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Auditions: Where is Sora? Remix

Saturday, January 1st, 2011


I am not an employee of Sanrio. I am not an expert at making music. This audition is purely volunteer and will not pay. Credit to the idea (of a Where is Sora? Remix) goes to GM-Pomelo (see here). Sora and HKO belong to Sanrio CO., LTD all rights reserved. I am doing this purely for my own enjoyment (and for GM-Pomelo ♥♥).

So, I had a waking dream today. It was so weird. I was thinking about typing in this up in my mind, because I said I’d do it almost a year ago. GM-Avocado got his “Where is Sora?” song, so I wanted to give GM-Pomelo his too (as I said I would). Originally, I was going to have my brother do it, but he never got around to it, so Anon tried *cough* and sucked…So, upon waking I rushed to the computer to type of the Audition thread which I then had to send to Ly to post for me. But then, I realized that I need to post links of the Sparta remix, so players auditioning can get a feel of what needs to happen. I didn’t really want to post links to that on the forum though. So blog post it is! (But Ly still had to post a thread in the forums to let people know about it).o(▼皿▼メ;)o*coughs* Anyway! Moving on.Needed:

  • Artists
  • Screamers/Actors

Artists! I need you to make some awesome pictures. A movie-like scene complete with an adorable newb in their classic green gear, a big puddle of water (to fall in), and a old time/expert player (but not a GM, because you can’t push GMs into puddles and scream WHERE IS SORA!? and expect to get an answer). Also, pictures of Sora, Sora and more Sora.
See the below YouTube video of the “This is Sparta! Remix”. This is from 300, a rated R movie, so if you are not old enough, please think hard before deciding whether or not watch the movie, I will not be held responsible. Artists, you only need to look at the first 10 seconds of the video. Instead of a big hole, it’ll be a big puddle of water (or can use your own imagination, but I want it HKO friendly please).

Screamers/Actors~! Why screamers? Why actors? Well, if you’ve ever heard of the “This is Sparta” remix, which is what we’re basing this off of, you’ll know why. You have two rolls you can be in:

  • Old Time/Expert Player [Notes: They totally lost control of the situation. GM Halp!]
    • “This is crazy! This is madness!”
  • Newb [Notes: They really want to find Sora. I mean, REALLY want to find Sora. Nothing will stand in their way.]
    • “Madness? WHERE IS SORA!?” *kicks old time/expert player into puddle of water*

Please note: to audition for the screamer/actor you must have a microphone and recording software to record yourself in. If you do not have these, please don’t bother sending an e-mail.
If you would like to audition, do NOT reply to this. Instead e-mail to me with the following subject heading that has been bolded:

  • For Artists: [Artist Audition] Where is Sora Remix
  • For Screamers/Actors: [Screamer Audition] Where is Sora Remix

Include your in-game name if you would like credit. You don’t need to be credited if you don’t want to, just give me your favorite number and you shall be Anon# (Acoustic version of Where is Sora? had an Anon singer)!
If you have any questions/clarifications/suggestions feel free to e-mail or comment here.

E-mail: rikki21@hellokitty.com

See “This is Sparta! Remix” by clicking read more below. This is rated R, please do not click and watch if you are not of age.


New Look!

Tuesday, December 28th, 2010

Now that the Item Mall is fixed…I was able to buy my Santa Suit! /yay

Say Hello to my new look! Red all around, with a cute knee length suit to show off my legs, a matching Kitty Hat, silly Santa Beard, and some cute boots…

I’m hot!

Hot enough to melt GM-Lime! XD

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Christmas Room

Tuesday, December 28th, 2010

My Christmas Themed Room. Not a big couch selection available, sadly. But see me warming up by the fire? Hehe. Item Mall works now, by the way. ヾ(;☆ω☆)ノ

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Pyrodon: How to fry a fish

Monday, December 27th, 2010

Pyro: Find fishies.

Pyro: Once found. FIRE!

Me: Wait! Shouldn’t you grab them out of the sea first?

Pyro: No. FIRE!

Me:  …does that work?


Me: *sweatdrop*

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Thursday, December 23rd, 2010

In regards to this post. I can’t post in the forums, so I couldn’t reply. And after talking (see: ranting/whining) to some people about it I decided that even when I finally can post I won’t because he is trying to help even if he’s being a troll about it. I do, however, need to rant a bit more about it, just to get it all out of my system.

