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Oh gosh, the title says it all.
I’m the oldest out of 3 kids. My sisters are 10 and 11, turning 12.
I feel like it’s always crazy in my house.. lol

Well my younger sister, as I may have mentioned before, has some medical problems.
She has autism (Aspergers), gastrointestinal problems, and epilepsy. There’s always a constant worry with my parents and even in my head, how will we do this whats going to happen with this.. Despite those problems, she is a cheery little girl. She has the biggest, brightest smile and the most contagious laugh ever. She has her moments where she’s misbehaving, but don’t we all?

My youngest sister.. oh geez. Well, I think she has the idea she can get everything using her cuteness and youngness lol. And if she doesn’t get it, all hell breaks loose. She definitely has an attitude that clashes with my personality. It ticks me off sometimes how she like throws fits and gets her way. I feel my younger sisters are spoiled, but I dunno. That’s probably me being selfish. Me and this sister don’t get along well, but when we do it’s funny. I dunno what to say about her besides I know that girl is going to cause trouble for my parents when she is older. We all see it lol. For example, she just came in my room and said “I moved the pull-up bar to my room, so if you want to do pull-ups you have to come to my room heheh” then closed the door and returned and said, “Just kidding, 25 cents” and left.

Being the oldest is interesting. But, I never look at it as ‘I’m charge because of age’ I guess because I treat everyone equal. I just see age as ‘Oh they’ve been alive that long’. I mean, yeah I treat my 5 year old cousin a bit differently than my 11 year old cousin but I don’t use it as a reason to be rude, ya know? I’m not rude ’till you give me a reason.

People have always told me from a young age, I have a good head on my shoulders and that I’m pretty wise for my age. I don’t exactly agree or disagree, I think I just see things differently than most people do, which is true. Everyone has a different point of view of course. I just see situations on both sides and I have an open mind. I learn from the things and people around me, what to do and what not to do. I think it’s unfortunate that people are closed-minded because that makes it so hard to get anything done.

I’m trying to be a good example for my sisters and cousins since they are all younger, it’s not always easy. You have to work to make the right choices, get good grades and surround yourself with the right people. I think I’m doing okay, let’s just hope I stay that way. My family says everyone in the family screws up around sophmore year.. so. And the high school I’m going to.. unfortunately, my dad, uncle and aunt went there so, my last name is known I’m sure. They always tell me, hide your last name if you can. I am the exact opposite of what they were at school.. Honor roll student, never in trouble because my parents would beat my ass and be so disappointed. Their disappointment kills me. They weren’t exactly like that. So, I wish future me luck as always. lol

Until next time,
-Marabel (:

I like singing. I don’t know that I’m good at it, but all my friends and family are convinced I am.

I participated in a local singing competition earlier, in June. I didn’t make it to the finals and I was convinced I am bad at this. I was quite depressed.. I would sing and hear.. nothing to be proud of. But people helped me realize, not everyone is going to love you.

So I think I might pursue singing.. because musicians didn’t get their name out their on the first try. I’m young, I have time. I might get lessons when my parents can afford them.. or I get a job?

I believe it was.. Lauryn Hill.. she got booed of stage at the Apollo.. look at her now. Maybe I have a chance.

I only hope I figure out what I want to do. Wish me luck?

woahoho, hey there
’sbeen a while. I know probably no one reads this anymore, or did to begin with but it’s just nice to do. Well, I’ve been on this site for a while, which is crazy considering I’m going to be a freshman this year. In about 10 days, I shall be a freshman. Which means growing up.. I dunno what I have against growing up.. o.o Honestly, the idea is just scary because I don’t know how well I will do. I don’t have the best examples to go by around me. Most of my family didn’t go to college/get good grades and work middle-lower class jobs. All I know is they make enough to pay the bills and not much more, I don’t want to be like that. We’ll see how far I actually make it with my ambitions.. I’m still not sure what I want to be, between a musician or a nurse or doctor.

