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50th – The Sailoria Constitution and a Moose

How time flies, this blog is 1 year old. Omedeto~

Two posts ago, ripplecloud received a Kitty Hat from the Mad Hatter. And that hat caused a lot of trouble and she was chased everywhere for it. Since then, ripplecloud worked hard so that she could get a new hat - the moose hat!

“The Moose Hat has horns so if anyone chases me, I will just poke them with the horns, muahahahahaha!” That was ripplecloud’s logic, which of course may not go down well with the GMs who preached non-violence :P


ripplecloud was ecstatic about her new hat and showed it off to anyone who would listen to her like Sugar_chan

… and even to those who didn’t.

After much ado about nothing about the moose hat, ripplecloud got hungry. So she bit off Kiui’s gingerbread headgear and chewed on it vigorously.

Kiui was not very pleased of course and stomped off. :P

Just then the_otakutopian and Yin came by.

They were wearing halos and so was Cinnayum D:

Why?!! Why was nobody wearing the moose hat just when ripplecloud got hers???? *moody and grumpy*

But ripplecloud did not feel moody for long as she soon was distracted by the conversation in the guild chat. The guild was talking about making a constitution.

Well, the most important of the Sailoria Constitution was of course #6!

For that, ripplecloud didn’t really mind being the last moose standing on HKO. :P

And remember, Moose go MOOOOOOOO!~


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49th entry – Yummy, yummy gingerbread man

Some of us loved the Santarina suit that GM-Miyaw was wearing during the Xmas Reunion but that was not available. *sad*

So most of us ended up wearing parts of the gingerbread man suit or the snowman suit, which were one of the quest rewards during the Christmas Reunion.

One of the first things that ripplecloud did was to visit Sailoria’s farm. It was not the wisest thing to do because it was full of stinging flies D:

Irritating stinging flies that fly around your face and body and… well it was just bad :(

So after a while, ripplecloud couldn’t take it anymore so she returned back to her farm where it was… fly-free! Whoopie!

Sometimes, one should just not be too happy to gloat too soon because…

suddenly the plague of flies descended on ripplecloud’s farm D: There was nothing to do but to start removing the dead oat plants. ripple hated doing that. Now if she was a wizard, she would just make them all disappear easily, but she wasn’t shucks… - -‘

Just then, Kiui dropped by the farm for a visit :D, so that helped to take off some of the monotony of dead oats harvesting, bleah…

The Mad Hatter Shaymin also dropped by to give advice on pesticides. ^___^

Farming was hard work and ripplecloud stopped to take a breather when she felt a tickle on her left leg. She looked down and :O, “OMG puppy what do you think you are doing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

“But that doesn’t mean you should start biting people, especially your owner!! Bad puppy!”

ripple’s hungry puppy went to sulk at the side of the field as ripple nurtured her weird-looking one-arm, beaky snowman seedlings.

“No, no puppy, it’s not time to eat yet. We still have the cauliflower plants and the strawberry plants to tend to. Besides, aren’t you getting a little obese?” ripplecloud eyed puppy’s fat body critically. “A spot of dieting will do you good :D”

“O___O diet?” gulped puppy.

Just then, ripplecloud’s guildmate Cinnayum came visiting with her sheep pet.

“Oh good, here’s my chance!” thought puppy, as he gobbled the blooms of the cauliflower plants.

And just as the very last cauliflower blooms disappeared into puppy’s gaping maw, puppy farted. And he could hear a threatening rumble in his tummy.

“Pain…:(” puppy whined and went to hide until he felt better.

From then on, puppy never went near the strawberries or cauliflower plants again. ;]

“PUPPY!! STOP nibbling Shaymin’s leg!!”

“But, but I’m hungry D: and… he’s yummy :P” nom nom nom

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48th entry – Meeting the white rabbit on HKO

Best item in the mall – the kitty hat :P…

Sailoria said there was a smaller selection of stuff for girls than for guys… pfft… xP JamJam was the first person I saw with the kitty hat, so I sneaked a screenie of her :P Heh…

It was the day ripplecloud met the weirdest white rabbit, and the strangest journey began..

