August 2019
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It’s time for the *real* Hello World! The one in which I introduce myself, why I’m here, and all of that stuff. So… shall we begin?

Let’s start with myself. My name is Lawrence… but most of the time I go by the nickname “rensu,” thus my username “rensuchan.” At the time of this entry…. I’m 2426 years old. I reside in the Midwest region of the USA. My hobbies include… gaming (mostly MMO games, and games on my Nintendo DS), watching/drawing/reading anime and/or manga, and bowling.  Oh!  I can’t forget that I’m a noob at photography too… but it’s fun ^^

So why am I here? Well, I ended up here because of Hello Kitty Online. I may not exactly look like the type to like Hello Kitty if you were to see me IRL… but the truth is I adore cute things. I have a few Hello Kitty plushes, and as a bowler I shoot my spares with a Hello Kitty Viz-a-ball (that always draws comments… but then people get used to it ^^) Anyway, when I heard there would be a MMORPG with a Sanrio theme, I was curious of course ^^ So I found myself creating an account for the stress test that started on V-Day. This… started a chain reaction ^^;

You can also consider this the home page for rensuchan’s crazy Sanrio creations. I generally come out with a few a year, I love to show my love for Sanrio stuff through art and creating stuff!

Don’t be in such a hurry ^^;  Stay a while and read on ^^  Please click on the archives to check my posts ^^

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