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A little blurb about us:                                            

This blog is a collection of artwork that i enjoy looking at and creating. my main influences are of course sanrio characters and the music scene. besides hello kitty, kuromi is my favorite character<3  i also enjoy listening to music so don’t be surprised to see a mix of that in there as well. all and all to rap it up enjoy your stay at the Sanrio Galleria and more!!

THIS SITE IS CURENTLY UNDER CONSTRUCTION, please forgive our appearence.

*****UPDATES! tokidoki+hello kitty+kuromi tell me what you think!

Tokidoki - Cactus Friends - Bastardino


td_mahoy_wht.gif picture by 4MADExanga pib_0212T_Storm.jpg picture by 4MADExangalittlerocker.gif picture by 4MADExangacactus_girl_green.gif picture by 4MADExangapib_0205T_White.jpg picture by 4MADExangacandy_cane.jpg picture by 4MADExangalogo_blink.gif picture by 4MADExanga
yoyamartposter.gif picture by 4MADExanga1.jpg picture by 4MADExanga tddup.jpg picture by 4MADExanga

Sanrio Hello Kitty Bath Time! Towel Kitty Stuffed Toy Ball Chain (Sitting)

Sanrio Hello Kitty Owl Kitty with Bell Netsuke Cell Phone Strap




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