The white rabbit was a master of hypnotism, and soon ripplecloud found herself falling down down down into a spiralling well of colours…

Eventually she landed on soft sand. ripplecloud looked around and found that she was on a beach.

The white rabbit was nowhere to be seen. Instead, she saw a Duchess, who looked really strong and fierce fussing over a sick black cat.

Just as the Cheshire-chococat said that it was going to puke, ripplecloud started edging away. Puke was not a pleasant sight after all :P. ripplecloud did not see the Cheshire-chococat fading away and the Duchess stomping at the fading cat, as she ran away.

Presently ripplecloud found that she was in a city full of tall sky-scraping buildings inscribed with the words “XO” all over.

“Curiouser and curioser”, said ripplecloud.

At first the city seemed forbidding and empty of people. Then she realised with a start that there was a blonde, blue-eyed girl in green standing alone on the streets.

“Hallo”, said the blonde, blue-eyed girl in green. She was a candy elf.

ripplecloud tried talking to her but they didn’t seem to speak each other’s language.

I wish I was an elf too, thought ripplecloud. Then the candy-elf would understand me.

Oopf, deep in thought, ripplecloud walked into a big fat yellow person without realising it. Oh wait, it was not a person but a golden retriever dressed as Santa Claus!

“Curiouser and curioser”, said ripplecloud.

“So ripplecloud, have you been a good girl? What would you like for Christmas?”, asked Santa Purin Papa.

“But which side?” asked ripplecloud.

But Santa Purin Papa was already riding away on his sleigh.

“Ho HO HO Merry Christmas! I’ve got to go now my dear, there are lots of presents to deliver!”

Left on her own, ripplecloud had no choice. She bit into one side of the sadly waving gingerbread man that Santa Purin Papa had given her. Immediately she became short and fat and grumpy.

Arghh, went ripplecloud, smelling her new stubby, grimy toes that are now closer to her than ever before. Dwarf toes… she hadn’t know they stink until now.

Quickly, ripplecloud popped the other side of the gingerbread man, now quite dead and unmoving into her mouth. And she was an elf! Just like the candy elf. :)

ripplecloud hurried to where the candy elf was, but the candy elf was no longer there.

Instead, she finally saw a familiar face. Yggdrasil!!

Only, it wasn’t Yggdrasil the harbour salesman… it was a candy-borg that looked like Yggdrasil.

The candy-borg showed ripplecloud his heart tattoos on his ankles. He was very proud of them because only minions of the Queen of Hearts get to have them!

Erm ok, thought ripplecloud. She was getting hungry so she asked the candy-borg where she might find something to eat.

He pointed her to the Mad Hatter’s tea party, but halfway there…

“Ah, what have we here!” said a humorous voice. “You look in need of a hat, doesn’t she, millette?”

“Eh-heh treacle,” said a second softer voice.

It was the Mad Hatter and the dormouse out for a walk.

“Now, now then, here take this one!” the Mad Hatter clapped something white and furry over ripplecloud’s head. “You look a darling, ripplecloud! Oh look at the time, we’ll be late for tea millette, let’s go, shoo!”

“Wait, can I come too?”, asked ripplecloud as she looked at the two scurrying away.

“No room, no room” screamed the Mad Hatter.

“How rude”, thought ripplecloud

ripplecloud wondered aimlessly, hungry and lost. There were more people about, but they were all staring at her strangely :S

And then it dawned on her why. They all wanted the kitty hat that the Mad Hatter gave her! D:

Quick run ripplecloud, RUN! xD

- http://www.smugmug.com/gallery/3562713_Y9sQJ#262228661_b7jhX-X2-LB
- http://myruso.deviantart.com/art/Victorian-grunge-V-81146561
- http://r2krw9.deviantart.com/art/Grunge-Wallpaper-1-99356337
- http://cloaks.deviantart.com/art/Vintage-XV-108144260
- http://r2krw9.deviantart.com/art/Grunge-Wallpaper-2-99356470

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ripplecloud visited Badtz’s exiled cousin, Tuxedo Sam, in Florapolis one day…

Ok, so that existed in my imagination alone. When a group of people made up something together, it is called Group Fantasy ;P

It was the day ripplecloud found Pochi. Of course she had to tell her friend “I-want-to-marry-Pochi”-Kel about it.