Well, let’s see if I can review my summer with my terrible memory. (:It’s mostly been a lazy, unhealthy summer.. lol. I really think I gained a few extra (unwanted) pounds. Uhh.. I celebrated my birthday. Turned 14.. and hung out with my good friends. That is honestly pretty much it.. Both my parents work now so I can’t do much, I usually have to babysit. It’ll continue in high school too.. I thought, “oh cool, HS is 2 blocks away and after school I could hang with friends” Well, nope. Not until I’m a Junior, and even then it’s a maybe. See, one sister will take the bus and the other walks. I have to leave immediately after school since they get out before I do, so I can let them into the house. I am the only one to be trusted with a key. haha.

One of my friends I hung out with this summer, has been my friend since 3rd grade. That is my longest friendship, which is crazy to me. I remember the moment we met too. We had just come from PE and we were both waayy shy. We started talking and went to recess together. We did so many weird things, lol. We used to buy erasers to feed to some monster or something in a sewer drain. We would also walk around acting like we could control the weather. Most times we had someone else there.. I spent more time with her on the weekends.. But after 6th grade she kinda faded away. She changed. So me and them, we have known each other 6 years. It’s just insane to me. I have kept a friend for 6 years and we are already planning to go to college together and be room mates in SF. I love that girl, I hope she knows I’d die for her.

No offense to the other one but, you became a stranger. I cannot talk to you anymore because I don’t know what to say, we grew apart. Now you have other friends and you seem to have a nice life, so don’t try to be all nice to me when the last time I went to your house you ignored me. You and your stupid friends talked to my sister instead and didn’t bother to talk to me much, so I left the room and you guys didn’t care. And when I left you hugged me and said, “It was nice seeing you again.” And I won’t forget that, because I hated it. That’s when I officially knew I lost you and you were just changed. That’s also when I realized I didn’t care about you anymore either. So don’t not talk to me for a year or two and think it’s okay to suddenly want to meet up. No, I’m fine without you. ‘Cuz you suck. And so does your music taste.

So this is my life, and I don’t know where I’m going or what the future holds for me.. but I can only hope it’s good. Better than this year, at least.

bahah heyyy (: awesome title, right?

so as always, it’s been pretty long since i last posted ! i’m a big 8th grader now (that doesn’t make me sound nooby) i really , really wanna start keeping up with this blog because i like doing this.

little recap of summer and stuff more up-to-date:

new house is coo.. made a really good friend i think i can actually stay friends with and be comfortable with.. 8th grade is easy.. people are still rude/confusing.. i live in a terribly small town.

okayyy :) so there you have it. now i shall talk about my past weekend.

on friday i went to my aunt’s for my cousin’s sleepover b-day party. (not actually my aunt or cousin just really good family friends.. my dad knew my aunt[s] his whole life) we watched My Soul to Take and Devil. then, in the morning we watched Nightmare on Elm Street (the newer version or whatever it is with Kellan Lutz). There was 5 guys, 5 girls and we barely slept cuz the guys wanted to be rude and wake us all up. lol. theeenn, we went to john’s incredible pizza to celebrate.. we were there for 5 hours. xD no joke. hheeckkka fun :). it’s fun because it’s a good mix of guys and girls that i’m kinda close to.. they’re all cousins by blood and relation and whatever.. is it wrong i have a crush on one of them xD? lol.. he’s 14, same grade as me.. he’s not exactly a “good guy”.. he gets in fights, not good grades.. he got held back once so he’s actually supposed to be in high school already. anyway.. that’s it for that portion of mah story since i don’t wanna write all about him, even if if i’d enjoy it x3.


recently i was told i have tmj.. it’s hard to explain.. but it stands for Temporomandibular  joint disorder.. click that big word to see a definition. i am terrible at explaining, so ya. basically i grind my teeth in my sleep and constantly clench my jaw. so this usually leads to my jaw locking at night and my face being tense, being unable to open my mouth all the way, my face being tense, joints in my jaw making clicky noises and not being able to chew. it’s difficult to death with and hurts. i have to go see a specialist. but my dad just switched jobs and we dunno if we has insurance. so that oughta be fun. i prolly have to get orthodontist type work done. and i cannot have chewy candy or gum… ever. sooo that is all about my rant on TMJ xD it sucks.

so guys, this (self-diagnosed, possibly not even) insomniac is gunna try to sleep. i have big problems trying to sleep. and it’s a stupid school night. ughhhghghghg. anyway, keep being awesome guys :)


this sounds overly dramatic but idk i feel like a mess..

