. - Congratulations to ripplecloud!

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9th entry - The house is done! =D

house screenie submitted to onlinegame@hellokitty.comLong road to a housebaa...Yayyy!!!!!!!!!!!!…..

My house is done!! Here’s the footage from my security camera (no worries about scary monsters trespassing ^^) that shows guildees who came by to help and also other players who dropped to chat and make it not so dreary when I am alone ^^

It has been a long road building the house, as most of you in the game will agree ^^. We’ve all been through the same pain!

Special thanks to BBE who started my new house with the kind donation of 40k for Land Cert 4 and 80+ clovers. Yup, she’s one rich blond! ;)

BBE and me activating the land cert

And when all the materials are gathered and ready, let the whacking begin!

When the going gets tough, guildmates from all over the world pop by to spread the cheer! Dankie Lelani!

Lelani and Dino building my house!

Of course, there are times when you just have to do it alone. Imagine my surprise when I return after I AFK to find Carmen silently building my house for me! When help comes unexpectedly, accept it and be thankful ^^!

Carmen drops by

So 1 person becomes 2, 2 becomes 3, 3 becomes 4, and more walls get built!

4 builders at Rippleclouds

Also, not to forget my special guests who read this blog and dropped in unexpectedly in-game to chat - Erin (Marubadtz) and GM-WinWin, also Karen (Katsuko) who PMed me about her progress now and then. Somehow they were there at times when I am all alone and stoned/bored. Thank you very much ^^ for your company! I’m sorry the house was not built then and I couldn’t ask you in for tea :P. And sometimes, I’m not very good company myself cos I was so stoned :(

GM -Winwin comes to visit

Sooner or later, guild friends come online again =D. Thanks Kaioh75, PrincessJStar and BBE for helping to build the 4th wall and the wicked pepto-pink door ^^ (Hmm looks like every other person has a centipede >.< yea, Kaioh75 told me it was a centipede not a caterpillar :P)

the pepto pink door

Even when one goes offline, another guild member will kindly appear to lend that much needed muscle. So it was that LittleWonder, Kaioh75 and BBE finally helped me get the house done ^^.

Woot! My house is done *_*

Thank you all Made in Holland guildees for your help!! I’m sorry I can’t mention all of yournames, since I no longer have a guild window to reference to :P

Yes, close beta is now over :( but I hope to see you guys soon in Open Beta ^^. It was such a fun and eventful day today!! But that will make for another post :P. Meanwhile, check out these links to hear what happened ^^. And yes, I will try to update on all the other stories that happened during close beta in the past two weeks ^^.

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