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Yesterday, Bam surprised me with an easter basket! :)  Originally we were talking about doing an egg hunt of some sort but that was just impossible to achieve in the apartment/area that I live.


So much candy! My teeth are gonna rot. Haha!







My parents recently came to visit me about 2 weeks ago for a couple days.  It was almost a month ago that they came to see me last.  It was nice seeing them again but I’m SO glad they are gone rofl.  A few more days and I would’ve gone insane. My dad was constantly nagging at me about my school work and Bam which got old….FAST.  Anyways my mom gave me a swarovski necklace as a “keep up the good work” present! :)




It’s really nice but idk when I’ll get the chance to wear it since I’m always wearing my gold/jade necklace which I haven’t taken off in many many years. Haha

You were the cutest and most amazing hammie.  I’ll love and miss you always.


I didn’t have time to post this yesterday but here are the Valentines day gifts I recieved from Bam! :D


(Hello Kitty valentines, HK letter set, Pandapple sticky notes, cute bear coin purse, and Pochacco coin purse)


(bunch of balloons :))


(assortment of candies~ rose lollipops, heart ringpop, gummy kabob, Sweettart hearts, and cotton candy)

 Bam also got me another thing which i can’t show ;P and a card which I forgot to take a pic of.  Hope everyone had a great Vday!

I recently found out about this Black Shatter nail polish by OPI for the Katy Perry line.  When applied over colored nails it dries and leaves a crackling “shattered” effect showing the color underneath. I recieved a bottle as an early Vday present from Bam and got to try it out! :) 


 (sry for sorta bad pic this was taken at night with very terrible lighting)

Oh haaaayy, didn’t cha know I was the Waddle queen?  (´ ー`)

Grow some baseballs.

All three hammies were up last night so I took the opportunity to take pics of them since they were all sleeping in my last post.



Here’s Fatty she kept moving around so I couldn’t get a good pic of her >; and you can see a bit of Krispy in the background of the second pic. Haha.  Fatty is probably the sweetest and calmest hammie I’ve ever had. I mess and tease her all the time and she never minds. :P


Next is Krispy she reminds me a lot of my last hammie JamJam from a few years back (who btw my HKO character is named after). Krispy is still pretty new so she is a bit shy. I’ve had her for about a month or so now.


Last is Smokey I’ve had her for about 2-3 weeks I think. She is very hyper and isn’t socialized yet so she isn’t comfortable being touched and likes to nip. Hopefully she’ll let me pick her up and play with her soon.

So I recently moved up to Jacksonville for school and as promised here are pics to my new apt! My walls are still kinda bare but for the most part I am all settled in. :)


[Front door on the left, kitchen/bar on the right]


[Now standing at the front door this is the living room.]


[living room continued and that door leads to a small back patio area :)]


[Bathroom straight ahead and bedroom to the right.]


[Closer look at my hammies who were all sleeping in the back corners at the time. xP L->R: Fatty, Krispy, and Smokey.]


[Closer look at bookshelf #1 of my Hello Kitty/cute stuff.]


[Bedroom pt 1. door is to the right of the mirror but I couldnt get it in the pic.]


[Close up of bookshelf#2. All those shoe boxes are filled with Hello Kitty/cute stuff.]


[Bedroom pt 2]


[Bedoom pt 3. Doorway on the left and walk-in closet on the right<3]

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