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Used with permission from Codename Sailor Earth 

(The above graphic comes from Moon Sisters, a link is on the blogroll)

Updated June 14th, 2009

Ladies and Gentleman, I do believe that the fight has only just begun.

Sailormoon was last seen on airwaves in English speaking countries in 2004. Since then, political climates have changed, a reprint of the manga was produced, featuring everything from Codename Sailor V to Parallel Sailormoon in Japan, the price of postage, gas, milk, bread, and the value of the dollar have all changed, figureheads have risen … and fallen, but the love of this anime/manga/video game series has only gotten stronger.

Did you know that of 200 episodes, we only got 159 episodes collectively? That’s 41 episodes that we are MISSING!

Toei Animation currently have the rights to the anime sealed up, having found no company that yet has gained the worthy enough stature of “Sailormoon distributor”. Perhaps this is due to the editing practices of YTV, Cartoon Network, DiC and Cloverway, or because they are waiting for something special, but in any case, Sailormoon episodes lie behind a vault at Toei.

The only active airing of the anime, is through Toei’s Japan only mobile service, which charges $13.00 a month (in US dollars) for fans to view Sailormoon, Dragonball Z and Digimon, as well as a large list of other well loved anime titles.

But now there is a new hope! Thanks to Codename Sailor Earth, you can now join the fight to bring Sailormoon back! The Rasslinkitty, Codename Sailor Earth, and millions more are petitioning for the return of Sailormoon, uncensored, all five seasons, all of the movies and specials on DVD, ALL of the manga from Sailor V and Sailormoon to Parallel Sailormoon, ALL of the artbooks AND a new game for the Wii!

If you want to see Sailormoon again, NOW is your chance!

First things first fellow Moonie. You MUST vote for Sailormoon on Funimation’s official poll.

Since this campaign started, Funimation has started showing interest in Sailormoon. If their poll gets enough votes, talks between Toei and Funimation will open up! TODAY IS YOUR CHANCE!!

Simply vote for Sailormoon and leave them a comment about how much you want Sailormoon back, including StarS and the specials.

NO T3xt Speak
no all lower case
PLEASE REMEMBER to tell them about how marketable the cult classic is.
PLEASE REMEMBER to comment how much you love this show!

Now go vote for Sailormoon: http://www.zoomerang.com/Survey/survey.zgi?p=WEB2296BDH59FM

But it doesn’t stop here! We still have to keep up the writing campaign!

Just follow the instructions below.

Step 1: Print out the free pictures on these four pages. These are YOUR letters to bring back Sailormoon:





Step 2: Take the printed pictures out from your printer, write your name in the blank areas, and then clip the letter out carefully.

Step 3: Click on the below link, and print out the whole page. These are the addresses YOU WILL NEED to send each letter to. REMEMBER, there is one letter for Namco-BanDai, one letter for Naoko Takeuchi, one letter for Toei Animation and one letter for Kodansha. The below link has extra addresses for each one, be sure to print out enough letters for EACH address.


Step 4: Tell your friends and family to join the campaign! Hand out copies to fill out at parties and reunions, get your neighbors involved, tell eveeryone!

For those of you who want an added boost, to show Toei Animation that we’re REALLY serious, you may ALSO use the old template below.

Step 1: Copy the below letter into a blank e-mail or notepad:

Dear Toei Animation Staff,

      My name is ___________________ and I have been a fan of Toei Animation’s line of anime for many years. Your productions have touched the lives of so many in my country, and I just want to say thank you.

There is a great fan following for Sailormoon in my country, and the show is deeply missed. I buy the DVDs whenever I can, but I miss turning on the television and watching Sailormoon on a regular timeslot. Of all the anime I have ever seen, Sailormoon is by far the best! My favorite character is ___________________ and my favorite story arc was The ______________ saga!

I would like to see Sailormoon return, uncensored on television. Please bring the show back! There are several television networks now that air anime uncensored on their adult blocks, and many more networks are now looking for 1990s era shows that can bring in fresh new viewership. Won’t you consider a re-release to the greater public, please?

If Sailormoon were to come back in my country, I know that there are many fans here who would cheer, and all of us want to see new Sailormoon merchandise, perhaps a new video game for the Nintendo Wii or a new collection of dolls and action figures! I know I would definitely love a new Sailormoon ___________.

I understand that you are busy people, and that there are new anime titles on the horizon coming soon, but for me, Sailormoon will always be number 1. Please bring Sailormoon back!

Thanks for your time, I appreciate it very much.

Sincerely yours,


Step 2: Print the letter out twice.

Step 3: Fill in the blanks, using a pen. Be creative! Read the letter, as you are writing, so you can fill in everything properly. (I.E. Your name, Favorite character, favored story arc, ect)

Step 4: Are you ready? Draw a picture of your favorite Sailormoon characters on the BOTTOM of the letter.

Step 5: Fold each letter neatly into an envelope, and mail it to one of the below addresses:

Toei Animation OHIZUMI Studio
2-10-5 Higashi Ohizumi,
Nerima-ku, Tokyo
178-8567, Japan

58 Yokodera-machi,
Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
162-0831, Japan

Keep your fingers crossed! ^_^

By the way, if you are REALLY serious about bringing Sailormoon back, then PLEASE link back here using this button: How to save Sailormoon~ The button and link the button to: http://blog.sanriotown.com/rasslinkitty:hellokitty.com/how-to-save-sailor-moon/

The Rasslinkitty

The Rasslinkitty

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