WELLL, I just moved again.. same school and everything but different house. Our last landlord refused to fix our AC, it’s 100 degree weather! and then our garage door broke and that fool wouldn’t fix that either. so, we moved. i like this house but i hate change i guess.. i don’t like to move. Also, our grandpa (dad’s dad) lives in the apartment attached to our house with my aunt.. it’s kinda cool because i feel like we’re close now as far as relationships. my aunt is 17 i think, and she’s going to the high school i will go to.. she made sure i will be well taken care of xD

i think i’ve been to caught up in thought and stuff. i wish life was simple and easy. i wish i didn’t have to work. just sit. all day. not go to school, just sit. play video games.. i dunno. i just wish it was easy. it’s not, sometimes i feel like the simplest question are like an overload for my brain. like what to wear, it’s too hard. i’m definitely not a leader -_-’ i have to have an instructor. and stress is too much and i have A LOT of that.. anyway.

i’m going to a concert on August 11th.. can’t wait(: but what sucks is one of my favourite rappers is gunna have a concert August 14th…. and of course i wanna go REAALLYY bad but my mom said maybe.. usually means no :/ lol.

Bleh, just so bored. I have this laptop playing music, my iPod playing a video game and a book out… I’m not strange :P Oh yeah, I was just catching up on Miss Gigi’s blog ^_^ since i don’t come on to do anything but that and blog.. My blessing goes out to you Gigi. Hope you’re doing good and all :D and uhh I miss talking to u o: lol.

Eh well guys, I shall go now.. I’m actually kinda tired.. it’s 11:38.. i usually make it till 2 am.. but oh well, school is coming soon -_-’ you have to act like a grown up with responsibilities, Marabel… Bleh. Ok well guys, cya.

yesterday was the first day of summer (; awesome and not.. i’m just sad that i won’t get to see the beeeest people evar for.. who knows how long! (my eighth grade friends are who i’m talking about) mainly all my friends are staying at the same school for 8th grade so i’m happy about that (;
my plans for summer? well, this saturday i may go to raging waters :o next comes my 13th b-day! (: then the 18th, i’m visiting some family and i really hope to see my friends who live down there… when i was visiting family i made instant friends with some of my grandma’s neighbors xD don’t worry, they’re my age ^_^. and after thattttt, the week before i go back to school i am going to a concert *less than three* :]
that’s all i have planned so far.. hopefully i’ll get to see some old friends… actually get a tan… make some new friends.. x] hehe lol well my sleeping schedule is all messed up and i think i’ma hit the hay.. or watch scream 2 :o lol kkkkkk baiiiii

Phew, I’m actually kind glad i moved from my hometown a while ago, there was tornado warnings in that area! I’m too paranoid to handle those things… I’m glad to say it missed that area but a tornado did touch down northeast of that area, so i hope those guys are okay. Yeppp… So just to elaborate, it wasn’t really rainy here.. Only for maybe 20 mins with some thunder but that’s about it.. I heard it was much worse other places. So I’m pretty thankful for the good weather today (:

Let’s see………. other subjects… quite a few.
First off I got into this program at school where I will help the incoming seventh graders :D! I’m excitedd. lol, I’ma be sooo mean(; jkjk. But yeah, that’ll be pretty cool i suppose… Maybe it’ll help my awkwardness and anti social ness :D! so yeppz OH and at my school the 8th graders call us “sevvies” (seventh grader noob name.. lol) so I can finallly call someone that >:D!

As of now I’m putting my “B+” English grade in jeopardy by not studying for the benchmark I’m takin tomorrow ;o I think I’ll do pretty good though so yeah…
It’s irritating how I have Thursday, Friday, Monday and then Tuesday (Mon and Tues are minimum days!!) then I’ll be FREEEEEEEEE! Hopefully by then my iPod Touch is fixed. I was told that would be taken care of tomorrow but who knows. And yeah- my FOURTH iPod broke :/ lol………. *cough* video game nerd who over uses their iPod!!……. HEY! that’s just soo….. true xD but who cares. I just want to get to summer time at this point. BUT it’s not over and tests, unfortunately, still existttt.