The problem was, Kel already had a boyfriend! D: …and now Pochi?

It was starting to sound as complicated as a TV drama. ripplecloud knew she had to find the cure for a broken heart soon because it certainly sounded like a lot of hearts were going to be broken! :P

Cinnamoroll told ripplecloud where to go to look help. There was someone by the coast with the talent of making people happy.

Unfortunately ripplecloud misheard the name from Cinnamoroll, so she couldn’t make Kyupi see* her at all. Or maybe ripplecloud just didn’t have a good enough heart :P (*Kyupi can only see people if they have good hearts.)

At least, “Kel is aways Pochi’s no1” ;] (according to Maneechan)… so she probably wasn’t at risk of being one of the broken hearts. Heh :P

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Happy Birthday Purin!

Hi everyone! It’s me Purin again! It’s an exciting day today because it is my birthday day :D Yup that’s today 16 April!

And when I went downstairs to the kitchen in the morning, Purin Mama was already up and about baking my birthday cake :DDD

“Purin my baby“ Purin Mama said, “Come have some nice warm milk first :)”

I love milk! Yes I do! *Glug glug glug… ahhhhh!…*

Purin Papa was in the kitchen too. I told him about the present that ripplecloud received in the mail and how Muffin, Scone and I wish we had a pendant like that too.

Papa Purin laughed, “Hahaha.. yes, we will have to start looking for a P, M, S for the three of you xD. Leave it to Papa!”

Do you know, the SanrioTown blog says Papa is known for telling corny jokes. But honestly, I think Papa’s jokes are more smokey than corny.

Because it is my birthday, Scone and Muffin came over extra early to play. We had lots of fun jumping on the cushions. :P And Muffin showed us his neat trick of balancing a four-leaf clover on the tip of his nose. The clover is his birthday present to me but I am not good at balancing stuff on my nose :P.

Then it was teatime, and the cake was baked! :DDDDD

“Make a wish” said Purin Mama.

*I wished to become even bigger but you don’t know that because otherwise my wish will not come true! D:*

“Cut the cake! Cut the cake” chirped Scone and Muffin, their whiskers twitching.

It was a lovely cake *nom nom nom* It was funny to see Scone and Muffin stuffing themselves with cake at top speed until their cheeks are puffy xD.

“Slow down Muffin and Scone” said Purin Mama worriedly.

And all too soon the cake was gone *cries* Purin Mama should bake an even bigger cake next time!

“Oh by the way a present came for you in the mail” said Purin Papa.

o_o A present in the mail for me??? Is it… a letter P diamond pendant???

The package was mysterious looking… there wasn’t a card to say who this present was from… o_O

And, who can I try this on…? Heehee :P

source: http://szymon.tumblr.com/post/77544693/cat-remote

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Diamond pendant - guess which letter :P

*Not actual size. It’s actually smaller, about the size of a fingernail.

Yes, this took a long time to arrive… Oh well, handy for attempting to create moody pictures with :P

Thanks GMs for picking me ^____^ (I think it’s for this video.) It’s a really cute pendant.

So I am now only waiting for the Frightspinners prize. Hopefully it will come with the next version of HKO packed in the box set already :)

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Happy Easter! says Purin


If I weren’t a puppy, I’d probably be a sugarbunny because I have long ears too! Heehee.

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Purin Cafe on the er… HKO Fake News

Hi everyone, it’s me Purin!

March just flew by and Purin has been a very good puppy. I’ve been going to school and doing some of my homework •ω• because Purin Mama says I can’t go out to play if I don’t do my homework. -ω- !

I’m sorry I’m not posting more to this blog but nothing much has been happening and school is boringggggg… but I hope you like the new blog design ^ω^ I wasn’t sure about orange at first but ripplecloud and I sort of got used to it after a while.

