October 2018
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Last year, the world was shocked by Project Cinnamoroll…

Now, in 2010… another evolution will appear…
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I love Sanrio. I also love Formula 1. I also got into RC Racing earlier this year.

Well…. here’s how to relate the three:

Sanrio F2010

I basically took a blank white body for this Kyosho Mini-Z F1 and created the brightest, cutest RC you’ll ever see on the track! Enjoy, and more crazy Sanrio stuff will come soon!

Part 3… the end, for now.

And some shots from the finished product~ Read more »

Part 2… Constructing a Cinnamoroll~

I totally thought I was ready for construction after part 1 but after some thinking, I realized… how am I going to keep the stuffing inside of the plush from getting into internal computer components and causing issues?  I had a predicament here… I needed some sort of sturdy structure to go around the system to keep unwanted things out… Read more »

Note: This entire project was inspired by this.

Ever wondered what it would be like to take a Cinnamoroll Plush Cushion, take it apart, and stuff a PC inside of it?

Yeah, you probably haven’t, unless you’re both a nerd, and a lover of cute things such as myself =P  Regardless of whether it’s been heard of or not…. how many people would actually DO it?

Well, at least one person would… and that person is me ^^ Read more »

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