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1st of all, i wish to apologise for the hasty exit ( dint even say bye >.<). I had to go at that moment.


Was really hoping to complete the 30 rare shammocks ><”
Then i met Rhetoricskies =D


Did you guys see this?! they are shooting rays even when they are dead ><”

gathering-basil.jpg misery.jpg

Then again, while i was gathering the basils, i met MISERY xD

After all the questing/sightseeing/getting use to the game, i finally continued my journey to Florapolis =D

Giganto Flower stage XD

Monster are getting tougher and tougher…
and this boar decided to pick on me.. -.-
(psst psst! there’s Starfire7 xD)

then, i continued my quest on the spidies (BAD SPIDIES!)
relaxing.jpg relaxing2.jpg
relaxing/resting after a long fight with the spidies ><”

Then i bumped into Starfire7. We decided to hide from the spiders to rest up ><

I met Tidesong and Ghost in game too =) did not manage to take ss of them though =/ hahas but what is there to be afraid of? there’s plenty of opportunities ahead! xD

That’s all for Official day 1. =)


hahas btw, i did this when i was bored ><

5 Responses to “Official Day 1 in HKO (start training n stuff)”

  1. LOL. They might have waited for you to go back? XD

  2. hey nice blog. u rock!
    look for me in the game

  3. hahas i just feel that it’s rude to go without saying goodbye when i talked to my friends less than 5 mins ago hahas

    Thanks wbcarebear =) will look out for u ingame =).*will try to add u as buddy too =)*

  4. Yay, screenies! (=^.^=)

  5. lol, i’m almost wishing there’sanother downtime so that we can all chat in Noliai’s chatroom again XD

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