Anyway the only exciting thing that happened last month was a “reporter” called Cyndle who visited our cafe and interviewed Purin Papa and Purin Mam. She said she was writing fake news about HKO o_o That confused poor Purin, that’s me! How can news be fake? Should Purin Papa and Purin Mama lie to make the news fake? I don’t understand! D: So, it is lucky Cyndle didn’t interview me because I wouldn’t know what to say.

I’m sure I am a very good puppy to interview if she wants to know about pudding :P. But guess what! I appeared in the news she was writing anyway, even though she didn’t interview me.

Look! Here’s Muffin and Scone and I showing off our acorns in the picture that comes with the news! Don’t Scone and Muffin look silly with their mouths stuffed with acorns? They just can’t resist them even if the acorns are supposed to be for paying customers *micmics Purin Mama* :P Mama Purin and Papa Purin can be pretty vexed by them sometimes. But we are rolling in acorns anyway since there are way less customers nowadays.

That gets kind of lonesome, because now scone and muffin and I have to do our own chores by ownselves! D: We used to have more time to play together when we have people doing our chores for us. :( Those were the good old days *micmics Purin Papa*

Eeks, there’s Purin Mama again! I must go do my homework now or there will be no pudding for supper *gulp*. Bye bye!

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46th entry – Where’s the Flying Turkey in New York?

I was wondering whether to continue on to the Xmas reunion screenies. It is a little odd to be talking about Christmas in April, isn’t it? Anyway, the pre-scheduled posts are finished, so we start with irregular postings from now on. Haha :P

Here’s AlmightyTallest and I on my first day in Christmas Land, HKO. And of course the ever bubbly Sailoria guild in the guild chat ;).

Here we go again, where ripplecloud last left off in Founders’ Beta – right here somewhere in Sanrio Harbour.

Except that Sanrio Harbour feels… different.

ripplecloud stopped by GM-Wayne to ask him some questions since everything was so new to her. And she found herself mesmerised by his floating snowflakes @_@

She heard from Maneechan that there were flying turkeys about. Flying turkeys! Let’s go see some! xD

Lovely Dawn <333.

Hmm, GM-AVA appeared pre-occupied. No matter. Onward ho to…

In New York, ripplecloud met Chippy.

ripplecloud first met GM-AVA when he was in the hotdog guild.

But Chippy had not met a flying turkey. (And, he is not a very nice mouse according to iheartbadtz.)

Tsunko, who was standing by the Grand Central Station, had not seen a flying turkey either.

Yup ripplecloud remembered the statue of Badtz in the The Metropolitan Museum of Art (Chippy was just standing outside that) and nope! Bad Badtz Maru certainly did not look like a flying turkey at all. Good advice Tsunko! :D

ripplecloud continued looking for the flying turkey in New York.

And what do you know, she had to bump into Badtz at the Lincoln Center.

No Badtz, you are not the flying turkey.

Badtz can be pretty scary when he was singing… :\

Here’s Badtz outside the Arthur Ashe Stadium. Honestly, sometimes you just gotta let some penguins get their way as long as it doesn’t hurt you.

New York is one city with serious Badtz obssession issues. Unfortunately, ripplecloud doesn’t take orders from Badtz billboards, nope!

So where was that flying turkey anyway?

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45th entry - The *Twin Starrs* guild during Happy Hearts

I totally missed Noliai during the Xmas Reunion! Happily, she was back for Happy Hearts. So I spent some time on her farm with her.

We thought it would be pretty cool if we could spook the trees to death. It didn’t happen xD

This is the last post for Happy Hearts ^_^

Bi and ripplecloud were just hanging out for the fun of it. They so enjoyed each other’s company :P

But those *Twin Starrs* just wouldn’t leave them alone :P Here comes the leader and her stalwart member recruited during Founders’ Beta.

The *Twin Starrs* emoticon spam began… it was relentless… Oh no! All that pastel pink and blue!~ *My eyes! They hurt! xP*

And this time they brought a new member of their select guild - KayleeAddy. (All these males playing as females makes ripple a confused avatar @_@)

I guess the male players themselves are just as confused too! xD Muahahahahaha!

Luv’ya *Twin Starrs* guild ;)

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