I shall now go study for my English test tomorrow and mmmmaybe my History and Math tests on Friday… cuz I haven’t been sleeping and i REALLY need that.. SO guuuuys(: baibai and HAPPY ALMOST SUMMER!/HAPPY SUMMER IF YOU WERE LUCKY ENOUGH TO ALREADY GO ON BREAK!
*less than three*!

Lol, Summer is almost here!! I cannot wait T_T i really need the sleep.. and I need to get away from middle school! It’s crazy O_o I feel so old yet I’m finishing up 7th grade lol..
Prolly one of the worst things about summer is I’m not gunna see my friends :/ like, ever. My good friends are in 8th grade.. They’ll be leaving me behind this year for high school D; tragic, isn’t it? But HOPEFULLY, I’ll get to see them!! One of my guy friends will be going to a different high school than me.. And my other best friennnnd (Taty! :3) will either be going to a performing arts school far away ooorr to the one i will go.. which sucks :/ i really hope she goes to the one imma go to so i will know someone older (: but i just want her to be happy at a school and I know the one imma go to isn’t the best.. theres gangs and etc.. but then again so does my whole city. haha O_O
Friendships are super awesome until they end. Like when you talk to someone daily and then one day it stops and neither one ever gets the courage up to start a convo… that’s me- the one scared to start the convo because i dont wanna make anything inconvenient for anyone.. IM SHY.. lol
ANYWAYYY i’m listenin to the SICK G-Eazy!! and i’m getting tired (cuz i really need more sleep) and it’s 8:45.. so i guess i’ll go enjoy my three day weekenddd (: baibai *less than three*

Unfortunately, this story is not my own.. but the two main characters it uses are people I know (: So it’s partially true.
I wrote this short little story for our end of the year English assignment (: I thought I’d share ! So hope you like it (: It was based off of the story Rapunzel btw

Aaron & Estelle
Once in a big city called New York City, there was a man and a woman. They were married and were to have a child. When their child was born, it was named Estelle. Estelle was beautiful, even was she was very small! She had long, dark hair and beautiful brown eyes. Everyone was amazed at how beautiful she was! Some people even envied it.
One night when Estelle was sound asleep, a nasty old lady snuck in and snatched Estelle. This old lady kept Estelle and raised her as her own daughter. Estelle grew up and was so beautiful that the old lady hardly ever took her anywhere. She didn’t want people to get any of ideas about snatching her up. So, the old lady never let her go outside. She homeschooled Estelle and gave her the attic as a room to hide her.
Since Estelle never left and was often alone, the old lady and Estelle had a secret knock so that Estelle never answered the door to strangers. But just in case, there was a key under the mat outside.
Now one day, after her studies Estelle got very bored. So she decided to open her window and sing for the birds. When a boy, named Aaron, walk home from school heard it, he pinpointed where it came from. But he tried not to think about it, only some creepy old lady lived there. But he wondered why the singing was so beautiful. Just then, he got a text from his mom asking where he was so he kept walking and went home- thinking of the strange voice the whole time.
The next day, he heard it again pm his daily walk home. He had to find out what was going on. He had seen where the old lady hid the key and grabbed it. It was awkward just walking in, but something told him he wasn’t leaving without figuring out whose voice it was. He ran upstairs looking all over the place but didn’t find anything. Just after, he heard someone knocking, he had to get out! He looked around desperately and found a window to jump out of. The miracle was that no one had caught him.
Aaron still never found who was singing, but he was determined to. After school he came back to the house and went it. Aaron wasn’t sure, but something told him he had to check the attic. It was the last place to look! So he opened up the door and sure enough, there was Estelle! They both yelled in alarm when they saw each other, but eventually sat down next to each other. They talked for hours and got to know each other. They instantly clicked, it was love at first sight. They laughed, and smiled, and joked for hours and hours but neither one cared.
But no one smiled when they heard the old lady knock on the door. Aaron tried so hard to hide, but there was simply nowhere to hide in Estelle’s room. The old lady busted upstairs as soon as she got in. Aaron looked out Estelle’s window and without a second thought, jumped out the 3rd story window. Aaron didn’t quite make the jump like before, he fell too hard and slipped into a coma.
Nobody quite knows what happened or how Estelle escaped, but she surely did escape. She found her way across town to the hospital. She found Aaron’s room. Estelle had to at least see him after the pain she caused. She hovered over his body. Estelle was scared to touch him at first but eventually hugged him and didn’t want to let go. She stared at his lips, earlier they had formed a charming smile but now they just fell flat. She slowly and carefully moved over him and kissed him. Then, Aaron woke up and was gladly greeted by Estelle.
The two love birds lived happily together. When the time was right, they married. They were together forever. Of course, they lived happily ever after.

