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Sad Kitty

December 22nd, 2008 by rinsama:hellokitty.com

I was so looking forward to the Christmas reunion in HKO! ⊙︿⊙ I am sure every single one of you had plenty of funs and excitements, so please please tell me all about it! ≧﹏≦

Staying in my uncle’s farm has been quite relaxing, but I have to say I miss the thrill of hitting kawaii monsters in HKO so much!Nevertheless chatting and gossiping with my fellow guild mates……so I guess I have to wait for another 1 or 2 months to do so. ╮(╯_╰)╭

Meowy Christmas!

Meow and kisses,



I see kitty angels

November 25th, 2008 by rinsama:hellokitty.com

 OMG we actually did won, Serenity!

Its 2am and I have an important exam tomorrow… but when I went to check my kitty mail after being “alarmed” by guildies bellkana and serenity’s joy from winning the crop circles and blog for thought event, I myself got a heart attack too. I cant believe I actually won the legendary pendant……

Dear Hello Kitty Online Founder,

Congratulations! You are one of the lucky winners of the Hello Kitty Online Founders’ Beta event: "Founders’ Finale"! As the winner of this event, you will receive a beautiful diamond pendant from MBLife!


Some1 please kick me hard on my ass so that I know I’m not dreaming…


Note: Please click here to check out more list of blog for thought entries, all thanks to purrsonality :)

Blog For Thought

November 8th, 2008 by rinsama:hellokitty.com
 Its a sad thing that Hello Kitty Online Founders is finally coming to a quick end. There have been many sweet and sour memories in the game for many players and we will always treasure the good times we had. Definitely looking forward to a greater gaming experience sanrio will offer us in the near future. =)


image Thanks so much for all the hard work you guys put in, nevertheless putting up with some of the random weird and unreasonable requests we have (≧▽≦) …

GM-Wayne - You’ve just made my day! I love you~


 *a hot Wayne fan video made by bellkana, enjoy! heart

GM-Abby – thanks so much for the hard work you’ve gone through collecting these massive amount of food ! Truly appreciate that! You’re a very very pretty girl in real life too!^^

(TRUST ME all of the ladies out there wans ur hair so badly xD)






GM-Mickey – I have to admit he (oh yes its a he!) is the sweetheart of the game. He is modest, cute, compassionate, responsible and is willing to help out whenever you have a problem. We enjoyed a lot having him around, not as a gm, but as a friend! I’m glad we were able to spend our final time with him in buckingham place on the last 10 minutes of the game. (I wish i have a bf as cute as mickey! ><)

 *a cute mickey fan video made by bellkana once again, enjoy!



GM-Neverender - (sorry this is the only pic I got of you >< but i really like the mysterious look of u from this pic ^^) Many thanks for announcing most of the events in the game! We(mostly girls) were all crazy over your sexy ponytail and charisma <3 And you were definitely the most popular GM to be chased around during Gm-piñata event :p


GM-AVA – I have to admit my first time meeting you was in the Gm-piñata event. Thx a lot for the sheep ^^ (although I ended up getting 3 of them after all xD)




GM-Calealen – Very hot hairstyle indeed. A very mysterious and attractive GM to me I have to say :P






GM-RoAN – Has mean fashion sense as GM-Calealen, however seems more approachable to me. Very friendly guy :)

GM-Bacon– Every1 lurves bacon! (who can resist it :P). He’s funny and definitely very helpful!

GM-Sabrina and GM-Christie – You can find them popping out with the BIG RED ANNOUNCEMENT occasionally. Don’t know them well but I bet they’re as sweet as their names ^^

Rescue-01, Rescue-02, Rescue-03 – Thanks for all your hard work saving people’s butt. Isn’t it fun wondering how come a person can end up at all these random places and get stuck there? :P

*For more REAL LIFE photos of GMs please visit here

~looking forward to chasing you guys around in the OB again~


╰●۰๑۩۞۩๑۰•ﻬ●╯HKO Founders Guild╰●๑۩۞۩๑۰•ﻬ●╯

I would like to say this guild has given me more than what I imagine I could gain from this game. Without them, I would have been lost, no clues of many quests, and also might have not have met so many kind, friendly and cool people that are willing to give you a hand any time no matter what age, gender or level you are.

This all started one fine day when Kaito, our great hardcore leader was recruiting members for this guild. I was first attracted by the name of this guild, hence pm-ed kaito if he could add me to this guild. However due to my “unusual” IGN he wasn’t able to add me. But he wasn’t put off by this impossible task. Instead he told me to send him an email with my IGN. After trials of failure I’m finally in this wonderful guild! From that day onwards I’ve committed myself to this guild and I’ve seen how quick this guild grew to be one of the friendliest, drama-free, funny, non-stop talking and gossiping, co-operative, hardworking and occasionally sarcastic guild.

