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Muahahaha♥ I’m so evilly awesome.
/crycry, I would like to thank the academy…for this wonderful…forum invasion~ Yeah, thank you all who didn’t post while I was doing this. xD

So today I drawn up my boyfriend and I together in a Christmas-y fashion~ don’t you think it’s adorables♥? I’m a little proud of myself, my art usually looks weird and deformed, so, I’m glad this picture came out nicely. > w <

Hello guys, welcome to my Sanriotown blog! I think that I’m going to be a frequent poster here, since I really love to blog and write. Well…a little about me…I’m a geek who really admires cute stuff, the color pink, animals, anime, chibis, and etc. I also am a gamer and I love Metal Gear. I have a great boyfriend named Shane, who is everything I want and more~ he’s so amazing, I swear to God, he’s an angel. I love him more than anything. You guys should add me on the forums as well on your email lists; I enjoy talking and meeting new people, even though I do have social anxiety, bleh.

Well…a little something about my life right now…I’m currently severely sick with thyroiditis, being anemic, being vitamin D deficient, having many problems and complications with my stomach, and so on. I go to the Hospital every week for tests or if my conditions get worse. I’ve missed a lot of school already, so I’m taking my classes online now. How fun. (´・ω・`)

If you took the time to read what I just wrote, thank you so much, there will be more posts in the near future♥

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