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Woo went for a karaoke session in bedok’s cash studio(in Singapore once again). HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESSICA TOH XING YI!. although there is huge chance you will not see this lols.

My first time to cash studio and i would say it’s value for money and it is better than other budget karaoke “lounge” lols.

Let’s see…. I paid $8.50 for 7 hours of singing LOL. the timing is from 1pm to 6pm BUT if there isnt any other customers the karaoke room will be of free usage “YAY!” hahas. so i stayed till about 8pm lols. Apart from that, everyone will be entitled to a can of drink. Since it’s new, the interior design is pretty comfy and soothing to the eyes lols. i think each room has a 48″ (if my estimation is good) samsung LCD TV (or was it plasma zzz) and the sound system is well… not too bad (Except for the heavy echo which is disturbing at times)

I will definitely go there again hahas!

OK APART FROM ALL THESE I AM WAITING FOR MY HKOID CLIENT DOWNLOAD TO COMPLETE! lols cant wait to try it out :D :D :D. I’ll see you all there later in the day! :D

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