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My Hello Kitty beta disc came in the mail while I was on vacation. So its lucky for me the beta period was extended, otherwise I won’t get to test it, after all that effort of making the video too!! :P Phew… One of the more interesting features is the social aspect of the game where players can actually view your blog in the game. So I thought I’d start a blog in case somebody actually would like to read it.

harinezumiThe only problem was since everyone started earlier than me, there was no one at the harbour when I got there :( … so I was all, all alone. *So much about people wanting to read my blog :P* So I talked to the NPCs. My favourite is currently Harinezumi, because we both have pokey blue spikes haha.

Harinezumi says he’s blue from the cold because of the strong sea breeze and needed some clothes to keep warm, so I said I’d go to the shops to buy some for him… OK, just kidding I made that last bit up about him needing clothes :P He’s a cute porcupine anyways.

For a while there, I was doing most things wrong. I couldn’t get the quests to start because I kept clicking the “X” button once the character ends his speech instead of clicking the “->” to go on so that the mission window will appear :P Is it just me??

Then I got bored all by myself and thought… let’s try fighting the crabs ;D. Only it seems more like the crab beating me up than me fighting the crabs - -. I ran away of course, escaping with barely 16/100 healthpoints hee hee :P Now that I think of it, I wonder what would happen if I had died…

16 healthpoints out of 100 omg!

But yeah, I figured out how to activate the quests after I went to Florapolis. So now I am back at Sanrio Harbour trying to complete the quests there since I am supposed to be doing testing :D and also making some $$ to buy me some better clothes…

Some of the scenes I like from Sanrio Harbour:

Hello Kitty Lake or Pond, I dunno…
Check out Hello Kitty Lake onthe map!

Rooted-to-the-ground jumping flowers!
Jumping flowers that are rooted to the ground

Meantime, let me get back to the game… you have a good time too… oh and if you don’t mind me, add me! My ingame nick is ripplecloud … Looking for ingame friends… :D

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  1. keep the postings up, it’s really cute and fun

  2. ahh…the memories

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