November 2009
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Part 3… the end, for now.

And some shots from the finished product~

FrontFrom the front~

Side From the side~

Side Detail…I totally couldn’t resist putting the CPU sticker on the side by the power switch and LEDs xD

Back And finally from behind… yes, you totally do plug it in from it’s butt xD  Sorry but it was just the most fitting place, swirly tail and all ^^;

So I fired up the PC when I got back to my place for a bit of temperature testing… the CPU, board, and video card were totally within operational specs, so that was fine…..

But the hard drive… stuck in a place with absolutely no air under the box with the board components…. reached a whopping 56 degrees celsius…. WAY too hot for a hard drive.

I took a temporary measure of sticking some aluminum foil in there to distribute the heat… I managed to get it to drop to 51C idle… still too hot.  So inevitably, I had to order the hard drive cooler I mentioned in part 1 and I’m still awaiting it’s arrival now ^^;  I’ll be happy if it at least drops the drive to the mid 40’s… then I won’t have to totally panic about the temperature at least ^^;;;


After getting that hard drive cooler, the drive hums along in the mid 40’s at most times