“Not to toot my own horn, but the Pirate Guild website has far more detailed information on it than the Official HKO wiki…”
I honestly can’t see how his site is more detailed than the wiki. Here’s a list of stuff that site doesn’t have, but the wiki does:

What do you know…the Wiki has all these things and more! Seriously, this list isn’t anywhere near complete to what you’re missing.
I will thank you, Harlock, for your hard work in creating that site for HKO. But please don’t act like it’s the best HKO resource out there, that’s a complete lie.

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Tedious Wiki Editing

Wednesday, December 22nd, 2010

Ahhh! I’m so tired…been working on the wiki for ~5 hours now. And I worked 6 hours or so yesterday. Back hurt a bunch ‘cus I have a crappy computer chair.

Good News: All the Hybrid Veggy Seeds have been added! The trees they grow into haven’t been added yet, but it’s only a matter of time now.

Bad News: I’m like OCD or something, because I needed to add the pictures when I added the seeds, and all the icons are the copies of the farming seed icons so I had to upload all of those to the wiki to be able to add the hybrid veggy seeds, which made the whole process much more tedious-like.

Good News: The recipe template is no longer blue, it’s pink and so it matches all the pretty pink tables. Yay.

Bad News: I had already changed several recipe pages pink tables to blue tables, so I had to undo that all. Also, for some reason there were tags that I had to get rid of.

Good News: I created “By Level” categories for each of the skills, so it’s more organized. Do you have level 4 cooking and want to know what recipes you can cook? Look no further!

Bad News: I had to go through each and every cooking, forging, carpentry, and tailoring recipe page and add the appropriate category. Not hard, but so very tedious.

Good News: My To Do List is apparently very awesome, so it’s been moved to the community portal. Yaay.

Bad News: Well, nothing really. Except what if evil people screw it up? *shakes fist*

Okay, okay. So the bad news isn’t really bad news. It’s more like, look-how-much-work-I-did-I-want-sympathy-and-gratitude prompts. Or something. Give me love.

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Sanrio Maintenance

Wednesday, December 15th, 2010

Our apologies. For the forum/blog/dream studio/quiz to other service, it is still under maintenance. We apologize for the inconvenience.


Okay, for one, I can still access the blog, dream studio, and quiz sections. I can also browse the forum just fine. So why can’t I post in the forum?

For two, what does that mean anyway? That as soon as your done with maintenance I won’t get the “You are banned” message?

Three, how long will that be? How long will this maintenance take? Why is it affecting some and not others? There are several people who can post in the forums just fine.

This is so very frustrating.

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Forum Ban = /headdesk

Tuesday, December 14th, 2010

Weeeell! Apparently, the reason pretty much 90% of my forum posts disappeared is because I was banned.

There was an issue on the 13th where 3 trolls had to be banned, so I guess it has something to do with that because that’s the day my posts disappeared and everything. I didn’t post that day, so I didn’t realize it at the time and Lychee mentioned she was going to talk to the forum team about it so I didn’t think much of it. But today when I tried to answer a newbies question I get this message:

An error has occurred - You have been banned. Please contact the moderator for details.

The funny thing is? I can’t forum PM anyone, so I can’t exactly contact a moderator.

I ended up sending a ST to Support@sanriotown.com, but meh. It’s just slightly ridiculous a Game Assistant got forum banned. Part of me thinks it’s hilarious, the other part of me is in a Hulk rage. I’m 99% sure I didn’t do anything to be banned for. I mean, really I create HKO guides to post on the forums for goodness sake. Why?

Grrr. The worse thing about it? The Hybrid Veggy post is gone. I didn’t even create that post! At least my Kittypedia post isn’t gone. I think I wouldn’t find this funny at all if it was.

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Wiki Rant

Monday, December 13th, 2010

OMG! Seriously? I did searches for how to get two tables side-by-side and ugggh! It looks like I didn’t search enough because apparently there is a “float: right” or “float: left” command that’ll make it so a table will be ‘floating’ so text can go right next to it instead of above or below.

So, several dozen pages or so that I somehow made side-by-side…well I can make the recipe template float to the right or make it go in the middle and have to other table float to the right, or something and now I’ll probably need to redo them all…maybe.

But look at this! So much prettier isn’t it? Uggh.

Wiki is love and all, but it’s so tediously annoying at times too.

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Friday, December 10th, 2010

WIKIWIKIWIKIWIKIWIKIWIKIWIKIWIKIWIKIWIKIWIKIWIKI!!! It’s so messed up though. T.T So much work to do! *rolls sleeves up*

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