Me and meh sis!))i’m kidding, i’m kidding! love you stranger!

Well today was fun, i colored my hair once again to a RED red.. like bright red, my cameras don’t pick up the color too well so sorry :/ but imma but a pic (:

ANYWAY today was fun because everyone was like “*gasp* you dyed your hair again!” “I like it, it’s so bright!” “Wow, your hair is like red” “You look weird.” “Why’d you do that?” and the original “is that your natural hair color?” or “what is your natural hair color?”

LOL.. so yeah people touched my hair, played with it, envied it, hated it and stared at it (: so fun. Also, some people that usually don’t talk to me- did ! But that’s kinda annoying cuz it’s like nowww i am important to you thankkksss.. But i also do think i gained some confidence from looking better and feeling better about myself so i suppose it’s a plus(:

So life is getting better.. I’m happy. That’s good… Like I finally feel like I can just be satisfied with what I have and stop wanting…. (: cuz you know, the wanting just makes everything go bad.. want want want don’t solve nothing… now all i need is someone to cure the lonliness (; ya knooow hehe

anyway ima rap it up and try to make more blogs cuz ya know it’s VERY close to summer for me! JUNE 7th BABY! Hehe, k bai gaiz(:

ick. don’t you just hate THOSE people.. the one’s who think they’re all thhaaat and really are just asking to be punched? Yeah, I hate em too. And it’s stupid that they always hate me… =_=.. like a certain person who hasn’t liked me since I started at my new school. I don’t talk much, I’m not a loud person (only around friends) I’m just awkward.. So apparently that doesn’t fly with her and her crew… They’re buttfaces anyway but really I have never done anything to her and get nothing but hate from her and her friends.
Sorry for the rant, I don’t really wanna call somebody and tell them this because I don’t have friends that I tell my emotions to.
Continuing on in that topic: crushes… they’ll never know I like them because I don’t tell them. One of my friend’s friend is so cute… but whatever they’ll never ever know.

Ok, this is down here cuz my sis is telling on me for telling her to leave =_= so bye guys, hope friday the 13th was better for you than it was for me.

ok I have a new obsession♥! I never liked JB (lol) but if you haven’t heard of G-Eazy, you really are that bad. He’s the best (:
SO check him out!!!!! k gtg get ready to go to a friend’s house (:
More REAL posts comin soon!

raracat106Indeed! if you wanted to seee what i look like here you go (: You can’t quite see the hair color so sorry bout that but my webcam is not good xD so hehe enjoy the pics?
love always

Hey there (:!
It is the one and only (at least i hope/think) raracat (:!!
Anywhooo.. I colored my hair today.. It used to be brown with like burgundy tint I guess you would call it but now it is a lot more red (hehe).
Idk what my problem is but I always have to be the one that stands out, hehe. It’s just how I am.. idk why but yep. People at school were getting hair like mine and it was driving me cuh-razy and I let it go back to it’s natural brown and now it’s reddd :D. It’s gunna be interesting tomorrow. People are gunna be like :o! hehe.

ANYWAY like I said last post, I cannot wait until my iPod comes!! I just want this week to pass.. it’s driving me crazy with the time change.. so crazy. so anyway I’ma go cuz it’s 8:43 and I’m tired (:
Peace Out!

HeyHiHello (:

Oh well how is you? I is good (; and happy! I am happy because after three weeks without my beloved iPod, I’m getting a new one! It’s only a third generation but it’ll do, right? It’s sad though.. I can’t live without my technology Dx xD hehe. But I’m happy I finally ordered it. They are having a special on Apple.com.. buy a third generation iPod Touch 32 gig for $199.99 after shipping it was $215 ^_^ There’s also other things on sale so check it out (:!

