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Mid-Autumn Festival Games

Wednesday, September 26th, 2007

sengokuhara_ptSadly, I wasn’t able to participate in our Church’s Moon Cake Dice Game. In fact, when I think about it… I’ve never played a Moon Cake Dice Game. TT___TT How sad of a child am I?

My little nephew called me up last night, telling about how he played in their family’s dice game (what I mean by “their family” is my brother-in-law’s family). He’s barely 2 years old and he’s already talkative and excited! And of course, add the fact that he got to play and I’ve never done so in my life…

Perhaps I shall sit in a corner and cry for a bit, yes? TT____TT

On the lighter side of things, I went outside for a breath of fresh air last night. I had nearly forgotten about the real significance of the festival until I looked up in the sky and saw a bright, yellow, full moon.

Those kinda things get me every time. Now I don’t feel so bad about missing the festival games. ^_^

Busy~ Busy~ Busy~

Monday, September 24th, 2007

megane_ptEven Hello Kitty is so busy! Hee~! Doesn’t she look cute with glasses? :3

There hasn’t been much time for me to update my blogs these days. Ah~ There are so many delays now I don’t even remember them all! I’m going to be in big trouble, I just know it! T_T

It’s very hard considering I have to adjust to a lot of things lately. Office life is so cruel! Especially when you need to catch up on things that others, including yourself, has long forgotten! *cry*

I guess it’s better than sitting around doing nothing! I have to prepare for the Mid-Autumn Festival tomorrow. I’m going to watch the sky with my cousins when the moon rises. The moon is usually nice, big, and yellow when the festival takes place! Ah~ So excited already lah~~! :3

image Oh, need to run now, lots of things I need to do still! Thanks for continually visiting my blog! Get some cute Hello Kitty avatars for yourself too at that GotochiKitty!

Oh yeah, have you guys seen the new Sanriotown layouts for the blogs lately? Sadly, no new pink blog layout, but I am thinking of using the new My Melody one… What do you guys think? :3 

Hello Kitty with a Mustache?! O_o;;;

Friday, September 21st, 2007

I thought I was going to fall off my chair. -_-;;;

I was looking for some cute charms of Hello Kitty when my officemate decided to send me a link. Indeed, GotochiKitty has lots of cute Hello Kitty charms that I don’t even know what I should get!

But the jaw dropping moment was when I saw this:


Hello Kitty with a mustache?! That can’t be right, can it? T_T;;; But when I went to view the details… It seems I wasn’t dreaming after all…

imageimageWhat has Sanrio done to the cute Hello Kitty? T_T And you can’t really say that’s actually Dear Daniel over there when she has her trademark red bow on her left ear!

The horror, the horror!!!

On the bright side… This image woke me up better than coffee… I just hope I don’t get nightmares of a Hello Kitty with a mustache running after me with a stick. T_T

My Cuties Got Featured!

Wednesday, September 19th, 2007

I forgot to mention about this since I haven’t been checking my emails lately… Yes, yes, I know I’m lazy, haha~ But I can’t help it! The rainy seasons are such great times to sleep more! x3  Especially since we only get cool weather so little every year!

Anyhoo~~ x3

Saber-Chan has featured my blog (way back when, haha~) She was asking for help with pictures to feature in her cute animals blog, and well… I don’t really have any pets of my own. T_T So I decided… I treat my stuffie toys as pets, why not send a pic of them?

And you know… She did feature them! x3 Look, look!!!

Get to read her entire feature here: A Rather Unusual E-mail

Personally, Tee Gee (my tiger) is my favorite. He’s so cute, tiny and chubby! Hee hee~ Soooo cute! x3 He’s usually on my keyboard now that my old monitor was given to someone else in the office and replaced with an LCD Monitor! <3 <3 <3

Go visit Saber-Chan’s Blog, okie? x3 And give her and her friends lots of love!

Oh! Kuromi’s Got a Blog! x3

Monday, September 10th, 2007

Wai~~ Kuromi’s got a blog! As well as a bunch of other Sanrio characters I haven’t heard from in a while! It’s really a cute idea, I think~! It’s really about time that people began paying attention to all the not so popular characters of Sanrio instead of just Hello Kitty al the time!

And look! They customized their technorati favorites too! That’s such a cute idea! I want to try it out when I get the time! x3

Anyway, I’m really enjoying myself reading up on all these cute characters! I feel sorry for Keroppi, he needs more of the spotlight since he’s been around for so long! And Mimmy too! Even though she made Kuromi cry, it’s not fair that Hello Kitty is always the star all the time!

I wonder which other Sanrio character might end up writing a blog on their own?

Hm… Maybe I should go make one too!

Masyumaro~ Mashumaromitaina Fuwafuwanyanko!

Thursday, September 6th, 2007

masyumaru wallpaperWaaa~! Oh~ Em~ Gee~~ Soooo Kawaii~~!!! x3

I saw a neko-neko in Sanrio Japan! Waa~! Ish so cuuuttteee~!

Masyumaro kind of reminds me of Hello Kitty, but I’m beginning to like this character better than Hello Kitty..! He’s so fuzzy~~ and cute~~! Have a look at the official Sanrio Japan site for Mashumaromita Fuwafuwanyanko… He probably has the longest name in Sanrio too! x3

 I need to look for some products of this character! *squeeling fangurl mode* x3!

Makes me want to drink hot chocolate… Mmm~! His hot chocolate even has 3 different colored marshmallows in it… Nyaaa~! *runs around looking for hot choco* x3

Wait… “masyumaro” is like… “marshmallow” isn’t it?! Waaa~ Marshmallow kitty? x333 Waaaa~~ Kawaii~~! <333

New Link Banners! x3

Wednesday, September 5th, 2007

I decided to make some new link banners so that there’ll be more choice for people who want to link my blog. And since most people are really into Sanrio (Well… yeah… this is a Sanrio Community afterall! xDDD), I made some Little Twin Star Banners~! <3 They are soooo cute~ x3

Feel free to use these when you link me at http://blog.hellokitty.com/rei_kuassary! Thanks guys! x3