Here are some of the great moments we shared…

Final Group Photo Along the beach


Back Roll
Freedomdeep, Noi, Pere, Belkana, rhetoricskies, Brianna, Justita, Chickling, Ayumin, Devdas, Helena, Kellie, PrincessAi, keuka, Richter37, Diva

middle roll
Ceslo, Nate, Mi-chan, Wyler, JamJam, Tatsue, Hakuri, saros, me, Leillu, Serenity, kittypolei, Ypsilon, elaine, kenman (aka robot), Angelbaby, EngineerRocky, mushie_cloud, boo-boo

Front roll
JessicaM, Hope, Kaito (almighty king), Kimi-Sue, sassy

*Playing hide and seek?

alex72, sweetmia, iheartbadtz, primrose, Crystis, nekojira, RainyG, fortress, sweetipo, vivicafe, millenium,twilight, AlmightyTallest, Pixel, Hope, Zeronos, Candylicious, sydnty *and more

*(please tell me if I fail to find you in hide and seek, arigatou~ )

I believe there are more members out there who weren’t able to make it to the finale, I just want to say its not the end yet! We can still keep our guild alive in the forums or msn~ ^^

~Hope we can still be together in the OB. For now, miss you guys and sayounara!~


╰●۰๑۩۞۩๑۰•ﻬ●╯People I met & adore╰●۰๑۩۞۩๑ﻬ●╯

Very very much thank you all who visited my blog and came up to me and say hi…and also friends that i made…it really makes me warm inside…it must be fate that brought us together…= ̄ω ̄= I will miss you guys a lot…≧︿≦

╰●۰๑۩۞۩๑۰•ﻬ●╯HKO events╰●۰๑۩۞۩๑۰•ﻬ●╯

Hunger Strike!

There have been many fun and exiting events in HKO, which brought smile and sweat to every single player in this game. Well, do you guys remember the very first event HUNGER STRIKE that drove every1 nuts farming?

Events often gives a twist to the monotonous life in HKO, which are just farming, hitting monsters completing quests and making new friends. Well, here are the list of events which we have a love/hate relationship so far:

Hunger Strike!
October 17th, 2008
Our very first event for the Empire Key! This was when I finally start learning how to farm…
October 22nd, 2008
Create a scary video with screenshots from HKO, which is kinda mission impossible to me…
Be Nice, Guys!
October 24th, 2008
Its about helping newbies in exhcange for a leopard glasses, instead of camping and fighting over the poor leopard leader
Monster Wrangler!
October 30th, 2008
lol this event was cool…people queuing  up to hit a monster…Liberty Key is what you get for that!
Happy Birthday Hello Kitty!
October 31st, 2008
An event for the Grand Central Ticket! as well as a limited hello kitty birthday t-shirt~ There were also mini Kitty party events where you have to answer quizzes and co-operate with your guild mates. lol i wasn’t quick enuf 4 the quizzes but we totally owned the guild competition~
Build New York! (Guild Build)

November 3rd, 2008

Every guild competes in building Empire state, Liberty and Grand central house in the fastest time. I think you get a guild t-shirt or something for the prize. Well, who cares xD It was fun!

Food for Friends
November 3rd, 2008
Its a charity event where the food we produced are converted into real money which will be donated to Unicef and the Asian Youth Orchestra.
This should be the best event so far! Not to mention the “physical” fight over coals and sorosis…
GM Piñata!
November 5th, 2008
lol seriously this is the only time you get to run around and whack your “favourite”GM. You gotta laugh at the random things they give away…

Founders Finale Events

Blog For Thought

Basically just share your experience you had in HKO in a creative way! (like what I’m doing now ;D)

Crop Circles

Use your farm to arrange your crops to grow into shapes or patterns, make colorful combinations, or draw a picture made of crops! (entry closed, i was too afraid to touch the crops after the food event =P)

A Day With Hello Kitty and Friends

Draw your avatar together with Hello Kitty and her friends. Your drawing must be about something you have done in Sanrio Land – for example, planting your farm, cooking for charity, running back and forth on quests, or anything else you enjoyed doing in Sanrio Land! (I would like to have take part in it but EXAMS in 1 week!! T^T)

Body Doubles

Cosplay as your avatar! I couldn’t find a red hair so i give up :X

The Kevent

Find out how many kevs there were lol! Congratulations to Angelbaby form our guild for winning the pendant! ^^ It was a tough question for sure!

╰●ﻬ•۰๑۩۞۩๑۰•ﻬ●╯Pros and Cons╰●ﻬ•۰๑۩۞۩๑۰•ﻬ●╯

Pros of the game
You actually feel like you’re in sanrioland! Complete with your own farm and house! ^^
You get to make friends from around the globe!
You get to “wear” cute outfits!
Its a cool place to release stress from work, kids, relationships and homework!
You get to take part in charity event!
Your name will be engraved in the upcoming NY city!
Gender Age ethnicity is not an issue as long as you have a passion kitty!~
Cons of the game
You basically don’t sleep at all because kitty is so addictive.
You skip work, school, neglect your child, not doing chores, and maybe even slim down due to lack of food (chocolate milk doesn’t even work…damn). 
Adults seem to be “younger” again. (good thing bad thing?)
Many exams going on this month for current in-school teenagers. This game is making them think that kitty have super powers and could help them pass all exams.
People fighting over monsters/trees/mines. Might turn ugly sometimes..
ohya, not to mention the bad skin due to lack of sleep. grrrrr
People might loose a purpose for life when the game ends…