SO anyway I know it’s been short but I can’t focus on this lolz

mkay, ba-bai (:

Well this isn’t so much entertainment.. it’s more of complaining lol
Well todayyy was just insane.
First off.. before English.. this girl called me names and said not in a good way. and everyone asked her what I did and said I should know. Then later she said she was just kidding. I was so super mad! I mean come on!! Why would you go around doing that to innocent people. Also I have never ever been good at comebacks.  =_=
Also some dude that sits behind me in English said he had my back. And I think he likes me. I had people come up to me and ask me if him and I were DATING.
The other insane thing was, I walked into P.E. (last period) and I’m like, okay it’s Thursday and last period.. the torture is over soon. Well as soon as I walk in the locker room, my locker is empty with NO LOCK. So I’m like .. So i go and find my clothes lock and shoes and then P.E. was just torture (it’s P.E.) lol.
So today just drove me insane. Hopefully, tomorrow is better and your guy’s tomorrows are better too (:
So keep running everyone!

who doesn’t randomly want chocolate from time to time (;
things i want right now:
New clothes
New shoes
iPod Touch

Will I get any of the above? doubt it xD
Oh welll!
Well, hopefully I’ll have more interesting topics in the future. I’m planning on blogging more (: So I gotta run! I gots some homeworks ta doo (;
Oh and if you want to.. check out my YouTube Channel!

oh the joys of middle school. especially if you go to my school. I swearrr man there’s hoochie mama’s all over that school. It’s crazy! And it’s crazy how they think they are so much cooler and they rule school. When most of them are really rude.. and no one says it out loud but we think they are rude lol. I’m waiting for the second when I can make them shut up. Of course that will never happen cuz their EGOS are loud lolz.

Take for instance one girl (I won’t mention names) she told me I needed to be louder and I should wear colors.. and today her friend called me ‘very white’ and told me I have dangerously big feet.. do I care? not really. what bothers me about that is no one will stop them. they will never stop. people will just take it.. and I’m pretty tired of just taking it. I don’t need them to tell me how to be, nor will I worry about what they say. because THEY DON’T MATTER. And anyone else reading this with the same problem, who cares? why give them the attention they want? We shouldn’t spend time thinking about what everyone else cares.. so don’t k? (:

Anyway, I just wanna say (and this goes for people of all ages) why be mean? does anything ever gone done that way? besides fighting and more fighting.. So everyone just be nice to your fellow humans, we are all equally important, equally awesome and all special! Don’t just pick on people and stuff.. cuz you never know how much it actually hurts them.. So everyone be nice! Be cool! Be helpful, caring! Find who you WANT to be and BE it. k?

<3 till tomorrow, love ya (;


My mom keeps telling me to clean up my room, but honestly I just don’t want to. There is so much to clean and I just don’t feel like it. But now she’s bribing me.. but still I’m mad cuz she keeps being like that and just compared me to my aunt who can’t take care of anything period. her house does not smell good and nothing ever gets done. that offends me and it’s just making me hella mad how my mom is coming in here and like get up do something. it’s MY weekend. and I realize I’m getting older and this isn’t exactly acceptable, but if I felt like it needed to get fixed, which I kinda do, I’d do it WHEN I FEEL LIKE IT. I know it’s all teenager of me, but my mom is pissing me off. lol anyway gunna go be pissed and try to get $20. but seriously I’m really tired of my mom and her always tellin me to do stuff on the weekend when I wanna relax.. anyway peace out guys
-raracat106 (:

I’m sitting on my bed and it’s 12:16.. I really don’t wanna be on here lol I’m like honestly, truly traumatized!! I am sitting here, i refuse to put on the covers and I keep imagining the second the spider unexpectedly crawled out from the shirt and onto my bed. I haven’t been on my bed until now.. like no joke lol.. I have goosebumps, I’m really nervous and so tired but scared to sleep.. lol this is so difficult.. but I am a naturally paranoid person so I guess that’s my fault rofl.. anyway I’ma try to kill time and eventually sleep >_< wish me luck!


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