Although I really enjoyed the game and is really sad knowing that kitty will be away for a short while while constructing NY, Beijing and other cities in Sanrioland, I believe Kitty will take into considerations all the suggestions and complaints we had during our wonderful time in sanrioland and hope she will give us a surprisingly new, fun an even more amazing gaming experience in the short future! To all young adults out there (including me), GL in exams (no more excuse not to study!). And to all adults and mums, have fun at work and don 4get to feed your hungry kids.

Ohya, and please stay tuned for more future quest guides

~So Long, kitty and friends. We shall meet again~

Gratz HKO founders Guild!

November 5th, 2008 by rinsama:hellokitty.com

We have won in 3 of the Build New York! (Guild Build) event! wooohoooo! All credits to those who helped build, gather energy food, helping out when some1 is down and also those who are farming for food and charity event!

Here are some screenies for the progress in the grand central building:

20081105161423 20081105165053
Stage 1 Stage 2
20081105173057 20081105181139
Stage 3 Stage 4
20081105185142 20081105193111
Stage 5 Stage 6 (completed!!!)

20081105195104 Full view of our beloved guild icon!!love

For more screenies please visit our guild thread.

~We can do it! HKO founders!~

Choucho’s hidden treasure

November 1st, 2008 by rinsama:hellokitty.com
click here for more tips on this hidden quest!
This is currently not under your quest list, however you can start this quest after basically completing choucho’s quest in florapolis(for more information click here).
Here is a quick summary that I made:


Location in Map

Item gained

West of the misty land South-West corner Magic Branches
East dream forest Middle of the map Golden Dandelion
East of Florapolis valley North by North-West Bee Stingers
West of Florapolis West of the middle Valuable Honey
West of the dream land North-East Dream top
West of the dream land South-East Courage top
South Dream Forest by inuomawarisan Cat’s Eye Gem
East of Dream Land north-west corner 5 Strawberries
West Dream Forest Bottom middle of map Tiger’s Eye Gem
East of the Misty Land Exact middle of the map Peaceful Grass

*Special thx:wakamezake, kaitoyamakage

There are debates whether this “hidden quest” is even worth doing. Well, it’s up to you to decide. I’m definitely gonna do it coz i’m bored…

~Enjoy your tressure hunt~

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Monster Wrangler Guide

October 30th, 2008 by rinsama:hellokitty.com

This is pretty much an easy event if your lvl is the same or higher than these monsters… ><

First, you get this quest from Keroleen in Paris, then you look for the collars that she needs.
Well, here are where to find them…

Items Monster Location
Speedy’s collar Hedgehog(speedy) west florapolis valley
eagor’s collar eagle(eagor) east dream land
lobo’s collar wolf(lobo) middle secret peak
webster’s collar spider(webster) west dream forest

I just need to apologise for jumping the queue for wolf and hedgehog in the beginning coz I wasn’t sure that there was a queue that you need to follow through. so so sorry! So people remember to

     line up for your turn, just like you wont want people jumping your queue after a long wait right? :)
      These monsters respawn at least 3 times longer than normal mobs…so be patient!
    If you’re not sure where the monster is just look up in the map where there are most people gathering lol (thats what I did ^^)

  • Bring heaps of food along if your level is 20 or lower just in case (they bite hard ><)
    They might escape sometimes…so….might have to hit few times… or lucky for those who hit once…:)

*special thx to kenman, pixel and elaine for the help! You guys rock!


Here’s a quick look of how your new pet looks like..and what it does for you..

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My splendid day in HKO

October 26th, 2008 by rinsama:hellokitty.com


Thanks to boo-boo, I finally got the leopard glasses! weee~

Bought a complete newbie sets for 15k from a guy named miggy…. its a high price to pay but at least it saves me the time asking around for the items. So its cool




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Cosplay, Lolita and more!

October 25th, 2008 by rinsama:hellokitty.com

The once a year only Armegeddon event is in town! Its an event where many anime lovers, gameplay lovers and movie heroes lovers gather together with enthusiasm or appear in their favourite character’s costumes(cosplay). Many of me and my friends have decided to standout in the crowd with our unique outfit. I’ll let the photos do the talk!

The Angel-Devil dual



People call us that. Do you think we look so? hahahaha…

*Note:Kitty Bag Alert!!!!!!




Rin and Friends


image image image
Yi-I love Yi’s socks thingy (it looks like a boot and it is so matching ><) Helen - Helen’s awesome + elegant kimino (made by friend Georgia) Rin,Louise,Georgia- Rin in Lolita, Louise in Yukata and Georgia in punk outfit(I love her “necklace”,could have her as my pet, haha)

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